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Pokémon Online Game

Legendary Pokémon Eggs
PokéHeroes is a fanmade Pokémon online game where you explore the legendary mysteries and secrets of Emera Town. You adopt Pokémon eggs, hatch them and raise them to strong and powerful monsters!
Fill your PokéDex, collect rare items, hunt for Shiny Pokémon with the PokéRadar or spend some time in the Global Trade Station, the Safari Zone, at the Emera Beach or at many other cool places all around the town.
Pokémon Starters Shiny Mudkip Cyndaquil Bulbasaur
Dozens of different activities are waiting for a dedicated Pokémon trainer like you!


Owner: angelgirl
Level: 54
Chesto Berry
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Owner: Omnia
EHP: 4,890/5,355
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Dusclops Sprite 20/Oct/17 00:00 News written by Riako
Halloween Event
Trick or Treat

Halloween Pokémon EggTrick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!
It's almost Halloween - so start dressing up and scare other members to get some tasty sweets!
Like last year you can collect Halloween Sweets by interacting, 'trick or treat'ing other members or by rumbling (requires a special upgrade item). These Halloween Sweets can then be exchanged by very rare Event Items, Event Pokémon and adorable Giratina Plushies!

Rayquaza PlushieThe legendary Rayquaza is being re-distributed as an Event Plushie at the Dream World Shop! Until the end of the month, you can get your own by spending Dream Points on plushies for your friends. Did you know that your fifth Rayquaza Plushie is guaranteed to be shiny?!

Halloween Event Dream World Shop

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Reshiram Sprite 01/Oct/17 00:00 News written by Riako
Reshiram & Zekrom
Two new Legends in Emera Town
Legendary Reshiram
Two new legendaries have just arrived in Emera Town! The truthful Pokémon, Reshiram, and the Pokémon of ideals, Zekrom, are now waiting for powerful heroes to solve their brandnew quest at the Ancient Cave!

Legendary ZekromAll you need to get started is either a Light Stone or a Dark Stone. These mysterious stones can be rarely found in Mystery Boxes.
Until October 7th, every active trainer can claim a free Light Stone or Dark Stone after reaching Trainerlevel 10! Choose wisely and show your strength to be the best!

Get a free gift Ancient Cave

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Torchic Sprite 16/Sep/17 00:00 News written by May
Berry Battle
& End of Summer Sale

May from HoennBerries Hey everyone, my name is May and I'm from the Hoenn-Region. It's nice to meet you!
The Devon Corporation is organizing a Berry Battle every year in the Hoenn-Region and since it's always been such a successful festival, they decided to organize one here in Emera Town as well! It's an exciting event that is all about the power of berries - so much fun! If you're interested in participating, then please come to the Emera Square so I can tell you all about it.

Berries Also I was told to inform you about the End of Summer Sale that is currently going on! It looks like they're offering strongly discounted premium membership and items, as well as rare Emera Pokémon. You should check it out!

Emera Square End of Summer Sale

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Shaymin Sprite 01/Aug/17 00:00 News written by Riako
It's Summer Time!
Shaymin returns with a new friend

Shaymin EggShaymin is back in Emera Town and wants to make kind-hearted trainers a very special gift! This year, Shaymin brings a very lovely friend with it - you can obtain it as an Event Egg as one of Shaymin's presents! Start interacting now in order to have a chance to get one of these strongly limited gifts.

And as always: The Sky Gifts are available again as well! You can buy and send three gifts to your friends for a small amount of Pokedollar every day. These gifts contain random items; such as Berries, Gems and Poké Balls.

News thread Sky Gifts

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Hippopotas Sprite 07/Jul/17 09:15 News written by Riako
The Fountain Pokémon
New Event Distribution

Event EggThe magnificent fountain at the town square is one of the most popular attractions in Emera Town - and not only for the tourists! Many different Pokémon like to spend their time playing in the sparkling water at day- and nighttime. A group of Hippopotas loves it so much that they even mutated into a special Water-typed species over time!
Event Pokémon Hippopotain
Join our newest Event Distribution and get your own Hippopotain Egg! All you have to do is to collect enough Activity Points before the Event ends on July 17th.

Event Distribution Wiki: Events

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Komala Sprite 01/Jul/17 00:00 News written by Riako
Happy Birthday PokéHeroes
4th Anniversary Event

Togetic PokémonOn July 1st in 2013, PokéHeroes was officially released to the public! This gaming adventure started exactly four years ago and is still flourishing like it did on its very first day. Time to celebrate!
The whole anniversary weekend will be celebrated with many Speed Click Events, great prizes and the return of our Mew Plushie Event! And for those users who have been around for many years now, we have two new Anniversary Gift Pokémon for you to choose from: Vanilla Cupcake and Raspberry Cupcake Komala!
Check out the link below for a full changelog of what's new:

Feliz aniversario

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Marowak Sprite 13/Jun/17 00:00 News written by Riako
The Legend of Cubone
New Event Distribution

Zelda Event EggA new special form of Cubone has been discovered in Emera Town! Professor Rowan recently ordered some magical items from the Hyrule region - and it seems like some Hylian Pokémon sneaked on the cargo ship.
Join our newest Event Distribution now by collecting enough Activity Points and get your own Cubone (Hylian)!

Also are you ready for PokéHeroes 4th birthday?! Less than three weeks until we celebrate its anniversary yet again with great Events and new features!

Event Distribution Event Discussion

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