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[collecting point] Seeking Roleplayers? Post here!

Forum-Index Roleplay [collecting point] Seeking Roleplayers? Post here!
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Posted: Sun, 16/03/2014 13:32 (8 Years ago)
I hope putting this here is okay... :')

I know there will be a lot of people looking for roleplays, pokemon or otherwise, and sometimes it can be annoying to find someone with the same literacy/interests as you, or just one that “fits”. So, I decided to make a board to solve this issue!

In essence, this board is where you can lay out any and all of your roleplay preferences (in the specified format) for other people to browse, and with any luck it will instigate some hook-ups and roleplays!


Here’s a simple outline to fill out with your preferences.

Literacy// This bit is a fairly important one, in most cases, anyways. I’ve organized it into the general levels for you, based on my opinion.

Illiterate - 1-3 sentences, not very good spelling/grammar, flat/boring plots.
Basic - 1-2 paragraphs, decent spelling/grammar, somewhat interesting, albeit typical plots.
Semi-Literate - 3-5 paragraphs, very few to no spelling/grammar mistakes, engaging and fun plots.
Literate - 6+ paragraphs, immaculate spelling/grammar, complex, interesting and occasionally confusing plots.

NOTE: This does not have to apply to everyone, this is just from my view. If you’d prefer to elaborate on your own specific style, feel free to go right ahead.

Length and Style// Provide how much you like to write in an average reply. Some people are picky and only like longer or shorter replies. Also, include the style you like to roleplay, whether it’s paragraphs, or more script-style, or anything else.

Interests/Genre// Tell us what sort of roleplays you like to do!


Quad / Anthro / Human


Maturity and Romance// Please give a good idea of what maturity level you’re at. I know there’s plenty of people out there who enjoy a little gore and/or “passionate” romance, I’m one of them. But some are a little less than comfortable with these aspects, and we don’t want anyone getting scarred.

Also, include the sort of romance you’d like for your characters. (As in Male x Male, Male x Female, Female x Female, or... anything else? 8D)

Contact// Based on the types of roleplaying, you might have different preferences for the location of your roleplays. PH has already provided an excellent mailing system, though some might prefer more private e-mail or IM. Just let us know~

Blank Form

Length and Style//
Maturity and Romance//



1. Please don’t overpost.
I don’t want this place to become a madhouse of insane posting. I’m not limiting you, but try to keep it to a minimum, and if you can, all in one post! This just makes it less cluttered, if you’d understand.

2. Follow the form please.
I have given you an organized, easy way to lay out whatever you might need. If I forgot something, you can add it to your form and let me know, so I can perhaps add it to the official one.

3. Be polite.
I don’t want any disrespect on this board! This means absolutely no insults, rudeness, or complaining of any kind. If you have an issue with me or another person, take it up with them privately. Keep yo’ biznez, yo’ biznez.

No fights, guys. Seriously. If you start trouble, consequences will follow.

I hope this catches on and is helpful to all of you roleplayers out there. I’ve posting my own as an example below for you to follow.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Literacy// Semi-Literate.

Length and Style// I happen to prefer paragraph style, third-person format. My length often depends on what I'm given to work with by my partner, though I generally do one to five paragraphs, possibly more depending on the situation and how interested I am.

Interests/Genre// I'm addicted to romance roleplays. :'c 's nothin' I can do about it, but fantasy, action, adventure, horror, sci-fi, and a few others are definitely on my A-OK list. In my roleplays, I like to incorporate a bunch of elements from almost all of the genres. Fantasy is my absolute favorite, I generally like to have some romance involved(generally this is a subplot), I do love action, and the best way to get action is if you have adventure or drama or a plot that involves evil people. ;3 Heehee~

Back to the romance thing, I don't want just romance. I mean, a roleplay with just one genre will be boring no matter what it is. Give me drama, give me raw emotions, and give me something so utterly weird and fantastic that when I'm not on the computer I'm dying to write more. Put your imagination into it. No world, no person, simply experiences romance without troubles. No world is constantly at war with nothing going on behind the scenes. There are multiple layers to the real world and in the roleplay, I expect logic(if someone's dirty and hasn't bathed because they haven't had access to it and we're having a bit of romance, don't have your character think they're attractive. Make it go naturally. Don't have them throw themselves at the other character just because that's what we have planned for the roleplay.), I expect multiple characters,(don't have to be main or super thought out) and I expect a bunch of stuff to go down. Obviously we can have fluff and happy fun times, but eventually something will happen. That's what I look forward to.

