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Medal Rally

Gotta win 'em all!

How it works

There are different categories in which you can win Medals in this Rally. A new Rally starts at the 1st and the 15th of every month. All Pokémon/Items have to be obtained during the current rally round.
All medals won are placed on your userpage.

Current Rally

Strongest Pokémon

Level: 404

Level: 297

Level: 187
Most Eggs hatched

517 Eggs hatched

472 Eggs hatched

459 Eggs hatched
Most Berries fed

21,874 Berries fed

17,313 Berries fed

17,234 Berries fed
Most Coinflip played*

Played 265,215 times

Played 203,699 times

Played 162,158 times
* Minimum bid: 100 Game Chips