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Stopping GTS Spam

Forum-Index Suggestions Rejected Stopping GTS Spam
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Posted: Thu, 15/03/2018 05:02 (5 Years ago)
Ok I know I have been coming up with new ideas for the game left and right lately and will slow down after this. The GTS is a crucial part in this game if you want to complete your pokedex. Unfortunate there are a lot of happy-go-lucky so and so's out there who figure its okay to spam the GTS with trades that literally go on for 2 pages that say stuff like
x75 nuggets

Looking for giratina summon item REPORTING ANY OTHER OFFERS AS SPAM
Its literally 30 trades in a row like thee one above that are all identical made by the same person slowing down the GTS to a halt because people don't want to see that stuff and posting a trade does no good because they overlap you with this spam! I SAY THERE NEEDS TO BE A LIMIT TO HOW MANY TIMES A PLAYER CAN PUBLICLY POST A TRADE PER DAY! SPAMMERS ARE LITERALLY RIPPING THIS GAME APART! LIMIT PEOPLE TO 10 -20 TRADES PER DAY AND SPAM SHOULD SLOW DOWN IN THE GTS! PEOPLE LIKE THIS SHOULD BE BANNED OR LIMIT EVERYONE TO A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF TRADES A DAY!

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Posted: Thu, 15/03/2018 05:53 (5 Years ago)
Your... annoyance is understandable... but this is all very dramatic, don’t you think? The person you’ve referred to has not made “literally 30 trades in a row,” and they are not, as you said, “ripping this game apart?” I don’t see why there needs to be a public trade limit, just as there isn’t a feed or forum post limit. And why should people be banned for posting a few trades? They aren’t breaking any existing trade rules, i.e posting trades for advertising purposes. Suggesting that they be banned is a little extreme... .-.
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Posted: Thu, 15/03/2018 06:00 (5 Years ago)
I agree with everything Ichor's said, but adding on...

You should consider that the user is posting all of those types of trades because in most cases they're collecting Items to Shiny Hunt a Legendary Pokemon, prepare for a Shiny Mega hunt or even trade PD/Nuggets for Nuggets/PD to save up for a bigger goal.

If you're trying to complete your Pokedex like you've suggested you're using the GTS for, it would be a lot easier just to search for a specific Pokemon in the GTS or even in the Auction House. A lot of times too users are willing to lend you Pokemon towards your Pokedex in the Trading Forum or Help Forum.

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Posted: Sat, 21/07/2018 17:30 (5 Years ago)
I agree that people should have a trade limit and all but banning is a bit too much.
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Posted: Sun, 22/07/2018 21:26 (5 Years ago)
Reasons for No Support;
1) Everything that I read from OP's post is already negligible due to existing features (such as Filters).
2) A feature such as this that is restrictive in nature carries more negative impacts that will affect both sellers and buyers in a limiting way. This is even more restrictive than the auction house.
3) Post was highly over exaggerated and speculative in nature. Does not contain a well thought out solution/suggestion or reasoning, but rather a complaint.

GTS in it's current state is far from perfect, but also far from broken - it works. The beauty of GTS is being able to post what you're selling and what you're looking for without restrictions. Mind you that I'm an avid buyer in GTS and have used GTS to complete my Pokedex. I've never been affected in a negative way because someone was "posting too much stuff" in the drastic way it's been fabricated.

If there's something that I want in GTS, I use the filters and not sit at first page hoping what I want isn't being flooded with things I don't want. In fact multiple listings help consumers due to a wide variety of options. Can't afford 10x Black Keys? Luckily they posted 10 1x Black Key listings instead. "But they can just be PP'd/PM'd to make a personal trade." Good remark that was never made! Here's the problem; 1) To remake a trade already used up their 1/10 trades a day, 2) If I learned anything for my almost 1 year on Pokeheroes, there's a lot of antisocial people here that could care less about replying let alone for their trades and are even willing to put "Do not PM me about this trade".

Having a limited amount of trades would also affect the quantity/quality of listings. Why post random unwanted pokemon or items of less value when I can list another post with higher value/worth? Would you still be upset if there were more bulk trades where a single that could take a half the page itself with "junk" you don't want or listings that you couldn't afford? What if you wanted a pokemon you were missing, but you were told that by someone that it was a waste of a trade for them? There's such a freedom with GTS that anyone can use it to complete their Pokedex as well as getting any item they want, albeit with time and effort. With this feature I don't see it.
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Posted: Fri, 17/08/2018 09:15 (5 Years ago)
I can see why the OP is frustrated. I have seen times when there are 2 pages of the same trade, and it's highly annoying when it happens. Especially when they have a longer trade description or type in all caps.

A lower limit on how many trades you can have up at once (like the auction house) would be more than enough. Yes, there is currently a limit on how many you can have up, but I feel it's a bit high.

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Posted: Sun, 02/09/2018 11:49 (5 Years ago)
what annoys me more is trade-pushing, some people just overdo it when their trades disappear from the first site, they just repost it. saw it many times.

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Posted: Sat, 27/06/2020 11:33 (3 Years ago)
This suggestion has received less than 60% support and was moved to rejected.

Total votes: 30
Support ratio: 46%
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