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Current online users: 332

UsernameLast ActionLast seen
Expecto_patrONIXReading the newsNow
Raikou456Tool ShedNow
siqkoBrowsing through notificationsNow
ChristianNetorReading the newsNow
AloneBrowsing through notificationsNow
Rinaikou1Searching for a tradeNow
Sissi6Tool ShedNow
LadyCrystalStoring PokémonNow
SvenjaWalking along Route 53Now
IsMeFamUsing clicklist1 Second ago
Axel_NoVIIIWalking through Emera1 Second ago
_Maxx_Visiting the Auction House1 Second ago
legoblade807Visiting the Mall1 Second ago
Grievous11Searching for a trade2 Seconds ago
Lunar_kitsune01Visiting the Auction House2 Seconds ago
MikyViewing a Userprofile3 Seconds ago
sailorblazeVisiting the Auction House3 Seconds ago
Mik0Browsing through notifications3 Seconds ago
ZombiebennyPlaying the Golden Slot3 Seconds ago
DudeBrowsing through notifications4 Seconds ago
AlunaBaudViewing a Userprofile6 Seconds ago
LsindaWandering through the Royal Tunnel6 Seconds ago
~Nagito-Komaeda~Browsing through notifications6 Seconds ago
Disco_SheepTool Shed6 Seconds ago
JustMike18Admiring the badges6 Seconds ago
cyndaquil93Visiting the Game Center6 Seconds ago
bittersweetBrowsing through notifications6 Seconds ago
KimieUsing the Item Bag7 Seconds ago
sunfire57Watching the Rumble Overview8 Seconds ago
WhiteBoy252Visiting the GTS9 Seconds ago
PhycicGlaceonPlaying the Concentration Game9 Seconds ago
mewkelvin00Searching for a trade9 Seconds ago
SoaringeaglePlaying the Concentration Game9 Seconds ago
NolegsthecatSelling items9 Seconds ago
NoticeMeSenpaiReading the news9 Seconds ago
SparrowwaBrowsing through notifications10 Seconds ago
x~Acacius~xBrowsing through notifications12 Seconds ago
BossTheRossTool Shed14 Seconds ago
HappySylveonReading the news15 Seconds ago
MODDEDFYREBuying a lottery ticket16 Seconds ago
MissMeggieSearching for a trade16 Seconds ago
BearBrowsing through notifications18 Seconds ago
geckobubblesManaging Pokémon-Party18 Seconds ago
that~one~catBrowsing through notifications18 Seconds ago
BanMidoBrowsing through notifications19 Seconds ago
Ferret~Browsing through notifications19 Seconds ago
Crazycatman137Offering on a trade20 Seconds ago
Nutt_MonkeySearching for a trade21 Seconds ago
hexdragoness999Viewing the Online-List23 Seconds ago
YoolinaViewing a Userprofile24 Seconds ago
AmphipteryaWalking through the tall grass26 Seconds ago
ArgumentaViewing someone's plushie collection26 Seconds ago
stephanie133Reading the news26 Seconds ago
ArgentisViewing a Userprofile26 Seconds ago
SCP-682Visiting Prof. Rowan28 Seconds ago
ShareenaOpening mystery boxes32 Seconds ago
raimundo666Searching for a trade32 Seconds ago
~The_Darkling_Mod_WolfReading the news33 Seconds ago
SilkySelkieReading the news39 Seconds ago
DraculeShivaWalking through the tall grass40 Seconds ago
HubLightViewing a Userprofile42 Seconds ago
AshikawaTool Shed42 Seconds ago
AriaWolfStoring Pokémon42 Seconds ago
TeleriaStoring Pokémon42 Seconds ago
NoboakuStoring Pokémon42 Seconds ago
loketokeViewing a Userprofile43 Seconds ago
CupdeadViewing the forum45 Seconds ago
quartztherioluViewing a Pokemon45 Seconds ago
allistopherWatching the Rumble Overview45 Seconds ago
DaughterofAnubisManaging Pokémon-Party45 Seconds ago
Nighty9000Viewing a Userprofile47 Seconds ago
FlamingBlazeJoining the Union Room47 Seconds ago
emubunnyBrowsing through notifications48 Seconds ago
AchievementVisiting the Daycare54 Seconds ago
celeste_ludenbergPosting in the Forum55 Seconds ago
Its_Ya_Boy_ThyroneBrowsing through notifications57 Seconds ago
Cline05Visiting Prof. Rowan1 Minute ago
dcasBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
noelfigu3roaBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
StrawHatShadowVisiting the Daycare1 Minute ago
AceTrainerMaxBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
AtavanBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
~Nightmarewolf~Reading the news1 Minute ago
YuangJiViewing a Userprofile1 Minute ago
Austinshep17Reading the news1 Minute ago
NellissaBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
YugioashAt the Berrygarden1 Minute ago
CatLadyViewing someone's Pokédex1 Minute ago
CsoxiViewing a Userprofile1 Minute ago
RoxasNuggetsXIIIInteracting1 Minute ago
SakuraViewing a Userprofile1 Minute ago
CatTheDeviledgeBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
EvO_xMonsterrzzManaging Pokémon-Party1 Minute ago
snowwolf1313Interacting1 Minute ago
Moonbeam55Visiting the Daycare1 Minute ago
MirejStoring Pokémon1 Minute ago
BrigitteLindholmManaging Pokémon-Party1 Minute ago
AmethystHeartBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
Otaku007Storing Pokémon1 Minute ago
EchoMagpie24Browsing through notifications1 Minute ago
MikleoBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
Death_PhoenixReading the news1 Minute ago
NightuniteManaging Pokémon-Party1 Minute ago
EccoBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
bpeugh1Interacting1 Minute ago
EseriaBuying a lottery ticket1 Minute ago
WuffelsWalking along Route 531 Minute ago
ARtai0SBrowsing through notifications1 Minute ago
honkieManaging Pokémon-Party1 Minute ago
SylvaSoftpawReading a forum thread1 Minute ago
kpmanReading the news1 Minute ago
jadeperksBrowsing through notifications2 Minutes ago
SuunnybiirbWatching the Rumble Overview2 Minutes ago
Psn~White_CroatViewing a Userprofile2 Minutes ago
ZoenHunting for Treasures2 Minutes ago
-mew-and-evee-Viewing a Userprofile2 Minutes ago
Kayla4202018Browsing through notifications2 Minutes ago
NicolioleReading the news2 Minutes ago
CyndiwashereReading the news2 Minutes ago
NibakiReading the news2 Minutes ago
TheLazyLucarioManaging Pokémon-Party2 Minutes ago
Chaos_GodOfChaosBrowsing through notifications2 Minutes ago
ShialaInteracting2 Minutes ago
ismael12317Walking along Route 532 Minutes ago
IzzybellViewing a Userprofile2 Minutes ago
Hime-NyanBrowsing through notifications2 Minutes ago
Devil0356Browsing through notifications2 Minutes ago
Beckysh92Interacting2 Minutes ago
lshenk1Walking along Route 532 Minutes ago
Monkey_D_LuffyReading the news2 Minutes ago
xCrystalxViewing a Userprofile2 Minutes ago
ChiinuViewing a Userprofile2 Minutes ago
ace666Storing Pokémon2 Minutes ago
oopsInteracting2 Minutes ago
LOLZGAMER113Viewing a Userprofile2 Minutes ago
BisharpReading the news2 Minutes ago
BrithcalenManaging Pokémon-Party2 Minutes ago
RiverLadyViewing a Userprofile2 Minutes ago
aikidoninja5At the Berrygarden2 Minutes ago
Ichigo313Viewing a Userprofile2 Minutes ago
~Bella-chan~Browsing through notifications2 Minutes ago
MetalViewing a Userprofile2 Minutes ago
NymphrasisManaging forum subscriptions3 Minutes ago
ToxicatManaging Pokémon-Party3 Minutes ago
4eburaschka7Storing Pokémon3 Minutes ago
CherryKiwiViewing a Pokemon3 Minutes ago
Filip666Viewing a Userprofile3 Minutes ago
MooneReading the news3 Minutes ago
CeNedraReading the news3 Minutes ago
DadjokeBrowsing through notifications3 Minutes ago
tika-blossomManaging Pokémon-Party3 Minutes ago
evieBrowsing through notifications3 Minutes ago
YeknodBrowsing through notifications3 Minutes ago
TaylorRayneAt the Berrygarden3 Minutes ago
Castiello11Viewing a Userprofile3 Minutes ago
pigeonpanhandleWatching the Rumble Overview3 Minutes ago
RavenWinchesterVisiting Prof. Rowan3 Minutes ago
TylerLee05Browsing through notifications3 Minutes ago
TonyPandaBrowsing through notifications3 Minutes ago
*Maka*Browsing through notifications3 Minutes ago
TidePodVisiting Prof. Rowan3 Minutes ago
stardropInteracting3 Minutes ago
MilliBrowsing through notifications3 Minutes ago
InksansWalking through the tall grass3 Minutes ago
