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Kalos' Curse

Forum-Index Roleplay Pokémon RP Kalos' Curse
Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 22:21 (3 Months ago)
** This is a remake of this rp, due to an incident with rules & other factors. The original thread/plot is by me & TheNinjaCyndaquil **

Three years ago, Kalos' fate hung in the balance of a madman. After relief efforts in Geosenge town, life in Kalos is somewhat normal. But of course, these peaceful times won't last for long. A group of trainers have found themselves in a situation - but it's a minor incident compared to the massive problem that's unfolding. Team Flare is working in secret to create the secret weapon that will shake Kalos to its core. Will you help the region? Or will you let it crumble?


Everyone can start in Lumiose City owo

Charlie sighed, perched on the edge of a fountain, a napkin in her hands. She'd just dropped a pastry from a nearby cafe, and boy, was she angry. It was a scone: chocolate chip, to be exact, and now it was on the floor.

"We made it, Torterra!" Kelsey cheered, standing at the enterance to Lumiose from one of the connecting routes. She had roller skates clipped to her shoes, and while she had wobbled, hadn't fell.

credit to nezumi
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previously towoma

Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 22:36 (3 Months ago)
Angel was doing a one handed handstand near the fountain a girl was sitting on, she had had been doing for around 5 minutes, bored out of her mind. Her Snivy, Ivy, was on her trainers bare feet.
Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 22:42 (3 Months ago)
Linos was sitting outside the Pokemon center with his Empoleon was practicing a move on a rock. The Pokémon's moves were light as he practiced in the middle of town.

Em walked along on of the paths in town, she had her Emboar out and walking behind her. She stopped and looked over when she noticed Angel. "Er? Are you alright?" She asked in confusion.
Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 22:47 (3 Months ago)
An overly excited rock puppy panted as she walked along side her trainer. The sites and smells were all new to her. Her socialness made her want to greet everyone and anyone in sight. However, she’d been scolded by her trainer a few too many times already and dared not leave her side.

Her trainer, who went by the name of Harlow, was on her own mission whilst also takings in the sites and smells of delicious treats. But, before taking a proper look around the city, she made it her first task to find the Pokemon Center as they were in need of a few supplies - as in food, water and medical items. She shoved her hands into the pockets of her leather jacket, her fingers playing with some spare change that was in there, and continued to walk the streets of Lumiose in hopes of finding the Center soon.
Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 22:48 (3 Months ago)
Harrison was trying to roller skate to the nearest city, Lumiose. He kept wobbling, and questioned why he even agreed to try them when he feel over again. "Geez, StarBurst, I don't understand these." Starburst replied with a noise similar to a laugh and walked ahead. "Seriously? The silent treatment?" He grunted, trying to get up.
Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 22:50 (3 Months ago)
"Hmm?" Angel said and tried to look behind her but gave up "give me a moment." The girl said then twisted around, her hand still on the ground and somehow not falling over, to look at the girl that had asked the question. "That's better, now, what was it that you asked me?"

Ivy had stayed on her trainers feet, looking at the Emboar.
Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 22:52 (3 Months ago)
Melody walked through the entrance of Lumiose with her Emogla, Emmy, on her head. "So here we are." She muttered as she scrolled through her Pokedex. Emmy chittered at Melody while pointing to a shop. "You do not need candy, Emmy." Emmy huffed before noticing a girl doing a handstand. She tilted her head, confused, before trying to copy what the girl was doing on Melody's head.
Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 22:53 (3 Months ago)
"Alright, to the Pokemon center, yeah! Wahoo!" Kelsey cheered, her Torterra nodding. Torterra lumbered alongside his energetic trainer, as the pair made their way to the Pokemon center. They were an odd site, the massive Sinnoh Pokemon was definitely rare in the bustling Kalosian city. Both were so transfixed by the sights that Kelsey hardley noticed running into a girl with a leather jacket.

Charlie raised an eyebrow at a strange girl with a Snivy and another with an Emboar. "Definitely weirdos, eh, Goodra?" She muttered lowly to the dragon-type, who nodded faintly. Charlie sighed, pushing herself off the fountain. "Let's grab another scone. C'mon."

