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Gems for Eggs

Forum-Index Suggestions Rejected Gems for Eggs
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Posted: Mon, 20/11/2017 16:51 (4 Years ago)
So right now it costs 100 water gems for 1 Totodile egg for example, it's been like this since the start of the game I think and it needs an overhaul. 10 gems for one egg seems more reasonable, because Gems don't have too many uses atm (the Kalos pokémon, Gem Cauldron and Ditto/Birds).

It would boost the economy and give people an incentive to play the Royal Tunnel too.
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Posted: Mon, 20/11/2017 17:09 (4 Years ago)
No support.

All of the Gem Prices are actually pretty reasonable and were lowered a year ago.

The reason the Egg Prices are so high is most likely to keep everything in order and give things value, as a Shiny Starter is much more valuable than an Easy Shiny. Also, you can obtain eggs from the Daycare and Tall Grass, even the Lab in rare cases.

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Posted: Mon, 20/11/2017 19:14 (4 Years ago)
Makes sense, but still 80 or 100 gems is a lot. If a gem costs 500 PD you are paying 40k-50k for one egg, that's never worth it. I guess it's not for shiny hunts then
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Posted: Fri, 15/12/2017 02:40 (4 Years ago)

As long as you decrease the prices of everything, not just a couple rarities, then you can preserve that division of value by rarity. Gem collector prices are too outrageous for me to even consider using him as a source of eggs for a hunt. Unless, of course, his purpose isn't to help get eggs for hunts. I don't know what other purpose he would serve, though. Eggdex? But even so, getting one starter egg for the eggdex is too expensive. So I don't know, he's just kinda there.

Edit: And if you take into account the big picture - breeding rates, tall grass spots & time, etc. - then the rarity is preserved anyway.