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Owner: Toke
Level: 54

Owner: Siveda
EHP: 3,637/5,355


15/Oct/14 20:20 News written by Riako
Trick or Treat!
Halloween Event

Happy Halloween everyone! ... Well, not quite yet - but it's already Halloween time in Emera Town!
A new huge Event Distribution starts on October 16th, introducing new creepy Event-Pokémon, special Event Items and bringing back the "Trick or Treat"-feature.
The whole town is wrapped in silent darkness, disguised trainers are sneaking around in the hope to get some candies, and scary Pokémon are suspiciously watching you with their bright shining eyes...
Be careful when going outside!

[Read more] [Halloween Event]

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25/Sep/14 22:00 News written by Riako
PokéHeroes Messenger
New Android Application

Good news for all android users on PokéHeroes: A new application is now available on Google Play!
The PokéHeroes Messenger makes chatting with your friends much easier: The app notifies you about new pal pad messages and you can directly reply on your mobile device.
The layout is optimized for smartphones and you're always and everywhere connected with your friends. Short: WhatsApp for PokéGeeks!

[Announcement post] [Messenger App]

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21/Sep/14 20:10 News written by Riako
Emera Bank
& Event Passes

Two new features have been added to PokéHeroes:
First of all, you can now track all of your money transactions (PokéDollar & Nuggets) at the Emera Bank. You can visit this new place by clicking on your money in your userbar. So from now you will no longer "lose" money and you can also see how much money you've earned throughout the day by doing different activities.

And also: The Event Shop now offers Event Passes for Shiny Hunters! These Event Passes provide you with "free" Event Eggs until you hatch your first Shiny Event. Checkout the Event Shop for more details.
Please note this feature is only available for Premium Members due to the different max. shiny chances when using the PokéRadar.

[Emera Bank] [Event Pass]

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19/Sep/14 18:20 News written by Riako
O'zapft is!
Event Distribution

The world famous Oktoberfest starts tomorrow in the beautiful city of Munich (Germany)! Get dressed in your Dirndl and Lederhosen for this huge carnival and be part of this old Bavarian tradition!
The Oktoberfest is well known for its extensive variety of roller coasters and carousels - but also certainly popular among lemonade lovers. Have a drink, eat a brezel and enjoy your time at the carnival!

The new Event Distribution starts on September 20th.

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04/Sep/14 16:07 News written by Riako
Fun at the Rodeo
New Event Distribution

Howdy, trainer! Are ya ready for riding on a bull?
Tauros' are very wild and stubborn Pokémon and it's hard to tame them. So I suggest you to ask a Sheriff-Pokémon for advice, they've got lots of rodeo experience!
... What? You've never heard of the Sheriff-Pokémon? ... Shame on you! You better check out the new Event Distribution - starting tomorrow, September 5th.

[Event Discussions]

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28/Aug/14 18:40 News written by Riako
27 new Legendaries
The ultimate reward

Many new legendaries (+alternative formes) are now available on PokéHeroes! The gods of the Pokémon universe - Mewtwo, Deoxys, Arceus and Genesect - can be obtained after filling certain parts of your PokéDex. Hatch, collect and evolve all Pokémon of Emera Town in order to complete this ultimate challenge. One day Prof. Rowan will honor your effort with a very special egg and a certificate.

And apart from that... legendaries are breedable?! Whaaat?

[Free Arceus]

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22/Aug/14 00:00 News written by Riako
Raylóng Quest
The hardest challenge on PokéHeroes

The legendary Dragon-Pokémon from Emera Town, Raylóng, is back! And it stays as a new permanent quest.

Your task is to collect 7 Jade Orbs in order to summon the ancient green Dragon. These Jade Orbs are carefully hidden in the whole town and you have to solve very difficult tasks in order to get all of them. Only very dedicated and worthy trainers will be honored by the presence of Raylóng.
So ask yourself this important question: Are you worthy?

[Full Announcement]

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11/Aug/14 20:54 News written by Riako
Become a Staff Member!
Apply now

Did you ever want to support this site by helping us as a moderator in our huge and constantly growing forum? Well then it's your time to shine - now!
During August 2014, we are looking for a few more moderators, specified on different categories. Your voluntary job will be to keep our forums clean and also to be in direct contact with our large community.
Visit our new PokéHeroes Panel for more information and for the public application form.

You prefer being extremely creative and like to work with small pixels? Then why not try to become an official spriter instead! You can create official Event Pokémon, organize distributions and publish your creations to our 20,000 members!

[PokéHeroes Panel]

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23/Jul/14 20:02 News written by Riako
Summer Time Shaymin

Shaymin is back in Emera Town and wants to make kind-hearted trainers a very special gift!
Start interacting in order to have a chance to get one of these strongly limited presents.

Plus: The Skygifts are available again, too! You can send up to three free gifts per day to your friends. These gifts contain random items, such as Berries, Gems and Poké Balls.

[Summer Time Shaymin]

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21/Jul/14 14:14 News written by Riako
PokéHeroes for Android
Take a walk with your Pokémon

Our first Android application has just been published on Google Play! You can send one of your Adoptables to your smartphone and then take a real walk with it.
The application will count your steps as experience points for your Adoptable - and you can also play two minigames directly on your mobile phone.

UPDATE: Good news! The HeroWalker is now also available as a free trial version that allows you to test the app for 5 days.

And apart from that: 20,000 members, hooray!


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