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11/Aug/14 20:54 News written by Riako
Become a Staff Member!
Apply now

Did you ever want to support this site by helping us as a moderator in our huge and constantly growing forum? Well then it's your time to shine - now!
During August 2014, we are looking for a few more moderators, specified on different categories. Your voluntary job will be to keep our forums clean and also to be in direct contact with our large community.
Visit our new PokéHeroes Panel for more information and for the public application form.

You prefer being extremely creative and like to work with small pixels? Then why not try to become an official spriter instead! You can create official Event Pokémon, organize distributions and publish your creations to our 20,000 members!

[PokéHeroes Panel]

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23/Jul/14 20:02 News written by Riako
Summer Time Shaymin

Shaymin is back in Emera Town and wants to make kind-hearted trainers a very special gift!
Start interacting in order to have a chance to get one of these strongly limited presents.

Plus: The Skygifts are available again, too! You can send up to three free gifts per day to your friends. These gifts contain random items, such as Berries, Gems and Poké Balls.

[Summer Time Shaymin]

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21/Jul/14 14:14 News written by Riako
PokéHeroes for Android
Take a walk with your Pokémon

Our first Android application has just been published on Google Play! You can send one of your Adoptables to your smartphone and then take a real walk with it.
The application will count your steps as experience points for your Adoptable - and you can also play two minigames directly on your mobile phone.

UPDATE: Good news! The HeroWalker is now also available as a free trial version that allows you to test the app for 5 days.

And apart from that: 20,000 members, hooray!


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14/Jul/14 15:38 News written by Riako
Mew Plushie Event
Last Chance

Today is your last chance to claim the special Mew Plushie from the Dream World Shop! The distribution ends in a few hours and no one knows when the cute little Mew will come back.

Already received your Mew Plushie? Then keep an eye on the Ancient Cave from tomorrow! It's said that this fluffy plushie will uncover a special ability when you cuddle it at the right place.

[Dream World Shop]

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10/Jul/14 19:50 News written by Riako
New Event Distribution
The Great Wave

Take out your surfboard and get ready for the huge competition at the Emera Beach! It's time to meet the surfing champions which celebrate the sun and the great waves of this year's summer.
The new Event Distribution starts tomorrow and lasts for two weeks.

Also the Event Distribution system received a small update: A new category for Activity Points, named "Battle", has been added. In addition, the increment of required APs after each obtained Event Pokémon has been lowered a bit.

[Event Distribution]

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01/Jul/14 00:00 News written by Riako
PokéHeroes' Anniversary
1 year of "Adopt, Hatch and Train!"

It's been a long, exciting and successful first year for PokéHeroes: We went from zero to more than 18,000 members!
It's time to revive good old memories from our early days on PokéHeroes in a special timeline.
Our huge anniversary announcement post in the forum offers you a summary of the past, the present, and also gives spoilers about what the future could bring.
And finally... battling!

[PokéHeroes Anniversary]

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25/Jun/14 18:49 News written by Riako
New Castforms available
Collect all 17 types

16 new Castform versions are now available on PokéHeroes: All of them can be obtained by evolving a Castform with a new Evolutionary Item.
The Weather Balloon can now rarely be found on Rumble Missions. Using this balloon on one of your Castforms makes it evolve, depending on the current weather in Emera Town.

[Castform Weather]

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11/Jun/14 17:20 News written by Riako
Apply as a Beta Tester!

Battling (Player versus Player) will finally be possible on PokéHeroes from July 1st! But you can already try it out as a Beta Tester:
Fill out the application form until June 19th and start battling a few members on PokéHeroes! Get your Battle Team ready and prepare for competitive playing.

[Application Form]

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01/Jun/14 22:50 News written by Riako
June Events
Get ready for the beach!

It's summer time in Emera Town! Prepare your towels and swimwear for awesome beach parties this month!
We'll be having two special Event Pokémon Distributions this month and also a legendary Plushie Event Distribution.
Sounds interesting? Then what are you waiting for!? Join the sunny atmosphere at the seaside and take a nap in the sun.

[June Events]

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20/May/14 14:50 News written by Riako
Dream World Shop
Buy cute Plushies for your friends!

A new Plushie Shop just opened in Emera Town!
Start buying cute Pokémon plushies for your friends on PokéHeroes! All of these plushies can be bought with Dream Points, which is a new currency on PokéHeroes. You can get more Dream Points by completing certain tasks or by the power of your nuggets.

[Read more]

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