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Artwork by myself (ToxicCreed)
Ace | She/Her Pronouns | 33 Years Old | Introvert | Married

Birthday: October 5th

EDT/EST - Four hours behind server time
I'm generally on a lot of adoption sites as you can see from my Contacts list. Generally a very shy person and I may be slow to respond from time to time. Usually easy to get along with and pretty outgoing despite being very shy and introverted.

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I have way too many to list honestly, these are just some

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Grom Hoarder of Plushies

Artwork by Myself (ToxicCreed)


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Trainer ID: #428003902
Registration: 18/09/2020 (1 Month ago)
Game Time: 63:18 Hours
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Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Another Sprite down :D Interaction exchange folks?
Today, 20:26
NGL, would love to get at least one of each of the limited plushies. Would super love that Darkrai one ;o; and the Witch Vulpix.
Today, 15:09
Trick-or-treats from me with Kids >.> (I am not a kid person LOL)
Today, 01:41
Be honest with me... who EVER uses the Master Ball in this day and age? XD When I was kid I might have done it a few times but most of the time I just go in with my 300+ Ultra Balls, Dusk Balls, etc. and hope for the best LMAO
Today, 01:29
Interaction exchange :o Hoopa and Latias are close to hatching :D
Yesterday, 01:46
Heads up for folks who might see a decrease in activity from me. Moving out tomorrow, internet was disconnected today (because lol service provider was a bit of a douche) and my connection is spotty through using my phone as a hotspot. Will likely be good to go tomorrow once we've settled in and I connect to the internet at the new place. Wish us luck, everything has been so bloody stressful ><
1 Day ago
I think with this next piece I'm working on the main issue is... I haven't drawn bones or anything like an entire skeletal structure in AGES! Even if it is a fantasy critter anatomy is a big thing for me XD Eternatus y u gotta be so wonky to draw as a big creepy skelly boi!
2 Days ago
Lol working on this drawing and I'm going to be starting over, I hate the current sketch and it looks so ugly compared to the rest of the art I've shared XD
2 Days ago
Time to draw in the area I shine best at for the spooky season. I hope you guys are prepared for the amount of detail I put into things when I really get into my art :D
2 Days ago
Yo what!? Shiny Heracross from a normal Wonder Trade!? 😱😱😱😱😱
2 Days ago
Interaction Exchange anyone :) Need an eggy hatched ^.^
2 Days ago
Big thanks to BurntSpaghetti who requested an Elephant Plushie! Went to designing it off your icon and then felt like a derp because I think your Icon is Orville from FNAF so... 8D I will admit, plushies are not my forte but it was a fun experience to draw this guy ^.^
3 Days ago
And the last one because I am way too awake right now and my brain is not stopping... Favorite of Each Type :O I'm going with mostly Pure type for these myself but you can do whatever ones you want :3

Normal - Exploud
Fire - Arcanine
Water - Feraligatr
Grass - Gogoat
Electric - Luxray
Fighting - Falinks
Flying - Staraptor (Because there are like 4 Pure Flying types I opted for my favorite Normal/Flyer instead!)
Poison - Arbok
Ground - Mudsdale
Psychic - Male Meowstic
Rock - Lycanroc (Dusk & Midday Forms)
Ice - Glaceon
Bug - Scolipede (I am not going to deny my big giant horse buggo >>)
Dragon - Haxorus
Ghost - Dusknoir
Dark - Mightyena
Steel - Cufant (I seriously thought it would be Rock or Ground >.>)
Fairy - Alcremie (Specific form I love most, Salted Cream with the Ribbon Sweet <3)
3 Days ago
Another one since I'm lazy and dun wanna do a poll! Favorite Forme/Variant :D

Legendary - Galarian Articuno
Alolan - Marowak
Galarian - Ponyta/Rapidash but it is tied with Galarian Slowking

Most Hated >.> Galarian Stunfisk but this is because I was doing a Nuzlocke run in Sword and I was doing a Dark Souls naming theme and I lost my beautiful Midday Lycanroc, whom I named Sif, to one of these jerks >BC and not only that but Galarian Stunfisk also killed my Wives Galarian Linoone (Named Vaati after the LoZ Character).
3 Days ago
Don't want to do a poll so... yeah... respond to this feed with your Favorite Pokemon from each generation! And why not, how about we get this trending maybe?

Gen 1 - Charizard (For Legendary, Articuno!)
Gen 2 - Raikou (For Non-Legendary, Mareep!)
Gen 3 - Rayquaza (For Non-Legendary, Flygon!)
Gen 4 - Giratina (For Non-Legendary, Luxray!)
Gen 5 - Scolipede (For Legendary, Zekrom! With honorary mentions of Haxorus, Druddigon and Hydreigon for Non-Legendary favorites as well)
Gen 6 - Furfrou (For honorary mentions Pyroar, Tyrantrum, Goodra and Noivern. For Legendary favorite, Zygarde 50% Form!)
Gen 7 - Lycanroc Midday and Dusk forms (Honorary mention of Mudsdale, Golisopod and Drampa. For Legendary, Silvally and for UB Guzzlord!)
Gen 8 - Toxtricity, Appletun, Dracozolt and the Dreepy line. Favorite Legendary is Eternatus :3
4 Days ago
Eon baby 8D Spare a click for the precious little one ^.^
4 Days ago
Also if anyone is playing it because it just opened My Wolvden Den! <3
4 Days ago
And another Apparently Hoopa really likes staying in the chests on me >>
4 Days ago
I'm sorry but WHAT!? Shiny Retro Hoothoot!?
4 Days ago
Help my Sprite Hatch :O so close to this one hatching :D
4 Days ago


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