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Trainerlevel: 27

Trainerpoints: 1,896/2,213


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Surskit16617 / 817

>> Hello

made by meeeee

Heya peeps

Gender: male
Spinorex, Rex or Vortex
Personality: kinda shy, but when ik the person, I will be the friendliest person to them (you can be one of them if you PP me). Most ppl know me as generous, helping and kind
Friends: DangerousNewt63, -minty-, Zeraora_Marshadow, LeafedgeCatchez (if I forgot someone, please PP me)

Some other cool ppl

On non-school days I am active from 06:00 to 17:00 (server time), but I will be AFK when dinner time (15:00) and lunch time (10:00)

Favourite pokemon: Grapploct

I prefer Palpad over PMs. And I will NOT answer or even look at random PMs


Electric gems (800pd each)
Dragon gems (16,5k pd each)
Fairy gems (2,1k pd each)

Thats all :)

Train with Choppers?

>> Goals and other stuff


Hunt starts: 03/07/2022 (July 3rd)

Shiny: 400k || MA: 230k PD


1. -
2. -
3. -
Mega-able slots:

1. -
2. -
3. -

I could also give a you a mega stone for an additional 170k if you are buying a MA

Goals and Achievements

• Hatch a shiny (it was a Clobbopus) {✓}

• Obtain a SM {X}

• Hatch a shiny/MA event {X}

• Find 2,500+ Pd from rumble {✓}

• Get a month of premium {X} BUYING ON JULY 3RD
800/800 nuggets

• Gain 10k GGC {X}

• Get a Mega Cuff {X}
50/250 nuggets

Team Woopified

So are you here about joining team woopified? (The name was ~fukurou~'s idea-)

Good, we will gladly accept new members and we will give you a free wooper when joining-

Our discord server: x

Who are we: Simple,

We are people who only use Wooper, other Pokémon cannot compare to the greatness of the true one



The literal goddess of the server (both of us thought it would be funny)


People who joined:



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-nationaldex- 6 Hours ago
SmolBeanRey 7 Hours ago
LuckyLady 14 Hours ago
Noobishgod 1 Day ago

Game Records

Trainer ID: #892418825
Registration: 13/05/2020 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 02/Aug/2022
Game Time: 203:37 Hours
Total interactions: 255,141
Money: 540,012
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


should i buy a black flute or get about 100 more nuggets and get both blue and black? Though I dont really want the blue one...
Yesterday, 19:46
gn ~
Yesterday, 19:30
should i buy a black flute or get about 100 more nuggets and get both blue and black?
Yesterday, 19:30
for cheap obsidianix slots check my profile
Yesterday, 19:29
You are currently hunting Obsidianix!
Good luck!

lets hope i get something within a month
Yesterday, 19:23
please, I really need an azure flute and an arceus, willing to pay nuggets and anything possible for them. i wont be getting flute from zorua
Yesterday, 18:50
Buying an azure flute, as this is my only way of getting it sadly
Yesterday, 18:42
YES my first Obsidialix egg
Yesterday, 17:50
Guys, im really starting to question my idea of event hunting. 8 eggs already and all Onix eggs. Is there a more profitable hunt that is not an event one? I was thinking Combee hunt or any other rare hunt? I see ppl selling rare and special pkmn slots for hundeds of thousands of pd, and ppl actually buy from them. Nobody is buying from me, when I sell slots for almost a 100k PD LESS then stonks 😡

Or I might actually leave. But then my premium goes to waste
Yesterday, 13:54
Im sorry guys, this anniversary has made me even more stressed opposed to finally making me get rid of my stress. And those feeds "showing off" their luck with getting all those OSs and stuff has made me have a breakdown half an hour ago. I dont really want to be on here anymore while this "party" is going on. When I first saw the secrets line, I rushed to go fishing, slapping honey on tree, visiting lab freequently and what else. Only to discover that there are no friggin secrets here just luck, luck and luck. Im now totally mad and I am just a step away from another breakdown.

Sorry guys, I might actually leave until this "very fun anniversary" ends. I know they tried making it fun, I know its hard work, maybe thats why they went with this luck system, some ppl, blessed by rng may be happy, and I may be the only only one not ok with this. Still, you guys did a great job with the sprites and with the mew event. This is my first PH anniversary, and it let me down...
Yesterday, 13:09
I dont underatand, somebody said that you can get the items from zorua held items, but every single zorua of mines held a rock gem, this seems super luck based for me and players cursed by rng will probably NEVER get them. I am now grinding for an item more then a shiny hisui zorua. I dont really like this system. And how can a pokemon HATCH with an item in the first place? Sorry if this seems more like a complain, I have super stressed lately and dont have anything to express my anger on, and now this anniversary thought it would be a good idea to make players cursed by rng even more sad jealous. Like, they could have quite literally made "secrets" for you to discover, not to get lucky and then get 1st OS. Im not trying to be rude, its just that there are better options (I think?) and I personally would have had more fun revealing those secrets instead of trying to get lucky, which to me will never happen

Sorry for this
Yesterday, 12:58
Do you still only get the items from zorua? As I will never get them as of my bad luck, all 3 of my zoruas held the EXACT same gem - a rock gem. Every single one of them held a rock gem.
Yesterday, 09:54
And can you only get items through zorua held item?
Yesterday, 09:51
So like, if I got an item used to get a hisui mon, does the description say on which mon I should use it?
Yesterday, 09:51
Tried to do something relaxing. Instead, it caused me even more stess and it didnt go out that well either. I imagined it 6x better...
Yesterday, 09:32
Added a forest drawing to my About me, could be better, but its something to make it look better and to cure my boredom
Yesterday, 09:17
Damn, im starting to think event hunting wasnt the best idea... But I wont be able to get SM in a month, so what else would I hunt that would give me profit lol. Anyways, I hope this works out.

P.S. For cheap Obsidianix slots, check my profile 😁
Yesterday, 05:37
Darn it, the 3rd zorua had a friggin rock gem
1 Day ago
Complaining time

Why are there no eggs in daycare? I have breeding boost from fountain and a perfect pair. What else do you want daycare RNG?!
1 Day ago



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