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Meeting at last...

[ They/Them | AroAce | INFP ]
Hello, Space Captain! Thank you for stopping by- Feel free to ask for some mint tea or can of Pepsi, pick your poison!

I'm just your casual Roleplayer and Rabbit owner- Even through lately, I was more thinking about writing than actually writing something... I'm kind of a "Roleplayer in Theory"

Most times, you would find me rewatching Western Cartoons, listening to My Little Pony Orchestras, obsessing over succulents or complimenting strangers on how beautiful they are!

I... Honestly, don't know what to put here so here we are. I will figure something out later, Alright-y? Summer is long.


This is a list of people I have an great respect for and who deserve all the juice boxes in the World!
SylvieNerd23, Sansica, Greggory, Xylophone, Nymphrasis, Tokage, Waffle, TheNinjaCyndaquil, Atavan, ShadowPikaSami
We may not talk soo often anymore- Or maybe we never did to begin with- but this is reminder that i love you all!

And a special thanks goes to Prim and Nyctophiliac- Two of my Best Friends, who changed my life from the foundation to the roof. I could not have been more thankful for finding them in my lifetime!


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Which Gods accept succulent leaves as a sacrifice, I want them to restore Roleplay Forums so we might just return to the golden ages.

I still miss you, "Journey to the //Insert any region", I wish I had been a better follower of you back in the day.

Today, 16:303 comments
Lords, I still can't believe that Telltale Games are really shutting down- It was already difficult to accept that the story of Walking Dead was wrapping up but now we might never see it finished.

And what about Minecraft: Story Mode?! I shamelessly here admit that I had fallen in love with that series and I want all my children to reach their happy endings!

Today, 12:111 comment
Remember that game where you were a Japanese Highschool Student who brainwashes male students by turning them into slaves and you basically had to out-slave all the other school girls and brainwash the most popular student in School....?

Good old times.

4 Days ago0 comments
After trying to make a Digital Art by tracing a scribbled creature that i doodled onto a desk, I have gained more respect for artists than ever.

I was actually silly enough to draw everything onto a transparent background- So I didn't notice small places which I didn't paint and where I accidentally got over the lines since I used very light colors.

And eighter i am doing something wrong or its glitching since Color picker ends up always darkening the colors of my choice and it creates a mess.

... But BoI, Artrage is fun to play around with, but for me as someone who has no idea what's going on, the "rage" part of the name has real value.

6 Days ago3 comments
Apparently, The Dragon Prince has actual canonical LGBT+ Minor (Or Background) characters and I am thriving.

20Gayteen does not disappoint.

Voltron, you have last season to redeem yourself. Do it well + Bring Lotor back, I beg you.
And let the Voltron Crew actually face the results of their actions and face the facts.

... I swear I still love the show.

6 Days ago0 comments
Bojack Horseman Season 5 and Dragon Prince on the same day...?

I think I am actually starting to like September.

7 Days ago0 comments
My new Goal is Life is getting a Manatee Character.

No "Round Dolphins", No, No- Actual Manatee who doesn't give a damm what others think of her body because she loves it and that's the only thing that matters.

8 Days ago0 comments
The scene in Shrek 2 when the Fairy Godmother sings "I Need A Hero" while the giant Gingerbread Man attacks the castle is still the greatest scene in the cinema of all times

9 Days ago0 comments
She-Ras trailer was released...?

No school tomorrow, Folks. It's national holiday.

11 Days ago0 comments
Okay Parents, when your children has a giant problem in anything Math-related and already confessed panicking when faced with even the smallest calculation and losing focus at any given point...

Maybe, just maybe, you could consider that there's a reason for it?

Or at least ask them why its soo hard for them- Don't just say "You really disappointed me" or "You should give up on Hight School" and walk away. That's not helping anyone.

You don't know Math yourself so you cant study with them? Fine, but at least show some kind of attempt and care.

12 Days ago1 comment
I want to meet the person who invented fractions and break their glasses.

... Then apologize because I am sure that in one field or more, they are very useful and important but explain that in School, we have to make advanced ones and because of them, I started School Year with a D.

I'm sure they would understand.

12 Days ago1 comment
There's no better feeling than throwing your old School Notebook, that seems to be straight out of World War 1, against the wall.

13 Days ago1 comment
What a beautiful day to remember that by Legalizing LGBT+ Relationships India does not progress because of Western Influence-

This is India recovering from colonization. This is China and Japan all over again- This is them reclaiming their culture.

India had a rich queer community and even Gods- And then the British attacked.

13 Days ago1 comment
Yes, Yes- We all know Lotor has gorgeous hair, skin, ya da da, stuff of the like...

But every single one of you forget about Zehrids beauty and that makes me mad.

13 Days ago0 comments
Wildebeest are Deers Goth Cousins that everyone talks about whey don't attend the Family Meeting in favor of hanging out at Rock Concert instead.

17 Days ago1 comment
"Faun" just finally managed to teach me to appreciate German for the beautiful language it is.

.... Now, only if i didn't coupled everything with English, to the point where i am literally losing my first language-

18 Days ago1 comment
Dreamworks or whatever: We know what we hyped up the Fanbase about this "confirmed" couple to gather some brownie points but we just couldn't make it explicit and actually have some quality.
Sowwy for the killing of that one LGBT+ Coded pairing just twenty seconds after it became LGBT+ coded too. : (

Cartoon Network: LET’S GO LESBIANS, LET’S GO!

18 Days ago0 comments
My favorite gay subtext in Harry Potter is the fact that Harry literally lived in the closet for 10 years of his life.

18 Days ago1 comment
Attention everywuuuun...

...Dis Umbridge.

19 Days ago0 comments
Ya can bet that I made personal, badly-drawn wrappers for my notebooks and taped my Student Book with Unicorn and Food stickers.

....Teachers are going to kill me.

19 Days ago0 comments


Life can be tough at times and it can easily cloud our vision, but remember that it's never too late to start recovering! Bit by Bit, Of course, so you won't overwhelm yourself at the beginning- There is nothing wrong with Baby Steps.

Before we start, I have to ask- Did you take your meds today? If you did then I'm proud of you. If you didn't then just remember to take them as soon as possible- with a healthy glass of water. Treat yourself right!

Now that is set, I would like to direct you here!

PS: You look dazzling today! Take care of yourself and most importantly, stay safe!