CroscxBrowsing through notifications3 Minutes ago
Artemus25Visiting Prof. Rowan3 Minutes ago
DoncleCoreUsing the Item Bag3 Minutes ago
CursedSwiftBrowsing through notifications3 Minutes ago
SilentAngel22At the Berrygarden3 Minutes ago
LauralegalViewing a Userprofile4 Minutes ago
DicloniusPonyViewing a Userprofile4 Minutes ago
ShnitzReading the news4 Minutes ago
NaxReluInteracting4 Minutes ago
ShannarnbreadVisiting the Daycare4 Minutes ago
CreepyJokerBrowsing through notifications4 Minutes ago
DerEngelDerNachtVisiting Prof. Rowan4 Minutes ago
IcelandManaging Pokémon-Party4 Minutes ago
GanondorkReading the news4 Minutes ago
Noivernhunter34Reading a forum thread4 Minutes ago
-Ignis-Browsing through notifications4 Minutes ago
VasilyBrowsing through notifications4 Minutes ago
LachelordViewing a Userprofile4 Minutes ago
ZeusManaging Pokémon-Party4 Minutes ago
GayGabePlaying Hangman4 Minutes ago
WishmakerJirachiViewing a Userprofile4 Minutes ago
EeveePowerViewing a Userprofile4 Minutes ago
TobeyBrowsing through notifications4 Minutes ago
bluewinnerWalking along Route 534 Minutes ago
~Chibi~Neko~GrimmViewing a Userprofile5 Minutes ago
TusyoReading the news5 Minutes ago
-Gladiolus-Interacting5 Minutes ago
Lady_MewVisiting the Daycare5 Minutes ago
PutotyraGetting more Dream Points5 Minutes ago
SolaireHunting for Treasures5 Minutes ago
AnimeniacInteracting5 Minutes ago
Bichie~Browsing through notifications5 Minutes ago
SonicSuperManaging Pokémon-Party5 Minutes ago
blaze723Walking along Route 535 Minutes ago
mistikGetting more Dream Points5 Minutes ago
charmander02Viewing a Userprofile5 Minutes ago
Akuro15Reading the news5 Minutes ago
The_Crazy_Dragon_LadyReading a forum thread5 Minutes ago
GilthunderReading the news5 Minutes ago
Professor*AcaciaVisiting the Daycare5 Minutes ago
AdolaminBrowsing through notifications6 Minutes ago
AsgardianDogGodViewing a Userprofile6 Minutes ago
AkitoAt the Berrygarden6 Minutes ago
FourBrowsing through notifications6 Minutes ago
PerseusAt the Berrygarden6 Minutes ago
RosieViewing a Pokemon6 Minutes ago
blackcalicoManaging Pokémon-Party6 Minutes ago
BlamedDrakathReading the news6 Minutes ago
straightBrowsing through notifications6 Minutes ago
Nuigi12Reading the news6 Minutes ago
WingedGolemInteracting6 Minutes ago
mallasViewing a Userprofile6 Minutes ago
Aquila373Shopping6 Minutes ago
ArahkanReading the news6 Minutes ago
SilverlightxVisiting the Daycare6 Minutes ago
ShuazinhuuWalking along Route 536 Minutes ago
Beowolf12Searching for specific auction6 Minutes ago
LilithTheDemonViewing a Userprofile6 Minutes ago
Your_OldVisiting Prof. Rowan6 Minutes ago
Doubleewe01Trading6 Minutes ago
lindelVisiting the Daycare6 Minutes ago
RoseJewelViewing private messages6 Minutes ago
TheUltimateDragonReading the news7 Minutes ago
MalevolentMinunInteracting7 Minutes ago
KhElCoPlaying the Concentration Game7 Minutes ago
RunirexViewing a Userprofile7 Minutes ago
ONIKITSUNEBrowsing through notifications7 Minutes ago
PityundraBrowsing through notifications7 Minutes ago
ConfusingPastryViewing a Pokemon7 Minutes ago
GokuDragneelViewing a Userprofile7 Minutes ago
KookieMonsterVisiting the Daycare7 Minutes ago
CrystalBorfHunting for Treasures7 Minutes ago
MitchReading the news7 Minutes ago
EgbertWatching the Rumble Overview7 Minutes ago
Vapeox7 Minutes ago
Majikal_Cience_MahnReading the news7 Minutes ago
YuyuBrowsing through notifications7 Minutes ago
SilverBrickReading the news7 Minutes ago
ZabeBrowsing through notifications7 Minutes ago
TemyOffering on a trade8 Minutes ago
TottyBrowsing through notifications8 Minutes ago
AshlieInteracting8 Minutes ago
MenxiReading the news8 Minutes ago
PokeliciousBaeWalking along Route 538 Minutes ago
HibikiReading the news8 Minutes ago
~Papaya~Browsing through notifications8 Minutes ago