Fandoms I will do, but depending on the fandom, I prefer not to use canon characters(i.e., Pokemon, I would not want to play Ash, Misty, Brock, etc., but rather an original character of my own).

I also LOVELOVELOVE original plots. eue I appreciate uniqueness, and will give most a try if they spark my interest. I often come up with a lot of them on the spot, and they turn out to be lotsa fun~ I also really like dark roleplays, ones that may be a bit too disturbing for others, and stuff like that. If you've got one you're wanting to try out, hit me up. c:

My pokemon I have not made characters of, yet. Mostly I play with OCs I make to fit the roleplay, because I do love original plots, but if you want to do pokemon I could come up with an awesome one(either for one of my pokemon or a made up one) on the spot. When it comes to romance I would prefer either MxF or MxM, and I guess FxF is okay, but I wouldn't really want my character to be the pants in an FxF situation.

Maturity and Romance// Hit me with what you've got, honestly. I don't really have a limit to how mature the roleplay is or how much gore or romance or whatever is in it, I find the less limits there are the more you can do with the story, but I will comply to my partner's preference. For instance, if they're not comfortable doing a very intimate scene, we can either fade out or plain not do it at all. If certain amounts of gore disturbs them, then I'll refrain from writing it.

Contact// PMs are the preferred method, absolutely. c: Though, as a forewarning, I'll be fourteen hours ahead of CST until July.
Alsoooo I'm still looking for awesome buddies to write with. I've been overflowing with muse lately. >.<

And that's that. Now go find your future best RP buddy! :D
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Posted: Sat, 22/03/2014 18:07 (8 Years ago)
Alright, I'm gonna keep this short to not bore you. If I caught your interest and you have follow-up questions, just shoot me with a PM. :3

Literacy// Basic/Semi-Literate
Length and Style// I usually try to write accordinly to my roleplay partner. As in, if they tend to write two paragraphs I'll take that as my general goal as well. Though I guess I usually like to write about three paragraphs but that does vary according to my mood sometimes, I'm just a human after all. I prefer paragraph style and third-person.
Interests/Genre// Generally I like fantasy and adventure laced with action and maybe bit horror. I prefer original roleplays but I can do fandoms as well but only with OCs. For some reason I really don't want to RP as other people's characters be it from a manga, tv show, movie or anything else.
I also love to torture my characters (since I'm pure evil) so I'm a fan of any kind of drama and angst. There can be happy-times but I enjoy making my characters miserable most of the time.
Maturity and Romance// I don't really have any limitations, at least I can't think of anything right now. :d And like I mentioned before I'm a horrible evil person who tortures his characters so I'd actually love a RP with a bit of gore.
As for the romance part: I'll only do MxM, end of discussion. I know, that might sound a bit harsh but that's just how I roll.
Contact// I think I'd prefer PMs.
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Posted: Sat, 22/03/2014 18:25 (8 Years ago)
Depends on what information I have, or if I can even reply at all. If I have little to no information, don't excpect much. If I have decent information, I may be able to write a paragraph or two.
Length and Style//
I'd prefer at least something I can base around, and at least a sentence. I also prefer at least readable grammar, past-tense, proper capitals and punctuation, and an okay sentence structure.
Interests/Genre// I don't really care, but I'm more into School, Mystery, Tragedy (Preferably a war tragedy), and Fantasy. I'd prefer it be in Pokémon/animal, but I can do Anthro/Human.
Maturity and Romance// I don't mind the minor curse words, but keep the others to a minimum. For romance, I hardly do it all out, and I'd prefer MxF if you really have to.
Contact// I'd like if you PM me.

