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Posted: Fri, 24/08/2018 23:15 (3 Years ago)
So my suggestion is that the game shows you which patches you checked already (for example by putting a red cross over those patches). Because I usually remember the last one I checked but not the previous ones and it gets hard when you get to the last 9 patches and you're not sure which ones you already checked and you have to wait 1 hour before you can check again.

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Posted: Sat, 02/12/2017 13:50 (4 Years ago)
Sometimes the palpad will show someone is online (green dot), when they haven't done anything in an hour or longer.

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Posted: Mon, 20/11/2017 19:14 (4 Years ago)
Makes sense, but still 80 or 100 gems is a lot. If a gem costs 500 PD you are paying 40k-50k for one egg, that's never worth it. I guess it's not for shiny hunts then

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Posted: Mon, 20/11/2017 16:51 (4 Years ago)
So right now it costs 100 water gems for 1 Totodile egg for example, it's been like this since the start of the game I think and it needs an overhaul. 10 gems for one egg seems more reasonable, because Gems don't have too many uses atm (the Kalos pokémon, Gem Cauldron and Ditto/Birds).

It would boost the economy and give people an incentive to play the Royal Tunnel too.

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Posted: Tue, 10/10/2017 19:07 (4 Years ago)
It's worth looking into the Hero chat. From what I see there's literally nobody active there even though it has so much potential. On another game I played people would play PH and have another tab open with chat at all times. There was a section for advertising trading and selling, one to discuss the game in general, one for random topics, and the option to PM someone just by clicking their name. Which was super useful to organize trades which would really boost the PH economy I think. Also generally connects people, allows you to make friends etc.

Some things on PH are also probably a bit too tedious, you get 4 PD per interaction, so after 10,000 clicks you have about 40k PD which is really nothing. Yes you can interact 10k a day if you spend a lot of time, but most people are too busy to spend their time doing something so tedious. I agree offering decent daily rewards depending on how much you interact, something small for 100 interactions, something better for 500 etc. Like Mystery Boxes would be pretty cool, or a small amount of nuggets for many interactions. Same with the Game center, the rewards are honestly quite bad besides the Legendary dogs. The shinies are basically impossible to obtain. It has much more potential if you change things up a bit.

Also the Lottery, at this point Lugia is basically not worth spending 500k game chips for a small chance to get it. Maybe have a random Event egg voucher everyday instead, and make it easier to win?

Small changes and some things that change everyday would really go a long way in keeping people interested and logging in.

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Posted: Wed, 05/07/2017 22:19 (5 Years ago)

Message me through palpad or PM if you can trade me some keys and need some of my keys! You can already setup a private trade and send it to me, I'll accept if it has something I need ^^

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Posted: Sat, 07/01/2017 16:22 (5 Years ago)

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Posted: Fri, 30/12/2016 14:19 (5 Years ago)
Yeah I'd like if the egg just stayed there instead of disappearing into thin air. Same with finding eggs in Tall Grass when your party is full. It's not absolutely horrible the way it is now, but why make life more difficult for everyone on PH when it can be easier and better?

Of course Riako has to code it and stuff but that's his job and I'm sure he doesn't mind.

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Posted: Wed, 30/11/2016 20:01 (5 Years ago)
Mega Ursaring would be amazing OwO it really needs a speed boost because right now it is too slow.

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Posted: Fri, 04/11/2016 17:59 (5 Years ago)
I sent you 2x Light Rock and 2x Hard Rock and please give me the hatched pokemon. Good luck with your hunt!

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Posted: Sat, 29/10/2016 15:26 (5 Years ago)
Bumping this. Get on it Riako!

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Posted: Wed, 26/10/2016 23:07 (5 Years ago)
Username: shinyteddiursa
Most Famous Player According to Me: JudJud
Places where you have seen him/her more often:- everywhere

JudJud should win :v

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Posted: Thu, 20/10/2016 11:38 (5 Years ago)
I'm scared of vampires ;v;

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Posted: Wed, 19/10/2016 18:21 (5 Years ago)
It's definitely not my extensions cause I checked with all of them disabled. I am using Chrome so I doubt it's the browser. I am logged in on another pc and it's the same. I can't be the only one who this is happening to right?

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Posted: Sat, 10/09/2016 14:10 (5 Years ago)
Sending a plushie! :3

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Posted: Tue, 06/09/2016 15:46 (5 Years ago)
No cause I can interact just fine :< Maybe it's Chrome's new update or something but even then that's strange that only the Golden slot is affected. I used to be able to keep clicking without waiting for the page to load and still get all the rewards from the slot. Now I need to click so slow that every individual page loads up fully, which takes forever. Riako please help me! :<

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Posted: Tue, 06/09/2016 07:18 (5 Years ago)
I can't do the Golden Slot super fast anymore :/ I think the problem started yesterday but I used to be able to just keep clicking fast and still trigger the slots, but now it just gets stuck when I click too fast. I have like 5000 chips and it takes forever in basic mode to spend them all now!

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Posted: Wed, 11/05/2016 16:42 (6 Years ago)
Sure, putting them up for trade right now!

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Posted: Wed, 11/05/2016 15:17 (6 Years ago)
I'll put one on the GTS for you ^^

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Posted: Tue, 10/05/2016 10:18 (6 Years ago)

Please Palpad me if you have anything I need and need something from me ^^

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