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Trainer ID: #696765486
Registration: 27/09/2015 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 2229:41 Hours
Total interactions: 160,919
Money: 944,712
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


good night

4 Days ago1 comment
good night

6 Days ago1 comment
good night children, I need sleep

7 Days ago3 comments
good night

8 Days ago2 comments
What do you see me as?

1. an acquaintance
2. a friend
3. a best friend
4. a crush
5. someone you respect/admire
6. a rude/arrogant person
7. a weirdo/stranger
8. Random online user

8 Days ago4 comments
good night

9 Days ago0 comments
good night, I'm about to pass out on my computer XD

10 Days ago0 comments
good night

16 Days ago3 comments
going to watch a movie

17 Days ago0 comments
Wtf with this conversation?!
Me:you know why I want to talk to you, correct?
Person: Is it to apologize?
What I thought: Sweetie, I did nothing wrong, you're just too stubborn to admit it
What I actually said: Actually, it’s to explain, *provides explanation on what they did and that they overreacted. Asks if they know bunnying*
Person: *says incomplete definition of bunnying*
Me: *Finishes definition and explains what they did*
Person: *complains*
Me: I'm trying to be nice and explain so I would appreciate if you could try your best to not make me snap. it takes a lot to make me snap and my patients is already thin.
Me: do you have anything else to say?
Person: No. But only because I do not want other people to think I am as ignorant as you are. Goodbye.
This is just absolutely uncalled for! They don't want to say they did anything wrong when they did. They have a big ego and it's close to popping from what I can see.

1 Month ago2 comments
Two friends in an rp: *mentions Hawaii Five-0*

Me: *Extreme fangirling* OH MY GOD YES!!!!!!!!!

1 Month ago2 comments

First game: heartgold because it's amazing
First anime: Pokémon - I Choose You! fat pikachu is best

2 Months ago0 comments
so something hilarious happened friday during gym class, I was the last person on my team during a game of flag tag don't ask and it took half the class to catch me XD it was amazing! I was actually dodging and spinning unlike the rest of the people. I WAS AN ELEGANT FREAKING CHEETAH BOI!

2 Months ago2 comments
Weird things me and friends think of when bored:

Friend: I'm imagining mew and mewtwo arguing in the background while Giratina and Rayquaza are screaming at each other and Celebi sits there with this deadpan look on his face

Me: yes! then Cresselia comes in with Darkrai and they just look at each other then slowly close the door/wormhole XD

Friend: y E S
Arceus sits at the head of the table in silence, and then he slams his head against the table while Dialga and Palkia slam through a wall.

Me:then Reshiram and Zekrom start to laugh and then kyurem freezes them all and just like "shut up i'm reading"

Me and my friends are very weird if you couldn't tell XD

3 Months ago6 comments



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