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I'm Feeling Lucky

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Posted: Wed, 05/08/2020 19:28 (2 Years ago)
Thank you Kaisa, added yours!
Quantum added 10 more for you, as per discussion with you updating the total in your post.

Tickets all updated!

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Posted: Wed, 05/08/2020 19:18 (2 Years ago)
Thank you, Kamini! Updated lists!

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Posted: Wed, 05/08/2020 18:54 (2 Years ago)
Thank you, Quantum. Updated tickets!

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Posted: Sun, 26/07/2020 19:55 (2 Years ago)
Ah, sorry, I misread. Thought he was asking about a mega able. You're right on pricing.

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Posted: Sun, 26/07/2020 17:40 (2 Years ago)
Probably more like 50k-75k. They're pretty common right now.

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Posted: Fri, 24/07/2020 16:33 (2 Years ago)
Thank you silver, updated the list.

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Posted: Wed, 22/07/2020 01:12 (2 Years ago)
Ty, Derpy_The_Dork_Vulpix Harvey_The_Dark_Vulpix!

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Posted: Mon, 20/07/2020 02:08 (2 Years ago)
Didn't think we still had to post here with the new update, but it's been 3 days and my lottery is still pending. shrugs

Usernames of the contest holder(s): Zerenity
Time period/overall goal of contest: ends October 10th, or when 1k normal gems are achieved.
Link to contest thread/post along with the name*: [L]1/10 of a ditto lotto

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Posted: Thu, 16/07/2020 22:38 (2 Years ago)

While I am running this lottery, it is for ShyreniaRose's shiny ditto hunt. Prizes for this lottery have been donated by me & ShyreniaRose.
The goal is to get 1/10th of a ditto, one thousand normal gems. So the only thing accepted for tickets is normal gems and 2k pd per ticket.

1. All PH rules apply. Please be polite!
2. You may enter as many times as you'd like! Tickets will be given out in order
3. Winners are chosen via RandomLists.com.
4. If you have blocked me or I have blocked you, please do not enter the lottery. Do NOT ask others to enter in your place.
5. If you have questions, feel free to ask me via PM or Palpad. The thread is better organized this way!
6. Please keep the thread and ticket list clean! Ex. Do not buy a single ticket for PD after every other user who enters, as it creates a mess.

How do you trade those gems for tickets? Fill out this little form, and gift the gems or pd to Zerenity!

[b]# of Gems:[/b]
[b]PD amount:[/b]
[b]Total tickets buying:[/b]

Username: Zerenity
# of Gems: 25
PD amount: 4k
Total tickets buying: 27


Wait, you want prizes? There's totally prizes!
However, each prize level unlocks after a certain amount of normal gems.

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~First Prize, at 1000 normal gems~

Wow, the full shiny evo line!
donated by ShyreniaRose

~Second Prize, at 750 normal gems~

Retro Ho-oh!
donated by Zerenity

~Third Prize, at 500 normal gems~

Regi trio!
donated by Zerenity

~Fourth Prize, at 250 normal gems~

Lake Trio!
donated by Zerenity

Something might appear here!

Prizes are hanging around in this box.

So when the bar hits 25%, the 4th prize will be given out at the end. 50% for the 3rd prize, 75% for 2nd, and all 1,000 normal gems for 1st prize!

At each 10% of the goal, I'll also send a random event pokemon to one lucky ticket holder! This will be drawn from 1-100, 1-200, 1-300, and so on.

Goal Bar


Ends on Oct 10th, one minute before reset OR when 1k gems are collected, whichever is first.

Ticket List
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1-19 Harvey_The_Dark_Vulpix
20-24 silverklauws
25-74 Quantum
75-94 Kamini
95-104 Quantum (edited post and contacted me to add)
105-134 Kaisa

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Posted: Thu, 16/07/2020 00:22 (2 Years ago)
Serious support.
I do keep track of where I've searched. But it gets very frustrating on longer hunts to not only look up where I've searched, but to make sure I didn't accidentally skip one. I tend to search in the same pattern every time, just so that I don't have to have detailed notes. But even with detailed notes, if I'm not at home or didn't bring my notes with me, they don't always help.

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Posted: Wed, 15/07/2020 03:20 (2 Years ago)
It's completely cosmetic, no function at all.

Except I absolutely adore this idea. It adds just a little more style to the site, and most of the balls are already visually available already.

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Posted: Wed, 15/07/2020 03:10 (2 Years ago)
I do like ways to use up the multitude of excess berries!

Here's my contribution to help with the idea. A way to have every berry help with this, and not add stupid insane amounts of recipes to it.
Each berry has a value. Base it on the grow speed or level to grow it. I'll use grow speed as my example. All points and values are used only as examples and not a real number.
There are what, 4 speeds? 1, 5, 10, 20 as examples for base value.
But the level of the berry also contributes to the value of the berry. Let each level add the base value to the total value of the seed.

A cheri berry is fast. One of the easiest to grow. So a base value for it would be 1. A level 17 cheri berry would be worth 17.
A jaboca berry is very slow. It's a pain to grow lots of them. The example base value is 20. A level 17 jaboca berry would be worth 340.

While a lot of people have very high level berries, it takes time to grow them and build up those potential points.

I did some grow time & harvest amounts checking the difference between berry levels vs productivity a while back, and posted a suggestion about it, and using the numbers from that for this.
50 cheri seeds each of level 1 and max level produced 240 level 1 berries and 177 max level.
The low level berries would gain you a nice 240 points, in 4 minutes to harvest. The max ones would gain you 17,700 points in 27 minutes to harvest.
Yes, that seems like a lot, for an easy growing berry. Why, I could have millions of points just farming those! Sure. But the mulch could be 10 million for just 1 dry mulch. If it's too easy to get points, keep a high point value on the rewards.

A balancing option to include with this is cut the random point values I'm using as a suggestion down to 1/10th, and require each action of the composter to use 10 berries. So that 10 level 1 cheri berries would equal 1 mulch point. And 10 jaboca berries would be 20 points.

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Posted: Tue, 30/06/2020 15:05 (2 Years ago)
I would argue against the shiny combee itself lowering price, because the difficulty to hunt it is the same.

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Posted: Fri, 26/06/2020 19:18 (2 Years ago)
Still interested in a max level berry being useful.

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Posted: Fri, 26/06/2020 14:08 (2 Years ago)
I like thos. I've had to stop making seeds of everything I plan to grow because I bave so many. But then I forget to make the seeds, and don't get around to planting.

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Posted: Sat, 13/06/2020 02:50 (2 Years ago)
Trade up

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Posted: Fri, 12/06/2020 23:26 (2 Years ago)
Hello, I have 33 ice gems that I would like to trade for electric.

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Posted: Tue, 09/06/2020 18:56 (3 Years ago)
It shows up in the search list... You can select it...
But when you hit the search button to display the ones for sale? Nothing shows up. And the search bar defaults back to "SEARCH FOR ITEM."

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Posted: Wed, 06/05/2020 23:19 (3 Years ago)
Common Gems (Ground, Fighting, Grass, Steel, Rock) - 400 - 600
Metal Coat: 5500 - 6500
Standard Key: 10,000
And the pokemon are essentially 0.

Please read the first post.

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Posted: Thu, 16/04/2020 20:22 (3 Years ago)
One, don't actually take the payment before it hatches. You don't want to be in a situation where you end the hunt with less shinies and have to pay someone back.
Two, Medium - 130,000 - 180,000
Three, the slot is the same as a shiny, because you are specifically hunting that many.
Four, I like four.

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