credit to nezumi
tomatoes are smoothies and you can't prove me wrong

previously towoma

Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 22:55 (3 Months ago)
"Well I was asking what you were doing?" Em repeated in slight amusement. Emboar looked at Ivy and smiled a politely. "Sorry I didn't mean to bother you." She added gently and shifted her weight.
Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 23:00 (3 Months ago)
"-I would talk to him about bridge, and golf, and politics, and neckties. And the grown-up would be greatly pleased to have met such a sensible man." Quartz had said out loud, reading from a book in their lap, occasionally stopping to take a sip of their vanilla flavored cappuccino. They were sitting in the grass, back to back with Abyss, The Empoleon relaxing with eyes closed, hanging onto every word. It was like just any other mental health day, which were admittedly becoming more prominent than Quartz would have liked.
This place was something that was out of Quartzes comfort zone, trimmed trees and well-kept lawn with fountain nearby. Too many people chatting, seemingly without a care that people could hear them. But Abyss chose the spot and Quartz wasn't going to argue, not today.
They would have to go to a Pokecenter soon to pick up a package but Quartz would give anything to just let it slide and deal with it tomorrow, or preferably never.
Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 23:02 (3 Months ago)
"Oh it's fine, I'm used to it." Angel said, having Ivy hop onto her free hand. She then got out of the handstand by putting her feet over her head, causing her back to bend no way a human should bend, then slowly straightened, her hand with her snivy on it had not moved.

[what she did if you are confused. also with one hand, not 2]
Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 23:04 (3 Months ago)
Harrison continued to struggle, StarBurst finally helping to keep him up. "Thanks, but it's a little late." He mumbled. Starburst grinned simply, looking up. "We're almost to the fountain." Harrison mused, waving his arms as he lost balance again.
Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 23:05 (3 Months ago)
Harlow’s face paled as she felt the weight of another that, she assumed, had accidentally bumped into her. It was no big deal, though she couldn’t help but squeak, in surprise, and apologise to said person. Whilst doing so, she had somehow managed to catch herself from falling and crushing the her Pokemon who seemed completely unaware of the scene.

“I’m so sorry! A-are you okay?”
Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 23:08 (3 Months ago)
Em nodded, "that's pretty neat." She said slightly impressed at what the strange girl just did. "Uh anyway, I'm Em. This is my Emboar, Gan." She said kindly and nodded to Gan the Emboar nodded a kind greeting.
Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 23:09 (3 Months ago)
Max had finally reached the great big sign reading ‘Lumiose Town’. “Whew, we finally made it eh turtonator?”. Turtonator grunts. *Looks around* “Looks like we’re not the only ones that have arrived here”. “Hey look over there turtonator! A PokeCentre and *smells* those smell like Scones! My favourite!” *Stomac rumbles* “Wow all that Walking has given me an appetite, you must be hungry too eh turtonator!”. Turtanotor grunts as they excitedly run towards the Café.
Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 23:10 (3 Months ago)
(ssshhh i stealthily changed maeve's name to charlie/charlotte bc it sounds better)

"Ah! I'm so sorry! Are you ok- uh, yeah I'm okay but are you? I ran into you! Arceus, Torterra, our first day in the city and we've already embarssed ourselves." Kelsey stammered.

"I know there's a good cafe by - Cafe Soleil! That's it!" Charlotte frowned, taking off on foot in that direction.

credit to nezumi
tomatoes are smoothies and you can't prove me wrong

previously towoma

Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 23:21 (3 Months ago)
“It’s quite alright, I’m fine,” Harlow laughs, “But, um, hey. Do you happen to know the way to the Pokemon Center?”

Rockruff, on the other hand, stared up at the Torterra. Her tail fell and her head sank submissively. The grass and ground type was much larger in comparison to her previous playmates, making her slightly wary. Slowly, she retreated back to the safety behind her trainer’s legs.
Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 23:22 (3 Months ago)
Quartz felt Abyss shuffle behind them before standing up, He was repeatedly blinking his eyes and was just a little wobbly- Huh, So he really fell asleep. That's new.
"Dude, There is absolutely no way we are go-" Quartz didn't get to finish that sentence as Abyss grabbed them by their shoulder and pulled them up. "Can we just not be acting mature for one day? Look around you, Everybody is procrastinating. Can we just be one of those people for a short amount of time?" They snarled, sounding rather frustrated.
Abyss fixed a very intense gaze on them, like he is going to try and levitate them with his brain. Quartz met his eyes and held the eye contact like a stubborn child, waiting who will drop out of this game first.
Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 23:26 (3 Months ago)
"Thanks, I'm Angelica Blackless but I go by Angel, the snivy is Ivy, pleasure to meet you Em." Angel said, doing a bow like a performer would at the end of a show. Ivy did the same.
Posted: Sun, 11/03/2018 23:26 (3 Months ago)
Starburst let go of Harrison, and he awkeardly skated his way to a pokemon center to heal the rest of his team. "Oh, Arceus, I hate these things- when can I take them off." He mumbled and he awkwardly went into the center, taking them off anyways and placing them in his bag. "Hhh..."