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Posted: Sun, 30/03/2014 09:39 (8 Years ago)
A very sufficient way to find RP'ers indeed InkyBrush. This one thread is far better than having separate threads for each RP-er.
Literacy// Well, to be honest I like to write at least 4-6 paragraphs. So I guess that makes me a Semi-Literate RP-er ^_^ However, I can write as much as I want to and end up writing a whole story >,<
Length and Style// It just depends on the plot and what kind of character I've chosen. I RP with the old 'First person' point of view but this does not mean that I can't write in second or better yet, third person point of view. I am a really adaptable person when it comes to RP's. However, there is this one thing that you, the readers, should know about me and the fact is that I don't appreciate one line post's that tell what the character say's and does like:
"What?" ---- sighed and shook his head, "How can that be?!"

Interests/Genre// I prefer the usual angst and war kinds more then happy go lucky kind's. There is something about the 'happy ending' RP's that I despise greatly about. As an RP-er, I generally take the whole description of how the characters feel into account more then what really happens in the story. If a person want's to RP, then he/she should go slow and show the users how deep they are in this kind of business. The way you describe a character is basically what interests me. If the character is miserable, then he/she should stay miserable until he/she finds true meaning to life and good reasoning to change. I don't want characters that are rude one minute and heavenly angles the next. Change is good, but only rational change is appreciated.
Maturity and Romance// I can go with anything like MxF(to a small extent, I'm a really emotionally sensitive guy, I can't help it!) & MxM(I am not gay! I just find brotherly love or best-friend/brother love sweet, okay? :3)...I don't RP as female character's all the time though XD I find it oddly disturbing O_O *shivers*
Contact// I prefer the PM system. Though, this does not mean we can't start a conversation somewhere else like the Hero Chat or Feeds ^_^

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Posted: Sun, 30/03/2014 17:05 (8 Years ago)
Literacy// Semi-Literate, but with some flaws ^^' I can tend to type fast when I get excited or want to finish a long post and that cat result in me making quite a few typos ^^' However after I do post I always read it over, so if you give me a minute I can clean it up quite a bit. But when I need to make 5+ paragraphs I can lose interest halfway through, and I'll make myself type faster, with less details, and I'll take breaks making a 10 minute post into 2 hours. A bit of a problem. That's the only reason I wouldn't call myself Literate though.
Length and Style// I can make a wall-of-text if I don't watch myself and fall prey to only 3-4 sentences from time to time. BUT I only do this because I work hard to never God-mod or power play; my shortest posts are during fights or other such situations where I have to be careful not to take over. I also always use 3rd person, past tense. I have a sticky 'E' key so sometimes I can miss the vowel here and there. I am also careful with my run-ons, my punctuation, and my repetition/vocabulary.
Interests/Genre// I do not like school roleplays. Mostly because I already hate my own hellish one, and because I don't see much of a point to them. But I like fandoms with original plots the best. I'll roll with almost any genera though, except romance.
Maturity and Romance// I like fights and such, so I'm not afraid or gore, blood, ect. I'm also okay with my characters being killed (after a given time) and injured. I prefer MxF and relationships, but I've never tried a MxM or a FxF rp, but I have been working on my romance in general. I've been writing posts since I was nine.
Contact// If you think I could be in your rp, then awesome! I love rps. Just PM me, Pal Pad me, anything!
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Posted: Mon, 31/03/2014 07:39 (8 Years ago)
Literacy//I would have to say I would be basic at best, even though I am a very avid writer and I make little to no grammar mistakes. I just don't really seem to roleplay that much, even though I do have some experience.

Length and Style//I usually write about a paragraph to about three, but I can write much more when I feel motivated. I usually write in third person present, but I am also flexible with other styles like first and second person (but not as much with second person). But if a partner is writing in a certain length or style, I'm perfectly okay with it as long as it flows well and that they differ in their vocabulary instead of using the same words.

Interests/Genre// I am more into fantasy and adventure than anything else. I don't really do well with fandom or school roleplays, and I also don't like using canon characters. I prefer to be original and new with my characters, so I don't really use characters I've used in previous RPs. I also like the RP in a nice, mellow environment instead of, for example, in a warzone or in some type of catastrophic disaster.

