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Combee Exchange

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Posted: Sat, 12/01/2019 13:30 (4 Years ago)

A lot of people want a Combee, right? Or more than one. But once you have one, you breed that one over and over, and your hive gets almost no diversity in the end! Or worse, you finally find that 12% female Combee, and then don't have any Combees to pair her with that aren't her dad or brothers! Or you want a foreign Vespiquen for your hive for some reason.

So I'm thinking of starting a Combee exchange program: a Combee for a Combee of the same gender, with female Combee and Vespiquen being equivalent. The only rules are that it must be your Combee (your OT), you do NOT spam the thread or users begging for Combee, and you promise not to sell/trade/auction the Combee you get. (Gifting them onward is ok, but it would be super nice if you could donate them here instead.)

How to Participate
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First, check on this post if there is a Combee of the same gender to exchange with! If there is, you then want to send the other user a private trade offer with your Combee.

If there is no available exchange, please post your Combee or Vespiquen, and specify their gender(s), and I'll add you to the list of available exchanges.

If you posted a Combee that has now been exchanged, please remove them from your post once the exchange has been completed.

Please do your best to keep your posts up to date on your Combee status, and if I don't seem to have noticed you, wait 1-2 hours before PMing me with "Combee Exchange" as the title.

If you're looking to get your first Combee and are a low level trainer, I'd suggest the Newbie Honey Center! Just make sure to read the restrictions, be nice, and follow the rules set over there.


NeoQwerty: I currently have five (M) Combee up for exchange.
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Posted: Sat, 03/09/2022 07:04 (4 Months ago)
i need 1 combee plz free of cost