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Trainerlevel: 62

Trainerpoints: 4,352/11,593


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Stuff About Me


Hey there, the name's Zotz! I'm just here to have a fun time! Always willing to chat, but I do have anxiety issues, so I sometimes will just drop off the face of the earth. Nothing against anyone, I just don't have a big social need.

I do art. Willing to do some headshots for PD / Items / Nuggets if anyone was ever interested. For example v---v

I draw dragons, anthros, ferals. Just ask! Willing to start working with Pokemon <3

Also, I don't block much, even for troll offers. Only thing that would make me do that is...maybe a scammer? Haha, I dunno. I don't take much seriously anymore.


I'll willing to do artwork for items on this site. Headshots only, unless paying a lot extra (double the price). My prices are

-510k pd
-300 nuggets
-Missing shinies rounding up to the PD total
-Gems, summoning items, maps, and items in general rounding up to the PD total

(meaning if you offer shinies, it has to come to the value of 510k PD. I go off the Market Insider prices. Same for the items.)

Is these prices seem steep, please remember that 100 nuggets = $1. These types would NORMALLY sell for $13, or 1300 nuggets. So it's BIG discount haha


I will draw:
-most animal creatures

I won't draw:
-Humans or humanesque faced characters
-Mechs, robots
-Complex stuff


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Zotz 10 Days ago
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Shiny Hunt

Zotz is currently hunting Morelull.
Hunt started: 18/11/2022

Chain: 1

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Zotz hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #256361210
Registration: 20/10/2017 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 15/Dec/2022
Game Time: 839:09 Hours
Total interactions: 994,393
Money: 3,002,341
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Why did the poison gem prices spike? I'm out of all the loops.
13 Days ago
Had to pick boomers, cuz my grandmother is scary at times :']
1 Month ago
Mind feeding this guy a berry c:?

Heart for exchange (though might be asleep, will interact when I see the hearts ;w;)
1 Month ago
I saw that I had that "Hatch 8 eggs from your daycare couple" dream world quest. So I figured I'd deal with the chain a little longer.

...and then I got another shiny rockruff lol Okay, I'll take it, I guess.
1 Month ago
Me no more hunt Rockruff. Me grab from lab.

...sorry xD My rockruff hunt is done since I got bored finally. I got...4 or 5 up for sale if anyone's interested :B 95k pd is the Market Insider price that I'm going with. But willing to take offers of items and stuff.
1 Month ago
"Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Rockruff in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!"

"Congratulations! A shiny Rockruff hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #40)!"

...okay then xD
2 Months ago
Oh god, I was lost in the corn maze, crying that I wanted to get out, then suddenly found the exit. I kept forgetting where I'd come from thanks to watching vids OTL
2 Months ago
I wish I could cancel cooking stuff that hasn't started yet. Especially when I accidentally make one too many of something xP
2 Months ago
Gonna be lazily breeding rockruff. Gonna be selling the shinies as I already have one of each. IDK the price, but...yeah lol
2 Months ago
Shiny retro charizard does not want to appear haha
2 Months ago
Finally a Shaymin e3e!
2 Months ago
I'm kind of addicted to playing the bug catching game and I don't understand why.

Regardless, I hate budew in it. I always click it without realizing it's not a bug >_>
2 Months ago
I've taken to waiting a minute or two to see if a shiny ducklett shows up. If it doesn't, I'll pick a pink cheek one.

Don't let the chance of a shiny make you wait for a long time. I got 50 points from a pink cheek, while the highest I've gotten from a shiny was...14? They just take way too long to show up most of the time. And in the time you wasted waiting for one, you could've interacted and gotten more tickets from more grabs anyways xD
2 Months ago
I get so stressed whenever I miss a wingull or pelliper T_T Like if there is a set amount of times I can do it, I'd want to get 100 each time D'x

But it's like clicking doesn't work. I have to put the pointer in front of where they're going to be and click when they reach it. That works good, except when there's multiple fast moving ones at the same time e3e

I SERIOUSLY love this fair, don't get me wrong. It's just a few things that I'm gonna whine about.
2 Months ago
Got that retro Zapdos! Would've been slightly faster if I didn't hit that limit for the shooter game >:') It's not like that minigame gives you tons of points T_T Remove the cap >:U!!!
2 Months ago
4 hour and 21 minute cooldown for the shooter game hhhh Come ooooooon why would you do that to me T_T
2 Months ago
Who wants to exchange 3 skygifts?? Comment below!
3 Months ago
Looking for someone to exchange sky gifts with. Comment on this feed before sending (and tell me how many you are gonna send XD)

I'm only sending three out, so it's first come first serve.
3 Months ago
Looking for someone to exchange skygifts with. Comment here first before sending.

If someone's commented, there's a chance I don't have any for pd left!
3 Months ago
Second shiny mega onyx hatched. Now I can break this chain lol
3 Months ago


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Fav Pokemon <3