Maturity and Romance// I can do with any kind of relationship, be it MxM, FxF, or FxM. I fine with blood and gore, but only to a certain extent (for example, I can handle something like getting stabbed or excessive amounts of blood, but not stuff like dismembering body parts or extreme slavery or torture). I also say the same thing for the intensity of the level of romance.

Contact// I'm fine with being contacted through PM, but I'm also okay with other methods as well.

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Posted: Wed, 09/04/2014 08:54 (8 Years ago)

Title: Last update: 7/Sep/2016

Literacy// Basic minimum, Semi-lit for the most part, and literate when the RP is really good any my partner is. Though I do make typos, abuse commas, and sometimes lack variants of words when describing something, but I do what I can.

Length and Style// [[I DO NOT LIKE GODMODDING OR POWERPLAYING!!! If you do not know what these are, please look them up in the guide to roleplaying!]]

The absolute minimum that I'll ever post is 2 sentences. That is the absolute minimum. I prefer to type multiple small to multiple large paragraphs as the RP calls for it. (So if it needs 2 small paragraphs, then I do two small paragraphs. If it calls for eight loooong paragraphs, then that's what I send)
The longest post I have made would be 16 solid paragraphs.

I play in third person past tense paragraph style. I prefer to play one or two main characters and introduce side characters as needed. I type out the character's thoughts and actions, but I prefer for my partner to NOT Meta-game!!!! This is a huge turnoff for me. Thoughts and plans are useful in the RP for the people behind the screen to understand what's going on. Not so that if my character is plotting something evil then your character suddenly knows that and is on edge.

Interests/Genre// First thing first: I can do quad, anthro, furry, human, werecreatures, and just about anything as for the WHAT for the species.

I like for there to be a touch of fantasy to my RPs. It's no fun if it's just stuff already around us, you know? I prefer adventure typed rps as well, but am fine with there being one location (such as school RPs). Tragedy tends to help with character development, and can be a bit fun as well, but it can't all be tragic. Pretty much mix and match and see what sticks.
I also like romance to be thrown into RPs, but there has to be more to a RP than just that.

I am fine with fandoms that there is a chance for an OC world. This means things like Pokémon, Digimon, Yugioh, etc are fine. (Okay, maybe not... If I don't know much about the world, I will need to study up on it, so it may take a bit to get going. I'm willing to try just about anything, though)

I prefer to have an OC world within these fandoms, though. This means a new region for pokémon, a future timeline in the MLP world, etc. This way we aren't forced to follow a time-line set by the fandom and can change things as needed, but it would still be that fandom's world, if that makes sense.

I'm also fine with making a completely OC world. This can be based with a hint of fandom to it, or it can be 100% original content that we both build towards.

I do not play canon characters, nor will I RP with anyone who does. It's unoriginal, hard to keep in character, and not as much fun as having your own creation from scratch coming to life.

Maturity and Romance// MxM or FxM romances only, please. (I can play male or female characters. I prefer to play male characters, though, and am not comfortable with FxF. Might be open to other pairing types, though)

Touchy subject here. I have very little reservations. There are a few things that I absolutely won't do, but they are so far and few between that I won't go into it. If the RP goes to where these areas wind up showing up, then I will make a comment on it and we will do a work around for that scene. (Again, there is not a whole lot in this spectrum.)

My lax limits also mean that I want a partner who is over the age of 18. If I'm going to get into a scene with a character who is bloodthirsty, I'll need the ability to tear someone's head of in a gruesome and violent manner. If we have characters who get along romantically, I'd like to be able to play that out without having to go "You're under aged, so we have to skip it".

If you have limits, I will try to have a character that will stay within those limits. (I can't promise anything, as my characters get a life of their own.)

Contact//I am in EST, but my sleep and online times are off. So please be aware of this if you are in a different time zone. (It shouldn't change much, but I might not be online at the same times you are)

PM is the best form of contact for me. You can also hit me in Palpad if it's not closed =3
After we get to talking, we can move the RP to a different location if you desire.

The RP itself can be done through most mediums: PM, Forums, email, chatzy, Skype, Deviantart, etc.
I will not RP on Tumblr, Kik, or Discord. This is either because I don't have an account, don't like how it handles, or because it doesn't want to work for me.

