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Owner: Nighty
Level: 199

Owner: shadowcatking
EHP: 4,257/5,355


18/Apr/14 12:00 News written by Riako
Take a walk with Eevee
Three new Rumble Missions available!

Three new Rumble Areas can now be discovered by your Pokémon while exploring certain Areas.
The Mossy Forest, the Snowy Mountains and the Playground can only be explored by Eevee.
[Forum Announcement]

Also don't miss our official "Create your own Event Distribution"-contest in our forum!
[More information]

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16/Apr/14 11:50 News written by Riako
Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is near and 10 eggs have already been hidden on PokéHeroes! Your task is to search for them in order to obtain our new Event Pokémon!
You also have the chance to receive a very special surprise if you're lucky enough to find all of them!

Some are hidden very carefully and are hard to find, whereas some others are hidden pretty obviously.

[More info] [Egg Hunt]

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10/Apr/14 20:05 News written by Riako
Just Married
New Event Distribution

A new Event Distribution starts on April 11th!
It is a decision for life and you should consider carefully with whom you want to spend the rest of your time.
Even Pokémon fall in love and are always looking for that special partner. And when they find this "partner for life", it's time for marriage!

Two new Event Eggs will be available during the next two weeks! Watch as they grow from flower girls to marriage candidates.

[Event Discussions]

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04/Apr/14 00:01 News written by Staff
It's a great day for all
Ducks in Emera Town!

Our admin, Riako, is celebrating his birthday today - and you're all invited to a big PokéHeroes Party!
Participate in today's special Birthday-Event by answering a few questions. Every guest of this party receives a fantastic gift!
So what are you waiting for? Come and join us!

[Riako's Party] [Happy Birthday!]

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01/Apr/14 00:03 News written by Riako
PokéHeroes 3D

For the past five months, our creative staff members have been working on a new version of PokéHeroes:
In Fall 2014, PokéHeroes 3D will become reality!
Over 200 Pokémon sprites have already been 3D-modelled and the whole page is being recoded to support a 3D layout. With special glasses, it will be possible to enjoy your experiences on PokéHeroes in a much different way.
UPDATE: I'm sorry, guys, but you have been FOOLED Read the Announcement Thread for more information.

[Announcement Thread] [Preview Page]

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26/Mar/14 21:52 News written by Riako
Special Rumble Areas
Discover new legendaries

Three new Rumble Missions are now available! You need special maps, that can be rarely found in mystery boxes, to be able to explore them.
Keep in mind to train your Pokémon very hard before sending them out on such a mission - they may get challenged by very strong Boss-Pokémon. Be prepared!

[New Missions]

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19/Mar/14 18:06 News written by Riako
Early Spring Event

A new Event Distribution starts on March 21st!
This Event Pokémon has a beautiful rose as tail. It is said, that as the spring passes, the Pokémon evolves and its rose slowly opens.
There is also a very special mystery about this cute Pokémon that needs to be discovered by you!

[Event Discussion]

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08/Mar/14 22:13 News written by Riako
We finally reached
10,000 members!

8 months ago, PokéHeroes was officially released to the Internet - and lots of Pokémon fans immediatelly signed up!
Dozens of people start their journey on PokéHeroes every day. More than 200,000 Pokémon have been adopted so far and you've made much more than 30 MILLION interactions in total!
Our community is growing every day: Our forum, the GTS and the Auction House - everything's getting busier and more active with every new member.

Thank you for being part of this community!

[10,000 members]

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07/Mar/14 21:06 News written by Riako
New Event Distribution
Cotton Candy Swablu

A new Event Distribution starts on Monday!
Spring is coming and the first flowers sprout from the ground. It's the best season to spend some time with someone special - lying in the grass, looking at the clouds and nibbling some cotton candy.
This fluffy Swablu will definitely sweeten your day!

Also don't forget about our ChatQuiz tomorrow!
The first one starts at 10AM and the second one at 8PM. It might be your last chance to win our current Dragon Event-Pokémon!

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02/Mar/14 15:05 News written by Riako
Asian Week

A new special Event Week starts tomorrow! Every day there is a very special event where you can try to be one of the few to claim our newest Pokémon! You have to stalk the lab, make some interactions or join a ChatQuiz! There will be lots of different opportunities to participate.

[Asian Week] [Event Discussions]

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