KittyMewViewing a Userprofile8 Minutes ago
-Carmen-Managing Pokémon-Party8 Minutes ago
EphitasBrowsing through notifications8 Minutes ago
Greggory_LeeGetting more Dream Points8 Minutes ago
SturmiBrowsing through notifications8 Minutes ago
starlord800Managing Pokémon-Party8 Minutes ago
aaaaaaaaaaaaaBrowsing through notifications8 Minutes ago
kaylunHunting for Treasures8 Minutes ago
ToonyRcadsShiny Hunting8 Minutes ago
RedRose199Tool Shed8 Minutes ago
QueenChibiWalking along Route 538 Minutes ago
AoToraViewing a Userprofile8 Minutes ago
Charlie777Managing Pokémon-Party8 Minutes ago
LuksenTool Shed8 Minutes ago
crescoGetting more Dream Points9 Minutes ago
EldinKataOpening mystery boxes9 Minutes ago
HoranghiVisiting the Daycare9 Minutes ago
shshshwrtzerzvbsdBrowsing through notifications9 Minutes ago
MorderschattenHunting for Treasures9 Minutes ago
Stan_MarshBrowsing through notifications9 Minutes ago
magikarp98Browsing through notifications9 Minutes ago
koeniginInteracting9 Minutes ago
EmTheWandererManaging Pokémon-Party9 Minutes ago
RoyalSkyViewing an auction10 Minutes ago
BlackFenrirVisiting Prof. Rowan10 Minutes ago
WolfieDireViewing a Userprofile10 Minutes ago
VenomBrowsing through notifications10 Minutes ago
TheBillBrowsing through notifications10 Minutes ago
JachariasReading the news10 Minutes ago
NymphadoraBrowsing through notifications10 Minutes ago
CassieVisiting the Mall11 Minutes ago
SansicaReading the news11 Minutes ago
PsyloHunting for Treasures11 Minutes ago
MagicalazureReading the news11 Minutes ago
KatreenaroseManaging Pokémon-Party11 Minutes ago
akari013Browsing through notifications11 Minutes ago
GalvadyneVisiting the Auction House11 Minutes ago
4569536Browsing through notifications11 Minutes ago
kreuvinInteracting11 Minutes ago
LeicesterViewing a Userprofile12 Minutes ago
LightyBrowsing through notifications12 Minutes ago
NovemberBrowsing through notifications12 Minutes ago
redvblueViewing a Userprofile12 Minutes ago
rolandoVisiting the Daycare12 Minutes ago
ArceusKingReading the news12 Minutes ago
halfwolfReading the news12 Minutes ago
JayDGreedWalking through the tall grass12 Minutes ago
SartorGetting more Dream Points12 Minutes ago
ScevonaViewing a Userprofile12 Minutes ago
WhisperingThiefViewing the forum12 Minutes ago
duend64Viewing a Userprofile12 Minutes ago
SythkaVisiting Prof. Rowan12 Minutes ago
FlazilaViewing a Userprofile12 Minutes ago
TheDarkBlastoiseBrowsing through notifications12 Minutes ago
Dragonkid96Reading a forum thread13 Minutes ago
FennyGirl01Viewing a Userprofile13 Minutes ago
pokechick7488Browsing through notifications13 Minutes ago
kobebryant1624Searching for a trade13 Minutes ago
OchiyaAlienReading the news13 Minutes ago
killerfrost23Visiting Prof. Rowan13 Minutes ago
KaufeeFishing at the Emera Beach13 Minutes ago
kelbunny13Visiting Prof. Rowan13 Minutes ago
KuraimunVisiting the Dream World Shop13 Minutes ago
LiirahTaking orders at the Bulletin Board13 Minutes ago
YukihiraBrowsing through notifications13 Minutes ago
HunnieWatching the Rumble Overview13 Minutes ago
Myamoo547Reading the news13 Minutes ago
KetyViewing a Pokemon14 Minutes ago
CorylusReading a forum thread14 Minutes ago
TsukoBrowsing through notifications14 Minutes ago
pip-coleWalking through the tall grass14 Minutes ago
LeorusReading the news14 Minutes ago
ZolipopBrowsing through notifications14 Minutes ago
JadeINGBrowsing through notifications14 Minutes ago
mikim007Browsing through notifications14 Minutes ago
punisher023Hunting for Treasures14 Minutes ago
shubhamViewing a Userprofile14 Minutes ago
MissMaraBuying a lottery ticket14 Minutes ago
natsu_Viewing a Userprofile14 Minutes ago
sunnymarie69Watching the Rumble Overview14 Minutes ago
DolceReading the news14 Minutes ago
Liana10Reading the news15 Minutes ago