I have a range of characters and what I'm in the mood to RP changes fairly frequently. However, if there's a good RP going on, I probably won't just drop it without warning. I may take a few days to reply, but I try not to take too long with it. {Please note the below ideas may change from time to time. I hope it's okay that I included them, as they are just some ideas and aren't all I'm restricted to.}

Right now I've got a few things in mind that I'd be interested in RPing (while always being open to others):


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Posted: Mon, 23/06/2014 03:05 (8 Years ago)
Literacy// I prefer 1-3 sentences per post, but bad grammar gives me a headache. I don't even care if it's a sentence to a paragraph per post, it all depends on what's occurring in the RP. If you make several typos, as in a lot, or don't use proper grammar or capitalization, don't come to me. I can occasionally RP with people like this, but I don't always enjoy it.

Length and Style// I tend to type in 3rd person and past tense when RPing, and have typed from a sentence to a few paragraphs in one post. As I've said, it depends on what's happening in the RP. I also like to type what the character is thinking and what they have noticed, but that's just me. I am flexible in my RP style, but I RP like I write. Sometimes I have long posts with lots of things happening around my character, or I have a short post when my character is having dialogue with another character.

Interests/Genre// I like to RP anything. I have/can RP anything from cats to wolves, humans to ponies, Pokemon to Gijinkas. Fantasy and Sci-Fi are my favorite. The stronger and deeper the story, the more I love it. Romance is great too, but when it's the main topic of the RP, i have a little trouble. Fandom RPs are fun for me as well. Warrior Cats? Let's do it. Pokemon? Already there. Homestuck? I might have some problems, but I'll try! I do prefer to use OCs instead of canon characters, since then we can have more fun with it. I'd also love to try some original species RPs, since I actually have one of my own that I'm dying to bring into role play. The problem is explaining everything about the species and world. ^_^"

Maturity and Romance// I'm 16, nothing 18+ please. Extremely sexual parts I would very much prefer to skip, but lesser parts I guess I'm okay with. I wont do MxM or FxF, so please don't come to me to RP that. Unless it's my original species I made... Then it's fine due to how I made the species. XP I don't like heavy gore and such in RPs, but violence often makes an RP fun. If we do something that requires gore and such, like killing a person or zombies, don't describe them in perfect detail. I don't want to scare my little sister if she decides to read the screen. I don't mind the age of my partner, as long as it isn't 18+ RP. My mom wouldn't let me come on here if she caught me RPing that stuff.

Contact// I have EST, but with it being summer, I can get on a lot more than usual. I'm pretty busy on Saturdays and I (usually) can't come on at all on Sundays. I also spend one or two days a week at the waterpark, so I won't have Internet there. You can just PM me or PalPad me. ^_^
I'd also prefer the RP to be in the forums. PM role playing just doesn't suit me.
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Posted: Sun, 29/06/2014 00:47 (8 Years ago)
Literacy: I tend to adjust to my partners, but i like when my partner can give me a whole paragraph to work with. Proper grammar is almost a must for me. I won't enjoy it if I can't understand it. No less then two sentences if its only me and one partner.

Length and Style: My replies depend on the rp. If its very engaging, then I could easily put out one, two, or even more paragraphs, I rp in third person and in past tense. I like to write out what my character is thinking while they are doing something.

Interests/Genres: I rp a lot of things, but there are things I don't do, or am just not good at yet. Generally, I prefer there too be at least a tiny bit of romance in all my rps. I like to do fandom, but only with original characters. I make plots by figuring out the pairing of characters first. I won't do any types of animal, but I can do pokemon if it is interesting enough. I prefer RPing human/human-like characters. I also really like doing medieval-set rps.

Maturity and Romance: I can't do anything 18+, i'm only 14. I like to have some sort of romance in my rps, but it doesn't have to be major. M x F mostly, but if you can convince I can do F x F. I won't do M x M, but that's because i'm a girl. I prefer being the girl as stated before, but I would like to get better at my guys. I can handle violence but nothing too descriptive please.

Contact I am online a lot seeing as I have a lot of time. I will do either PM, or we can do a thread. I won't do it on my feed or in hero chat.

