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Trainerlevel: 36

Trainerpoints: 988/3,923


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
7551,401,563 / 1,712,341
(Furfrou (Pharaoh))
648265,349 / 1,261,657
(Mega Scizor)
689121,359 / 1,426,231
Cleffa352,360 / 3,024
Cleffa352,666 / 3,024
Cleffa311,958 / 2,382

Battle Team









Mecha Tyranitar


Oricorio (Sensu Style)


Shiny Hunt

NeoQwerty is currently hunting Cleffa.
Hunt started: 06/03/2023

Chain: 57


These are my favorites!

My starter, my favorite event, my 1st Bug Hatching 'mon!

My 1st event, my 1st lady Combee, my 1st shiny!

My 2nd favorite event, my 1st fishing shiny, my 1st mega!


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For_the_love_of_Sonic 1 Year ago
Skellart 1 Year ago
For_the_love_of_Sonic 1 Year ago
NeoQwerty 1 Year ago

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #297422835
Registration: 06/01/2019 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 191:08 Hours
Total interactions: 1,632,589
Money: 25,528
Starter Pokémon: Charmeleon


This is the THIRD mega stone I tried to boil in a row that turned into a black mystery box and now I want to throw these things in the gem collector's face. I swear if this happens a fourth time I'm going to yell at someone to make them rarer because I DON'T WANT THEM.
1 Year ago
Getting a black mystery box instead of a mega stone... AAAARGH!!!
1 Year ago
Anyone wants a plushie?
1 Year ago
By Clicker
Heyo buddies!
I guess valentines day is coming soon, isnt it? I guess its a pretty awesome time to make new friends!

So before this occasion, its time for a giveaway!
Like this feed, Share #Clickerneedsfriends, And obviously, add me to your friendlist!

Prize is 100k pd for the winner!
Ends on... 10th February! All the best!
1 Year ago
I'd just like to say that I'm glad that, even though I couldn't play PokeHeroes for a dog's age, it's still there now that I have some time again.

So many places have changed or disappeared over the last five years, so it makes me happy this site and its community is still around.

Hope the new year's starting well for everyone who takes the time to read this.
1 Year ago
#PeepsForPeppers I love the events so so so much! They're all adorable or cool!
5 Years ago
You push the gold key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

354x Event Points found!
5 Years ago
After those shiny bugs, I'm so getting a shiny Impasta.
5 Years ago
WHAT. WHAT. I. WOW. OK, leaving my hive alone for this long was good I guess? Bye Gurdurr, feel free to come back and binge again!
5 Years ago
What's the worth of a Mesprit/lake trio egg voucher?
5 Years ago
Woaaaaah. Apparently the random clicklist CAN finish. I just got kicked off it on mobile! Go me!
5 Years ago
Giggling. I keep setting off the anti clickbot because I'm clicking on 'mons while watching YouTube videos!
5 Years ago

About Me (A Side)

Don't Pal Pad message me, don't add me to palpad groups. You can go ahead and PM me for help on PokeHeroes or the official Pokemon games!.

Hi! My name is Neo. My pronouns are he/his. :3 I like Pokémon, Megaman, Elder Scrolls, Boktai, Mario, and a lot of other things too long to list, so why don't you check out my personal site in my contact links?

If you want to friend me, feel free to do so! I'll add you back and mass-click you at least once a day. I also make sure to return clicks before I do other clicklists.

I'd be happy to help with trade evolutions or help set you up with a Combee or Miltank.

I'll send you a plushie if you send me one! It doesn't even matter if it's a Magikarp! I'll send you your favorites, or what you don't have if I can.

Route 53 stuff!
If you don't already have a Combee or Miltank, in the spirit of the now-closed Newbie Honey Center, you can request one from me. I take Pokemon caught from Emera Beach, or any fish-like Pokemon in exchange.

About me (B Side)

My berry stall is here! Currently redesigning how I approach the garden; when it's done I'm hoping to be able to help high-level gardeners with shakes and long-growth berries and a reliable restock schedule.

Want to take these off my hands? I collect: any berries, bee Pokémon (like Combee and Ribombee, and wasp ones like Beedrill), and honey-eating Pokémon (like Munchlax and Teddiursa).

Berries I'm missing: Drash, Eggant, Pumkin, Colbur, Custap, Enigma.

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