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Hi welcome to my profile! I'm Ninja, or Tiger (whichever you prefer) and I am open to PMs, Chats, or just random RPs.

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Trainer ID: #612334923
Registration: 07/11/2015 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 3956:42 Hours
Total interactions: 1,219,335
Money: 830,531
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


So, I'm getting a bit bored of the site. As all I used to do was RP here. I'm not quitting, but I might take a small sort of hiatus for a bit. Since I'm currently working on writing my own book. Going through some things in my life as I just had a moment of self realisation that I'm Asexual or Aromatic if you wanna call it that. Basically I don't really find anyone attractive, and that was sort of heck to go through (and it still is as I'm afraid that I'll lose friends) as for the longest time I thought there was something wrong with me. *shrugs* Anyways, I'll come back on within a month or so and I'll visit from time to time to do the current event, collect eggs, and look at my notifications but I won't be on as often as I usually am. If anyone needs to get a hold of me my discord is Ninjaquil #5125 if anyone needs me. Anyway, see you guys.

Today, 00:248 comments
Ericka's gym in gen 1 can be such a headache with the old way sleep powder and wrap used to be. I thought the AI in gen 1 was supposed to be bad, and the worst thing is in gen 1 NPCs never lose PP in battles. Can I go back to Firered? No? Okay cool. All because I need Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, and Mewtwo for Silver lol

1 Day ago6 comments
Hey I have 10 eggs in the daycare. Can I get an interaction exchange please? Thanks

2 Days ago2 comments
So after months of ignoring it, I decided to continue my platinum nuzlocke. I forgot to name a pachirisu since I'm used to not nicknaming Pokemon. Any ideas for a nickname for when I get to the name rater?

2 Days ago3 comments
I find it kinda amusing that a bag of chips has more calcium than a rice crispy treat...considering the one I grabbed says it contains milk ingredients.

3 Days ago0 comments
So I'll have a bit of free time for a bit. I'm planning on having The Forest of the Guardian finished by my birthday next month. I'm wondering who's story should I focus more on, Lion's, Snow's, or Cyndaquil's (since it is a story thats been on the backburner that I started.) I'm thinking of having Tiger's second story be on the backburner for a bit as I'm getting no ideas for Journey of a Lifetime right now. Who should I write on and make it more of my focus once Forest of the Guardian is done?

4 Days ago1 comment
Spoilers for the original Pokemon adventures manga in the comments.

6 Days ago2 comments
Random question did they change the name thing in Pokémon go? Cause I renamed my shiny eevees to Sparky (I think j got that name wrong) and tamao for Jolteon and Umbreon but I got two flareon...all I wanted were shiny jolteon and Umbreon.

7 Days ago9 comments
Everything is dead right now...I'm not sure what to do and continuing stories don't really appeal to me as I honestly don't want to be tempted to check the site when the rps I'm in are dead, and I'm still planning out the last chapter of forest of the guardian. Any suggestions on what to do, cause right now I'm watching Coco for the millionth time.

7 Days ago1 comment
...i just caught a raikou in pokemon go!

9 Days ago3 comments I made a crew member of mine get upset and leave the drive thru on Tuesday to work in lobby. I made them rage quit the drive thru lol. I'm worse than an rpg or difficult video game boss. X3 Whoops. Sorry dude. I think he doesnt like me much now.

10 Days ago0 comments
Me: Alright I'm going to continue Lion's story after work.
Me after work: *goes onto youtube for music* Oh one more youtube video! ConnortheWaffle uploaded today and so did Pb and Jeff! What was I supposed to do again?

10 Days ago0 comments
*stares as Alolan Marowak that's a raid Pokemon.* Come on I'm running out of potion and Pokemon cant we just beat you...*sighs*

10 Days ago0 comments


Main Pokemon Characters

Age in image: 15, just after heading home from Alola.
Most used Pokémon: Cyndaquil, Dragonite (Kibo), Charizard (Shiny)(Charm), Ampharos (CottonFluf), Umbreon (Yuki), Tyranitar (Setchi), Alolan Marowak (Taji), Lucario (Akio)
History: The forest of the guardian and The journey of a lifetime

Age in image: 15 during his apprenticeship with Falkner
Most used Pokémon:

[WIP cause glitch]

Random Art for Characters

(My main three. Snow is on the left with Rai his Raichu, Tiger and Cyndaquil are in the middle, and Lion and Blast, his Blastoise are at the end.)