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Posted: Fri, 04/07/2014 14:16 (8 Years ago)
Literacy// Basic or above
Length and Style//How much I write depends on what I have to work with, so basically I'm flexible. I prefer paragraphs.
Interests/Genre// I'm best at original stories, but I dabble in fan-fics. I've never done anthro, but I don't mind giving it a shot. I don't like RPing established/cannon characters. I mostly do Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action and Fantasy with the occasional Fandom.
Maturity and Romance// I'm fine with almost anything. I generally don't do things like bondage or S&M.
Contact// PM please and thank you
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Posted: Tue, 15/07/2014 22:31 (8 Years ago)
Imma do this short cuz I don't want to make you fall asleep

Literacy// Basic to Semi-Literate
Length and Style// I tend to write things in shorter and detailed paragraphs, but I also get really carried away with things at times and end up writing several paragraphs. When role-playing, I tend to write in third-person point perspective.
Interests/Genre// Honestly, I'm pretty fine with any types of rp, though I do have a preference for romance and fantasy roleplays.
Maturity and Romance// I'm fine with as violence and gore, and I especially like romance and shipping in rps. I'll ship anyone with anyone else tbh.
Contact// PMs are preferred, but palpad is totally cool too!
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Posted: Thu, 17/07/2014 22:28 (8 Years ago)

Title: 1x1

Looking for a male roleplayer~! c:
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Posted: Mon, 21/07/2014 01:14 (8 Years ago)
The length of the posts don't matter much, but I really care about grammar.
Length and Style//
I usually write 2-3 line posts, and occasionally put in some paragraphs. Average 4 lines, I guess.
I like to First person Roleplay, with present or future tense.
I love Sci-Fi and Medieval, and I also don't like Pokemon RPs very much. I can do fan role plays (such as Homestuck) or some movie role plays.
Maturity and Romance//
As I'm only 10, I would prefer none to little romance. Don't come to me if you're looking for mature RP.
I'm not online much currently due to tests, but any manner of RPing is fine as long as it's not in the chat.
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Posted: Mon, 21/07/2014 01:28 (8 Years ago)
Umm... is it okay if I just advertise my RP here? Because that would be easy. Anyways, if I can, I'll advertise my RP I already made here.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My RP is Pokémon Dimensions Crossed. Basically, the story is the PMD world and the Pokemon Versions world(with humans, of course) collide, or cross. Meaning the pokemon villages in the PMD world, and the human cities from the Versions world are in the exact same world, in the same Supercontinent.
Interested? Click here to find out more.

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Posted: Tue, 22/07/2014 12:43 (8 Years ago)
Literacy// Semi-lit
Length and Style// All depends on what's happening. I try to avoid one liners, but it doesn't always work out. I try to stick to at least 3 sentences. I always rp in third person and I'd prefer it if whoever I rp with does the same.
Interests/Genre// It's a long list, but here's a couple; TMNT 2012, Medieval, Sonic, Gifted, and Max Steel. Like I said, that's just giving a few. Message me if you want to suggest anything.
Maturity and Romance// I'm okay with blood and gore, but don't overplay it. I don't need an image burned in my mind of some guy getting his guts torn out. Also, if sex does come up, I prefer to do fade in/out sort of thing.
Contact// Pm's preferably
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Posted: Sun, 27/07/2014 19:29 (8 Years ago)
Literacy// Basic
Length and Style// All depends on mostly what the player above me is talking about I mostly do 1 liners but sometimes i do 2-4
Interests/genre//Pokemon,Dragons and Sonic
Maturity/Romance/I don't really like either
Contact// mostly PM's
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Posted: Wed, 30/07/2014 16:42 (8 Years ago)
Literacy// Semi-literate, but I will tone it down or boost it up depending on my partner's preferences. I'm not amazing with words to be honest, but I do my best.

Length and Style// It depends, honestly. If the situation calls for it, I can easily reply with two or three paragraphs, sometimes more. I mostly roleplay in the third person (I honestly don't recall ever using first person), and in the past tense. This, like my literacy, can change.

Interests/Genre// I'm into the sci-fi genre, along with some fandom genres every now and then. Interest wise, I love zombie related things, alternate realities/other worlds, steampunk, and horror.

