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Trainerlevel: 33

Trainerpoints: 397/3,299


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
201118,457 / 121,807

>> Hello

made by meeeee

Heya peeps

Gender: male
Spinorex, Rex or Vortex
Personality: kinda shy, but when ik the person, I will be the friendliest person to them (you can be one of them if you PP me). Most ppl know me as generous, helping and kind
Friends: DangerousNewt63, -minty-, Zeraora_Marshadow, LeafedgeCatchez, SilverShinyCharizard (if I forgot someone, please PP me)

On non-school days I am active from 06:00 to 17:00 (server time), but I will be AFK when dinner time (15:00) and lunch time (10:00)

Favourite pokemon: Grapploct

I prefer Palpad over PMs. And I will NOT answer or even look at random PMs


Electric gems (800pd each)
Dragon gems (16,5k pd each)
Fairy gems (2,1k pd each)

Thats all :)


>> Goals and other stuff

Favourite plooshies

My top favourite ploosh: FURRET

Goal to 100 Furrets -
Progress bar made by RixTheTyrunt


(If anyone knows how to make a ploosh have a link to buy the ploosh, pleaseee tell me)

Goals and Achievements

• Obtain a SM

• Hatch a shiny/MA event

• Find 2,500+ Pd from rumble

• Get a month of premium
800/800 nuggets

• Save up for Pichu hunt
626/1000 Electric gem

• Get a Mega Cuff
250/250 nuggets

(Working checkboxes made by RixTheTyrunt)

Valuable mons

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<- OT shiny hisuian
<- 1st mega
<- 1st hatched shiny
<- 2OS non-shiny

Game Records

Trainer ID: #892418825
Registration: 13/05/2020 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 315:42 Hours
Total interactions: 336,857
Money: 908,779
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Here are some cool songs you can use in your GDash level

Danger - Wubbaduck
Scratch - Azazal
Meowchine - Azazal
Ground Zero - Dex Arson
Resolution - Dex Arson and MDK
Supercharge - meganeko and MDK
Thermodynamix - Dj-nate
Techno rage - Dj-nate
Power Rail - F-777
Hit em Like This - F-777
Geometry Bounce - Dj-nate
Space Invaders - Teminite and MDK
Rattlesnake - Teminite and Evilwave
Ludicrous Speed - F-777
Theory Of Everything 3 - Dj-nate
Final Theory - Dj-nate
Rush - Wubbaduck
Octagon Force - Waterflame
Glorious Morning - Waterflame
Screamroom - Xtrullor
Shredageddon - Boom Kitty
Pursuit - Boom Kitty
Law of The Jungle - Boom Kitty

All of these songs have easy rhythm, aka, easy to make your lvl sync and are bangers.
Plus, some of them have a theme, which you can base your level on.
Tip: I use the album/song cover as my level theme sometimes, since almost all of these are amazing
2 Months ago
You know what time it is

Song ranking time!!!

I will be ranking ALL the main GDash songs (full versions!), since I have just listened to them all.
37. Base after Base - repetitive and significantly worse then other DJVI songs
36. Cant let go - same as above
35. XStep - also same
34. Stereo Madness - boring and has no vibe
33. Polargeist - what is this supposed to be
32. Payload - not a big fan of it, worst DexArson song (5min long aaa)
31. Embers - lyrics terrible, instrumental nb tho
30. Beast mode - dubstep part bad
29. Machina - not a fan of the pitched part (the ship part in the level)
28. Striker - worst Waterflame song
27. Cycles - I hate the sad vibe, but the middle part is good
26. Dry Out - vibe
25. Clubstep - love the start and end
24. Years - love the dubstep part
23. Back On Track - sad vibe, but gets more fun towards the end
22. Jumper - amazing vibe, but very repetitive
21. Clutterfunk - I love the start (of the full version) and the middle
Part 2 in comments!
2 Months ago
2 Months ago
I have a 3mil net worth apperently.

