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[Contest] Gift the user above you a plushie
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PokéHeroes - General
See here for newest posts about updates, bugfixes or upcoming event announcements! Post your opinions on different news from the News-Page.
4th Anniversary
By Humbloom
3 Days ago
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Take part in exciting official contests to have the chance to win a prize!
User-made contests
Gift the user above you a plushie
By painchri589
1 Hour ago
998 Topics
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Do you have any super-awesome ideas for new features? Or want to improve existing ones? Post it here!
Trading Communication Battling Emera Town New Features Other suggestions Implemented Rejected
Emera Mall
By Jek_Porkins
7 Hours ago
3,469 Topics
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Do you need help with the game? Ask here!
Answered Guides
By drafang62
18 Hours ago
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Found any bugs on PokéHeroes? Dislike something? Tell us!
unable to read palpads
By America_Ball
1 Hour ago
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PokéHeroes Apps
Use this forum to discuss the mobile applications of PokéHeroes.
HeroWalker Messenger
hero walker items and pokemon
By inanismagus
1 Day ago
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PokéHeroes - Game
Do you feel like discussing about this game? Feel free to share your opinions on everything!
Rules With Exceptions
By Cypher2101
7 Hours ago
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Global Trade Station
Offer your Pokémon/Items in your own trade thread! Or browse through other trade threads to look for something you might be interested in.
Trade Shops Item Trades Shiny Hunting
Lugia Voucher!
By CaligulasPeri
1 Hour ago
3,845 Topics
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Introduce yourself
New on PokéHeroes? Tell us something about you and introduce yourself, so we get to know you!
By Garchi
26 Minutes ago
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Write your own diary about personal happenings on PokéHeroes! Write down notes to yourself or share your most awkward moments of the day.
lil diary~
By Quinn
9 Hours ago
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General Discussion
Talk about your interests, hobbies or just have some smalltalk!
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Fan Clubs
Create a fan club for any activity/Anime/Game you like, or join a club of someone else's!
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The Creative Corner (Art Club)! [Open!]
By The_Crazy_Dragon_Lady
2 Hours ago
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Do you want to share your arts, fanfictions or spritings with other members? Do this right here!
Fanarts Fanfictions Spriting
By jamesmadisonscreams
10 Minutes ago
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In this forum you have the possibility to participate in different RPs with your friends or even strangers.
RP Sign-up Pokémon RP Private RP Inactive RPs
Within the Night (1x1 w/ wolfgirl)
By wolfgirl2398
20 Minutes ago
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Forum Games
Bored? Enjoy yourself with our forum games!
Rate the avatar above you
By ErrorTheDragon
3 Hours ago
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