Maturity and Romance// I have no limit when it comes to gore or horror situations. The more graphic the better. It's the opposite as far as romance goes. Fluff, or rated G, relationships are my weakness and preference, but anything too passionate is an immediate turn off. Should our characters get to that level, I'll politely ask for a time skip. I have no problem with MxM, FxF, or MxF. I play both genders, but mostly male.

Contact// I try to get on as often as possible... PMs though I rarely answer, so a thread would probably be best.
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Posted: Thu, 21/08/2014 04:22 (7 Years ago)
Literacy// Semi-Literate

Length and Style// If im the one starting the roleplay, the main post WILL be long and fancy with a long plot and a list of characters, and stuff like that in public roleplays. In my private roleplays, the first post is either long, or semi-long with 0-3 pictures at least. the plot I would post would be semi-long and still be declared "Fancy" and decorated still. in public roleplays, it depends on what situation my character is in that makes the length of the post. for example, if its a fight scene, I will make a long detailed post, reaching at about 5 sentences. in Private roleplays, after the first post, my roleplay sentences are at least over 2 sentences long. I like to write in 3rd person since its easier for me though.

Interests/Genre// I really like Adventure/Action genres along with a //bit// of romance, or no romance. I love the Fandom genres such as, Minecraft, Warriors, and Homestuck. But I guess any roleplay I can go with.

Maturity and Romance// Maturity? hmm... Killing/Blood/Gore/horror im chill with, fighting? im cool with it. Swearing? Im not really a fan of swearing in roleplays, but its alright with me as long as its not //too bad// of a swear, and if its not directed at anyone. the more Graphic the better. in Romance, ummmmm not so much... Im fine with soft romance, such as rated G or cuddles, but if I have to roleplay giving birth or more graphic in the romance section, I would ask for a timeskip or just leave the roleplay. cause honestly it gets into an awkward situation for me, even after the time skip. Im fine with MxF, MxM, FxF, ect. but I would rather it lean into the heterosexual side, but im cool with it nonetheless.

Contact// contact via PM or Palpad please <3

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And I finally decided to post here. .3.

Literacy// Basic/Semi-Literate. I don't fell confotable with less than two paragraphs.

Length and Style// How much I write really depends on my mood and on what I'm writing. So if I take too long to answer you, is because I'm not in the mood and I don't want to send something bad written. If the RP becomes boring at some point, I'll certaily ask to start another one.
Also, English is not my mother tongue, so I can make some mistakes sometimes, sorry about that.

Interests/Genre// I like to do about everything. I just don't like RPs that are MAINLY romance. Yes, the story can have a bit of love, but not just that. I like to do fandoms, and with the original characters, as well original stories and original characters. Like I said, I can do anything. And any style, except love stories. I like tragedies. I also like stories that have demons on it. I mean demons! That dark think that possesses people and make it die in the most terrible ways. Not beautiful people with horns. >.> Most of times, I'll be the bad guy. I don't like to be the right one. ~

Maturity and Romance// No limitations. Really. I like to do torture scenes (Most of times, my character is torturing someone >:3). As I said, I don't like stories that are mainly romance, but it may exist. And if it does, let's do it right! I don't like to skip scenes, for any reason. But, of course, if my partiner have any limitations, I'll not even get closer of certain scenes. Ah, and for the romance, I can do FxM, MxM and FxF.

Contact// I preffer PM, but once we decide what we'll RP, we can create a forum thread on the Private RP section. Just hit me with a PM anytime you want. ~

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Title: Just gonna put this here because it's what i do and yea

Literacy// Basic/Semi-Literate. Quality over Quantity for me.
Length and Style// It is dependant for me, I can write a few lines or I can write a detailed paragraph, it's dependent. I also have autism, such as dyslexia and dyspraxia so if I have bad grammar DON'T JUDGE ME.
Interests/Genre// Personally, I'll do almost any genre EXCEPT things where it is based off a book or film, eg: Harry Potter. People get a bit too intense with what you do there, me no like that
Maturity and Romance// That will vary with whatever I'm doing. 'Nuff said.
Contact// Whatever you prefer. I'm not picky.