Im gonna sell most of my stuff and make a giveaway
2 Months ago
2 Months ago
Shiny Remoraid caught!


7th catch with newly bought shiny rod
2 Months ago
Shiny Goldeen caught!

I just bought the shiny rod and this was my third catch.
My second beach shiny overall
2 Months ago
What happened to Leah

Why are ppl replacing her saying shes gone

2 Months ago
Im back
2 Months ago

You probably all know, but Ash and Pikachu are gone. They decided to get rid of them after a 26 year old story.
As an honor to them, one random person who shares this hashtag will get a third of my gem stock and a shiny Pokemon.

So long Ash and Pikachu🙏
3 Months ago
Ok so


All this story, the 26 years of them together. Our childhoods. And they JUST GET RID OF HIM

I cannot comprehend this, this is the worst decision they have ever made

im so mad, help me
3 Months ago
I already missed 2 doors cuz I was lazy to interact.

How bout you?
3 Months ago
Eh, probably my first shiny, which is a shiny Grapploct (also my fav pokemon)
3 Months ago
By ~Delphox~ - 11 Hours and 47 Minutes ago.
Hey Hey people!! Happy holidays or whatever else it might be for you! It's just snow for me at the moment. Love living in the buttcrack of nowhere in the forested mountains (Thanks Central Oregon for being awful year-round weather wise, I hate you)

I'm hosting a holiday giveaway! I accidentally bought way too many nuggets (like $30 too many) when I was only trying to sample premium this month.

So, on Dec 24, as a holiday treat, I will be giving away 200 nuggets to one lucky friend, 100 more to two others, and 50 to four lucky people. That's 500 nuggets out of my pockets, and maybe into yours!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I also will be giving away free gems to about 5-10 runners up, depending on who participates! You will get to choose what gems, but I only have limited stock, so you will get 3-10 depending on the worth of said gems. Like this post and share the hashtag #HolidayNuggieFest to enter! I look forward to the results!!! <3
3 Months ago
The selected user has reached their maximum amount of incoming gifts today! Please come back tomorrow to send them another gift.

I just want some plooshies...
3 Months ago
I missed yesterdays door...

3 Months ago
Pls guys

Stop spoiling the prizes from advent calendar. It loses the fun (at least for me).
If you really want to spoil it, tag it with spoiler and put it in the comments.
This might be an overstatement, but when the first post I see when I log in is a "I got xxxx from calendar", I start to wonder if I should even try to open all 24 doors.
No rudeness intended and this isnt directed to one person. And please dont write stuff in the comments. Not even "I agree". Please

Thank you :)
3 Months ago
Completed todays task for advent.
Not sure if i will do them all cuz of my lastest post
3 Months ago
Hi guys

Its time for me to make an annoucement.
I will be leaving this place. Not totally leaving, I will hop on sometimes, but besides that, im gone.
Regarding the three art orders, im sorry to say, but im cancelling them. My siblings broke the PC and we are only getting a new one at Christmas. So unless you can wait untill like, after New Year, your orders are cancelled. PP me how much I should give pd I shall give you back
There wont be any giveaway, as I wasnt very lucky here, so I dont have anything to give.
I will try to be active here for 2 more days for yall to say goodbye.

So I guess bye

--- your friend (or idk who) Spino
4 Months ago
You successfully bought 1 Black Friday Boxes!
Let's open them...

850x Dream Points found!
4 Months ago

Shiny Hunt

spinorex14 is currently hunting Sentret.
Hunt started: 04/10/2022

Chain: 184

Item count and art


For Pichu hunt:
x1,000 ||

For next Mew event:
x40,000 ||

x405 || x83 || x0 || x3,632

My VS seeker is disabled for a reason, I only battle friends

Some art from other ppl:

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By Rashiram. Charecter (Trevor) owned by me

I support LGBTQ and all other genders and races are welcome here as well.
Heres an Ally Glalie made by SilverShinyCharizard!




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