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Trainerlevel: 25

Trainerpoints: 1,219/1,899


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Cosmog72 / 211
Dugtrio (Alolan)425,296 / 5,419

My 2021 Goals

green= done
red = unfinished

Goal 1 - complete badge set 3
Goal 2 - complete kanto dex
Goal 3 - get 1 million PD
Goal 4 - complete johto dex
Goal 5 - hatch a shiny cosmog
Goal 6 - get a sm obsidianix

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4

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GreeneryTue, 05/Apr/2022, 11:26

Future hunts

Nebula Stones 10/100

Ultra Saddles 0/150

Emeralds/sky pillar maps 0/150

Game Records

Trainer ID: #54167313
Registration: 20/12/2019 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 325:40 Hours
Total interactions: 146,977
Money: 22,583
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


By MasterOfCool - 17 Minutes and 20 Seconds ago.
I am Soooooo bored so I am gonna do a giveaway/raffle lets see who wins!

Share this hashtag and heart this feed for a chance to win a free fire gem and free normal gem and free dark gem and free grass gem. Also, there will be not 1, but 2 grand raffles. 1st one is for a free mystery box (brown) and the 2nd is for a free flame plate.

1 Year ago
By Motheon - 53 Minutes and 1 Second ago.
hi evrone it's me mothi!
i'm doin a giveaway!
1-place=mega-able gengar
2-place=shiny saybyele
3-place=winter flaffy/ampahros

share the #queenTime to enter!
1 Year ago
By SomeDumbBunny - 5 Minutes and 11 Seconds ago.
I'ma do a giveaway because... yeah. Share #RabootRave to enter. The winner will be chosen randomly.
1st place: 10 Raboots.
2nd place: 5 Raboots.
3rd place: 3 Raboots.
1 Year ago
You push the gold key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

2x Nugget found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.
the best thing I've got for the past month
1 Year ago
By mynamesjeff - 18 Hours and 6 Minutes ago.
Ok guys I guess it is time to make the biggest non goodbye giveaway these are the prizes and placements:
1st:Giga Orbeetle, Zacian crowned sword, and finally an op Black kyurem if you really like battling.
2nd:Shiny Roserade, 41st os Shiny Lumineon, And maybe a shiny Azumarill(not confirmed.
3rd:A bunch of Mega-Ables, Zeraora, and 20k pd.

Share: #collabUmbreaonandJeff

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.
1 Year ago
By Nuggetz - 9 Hours and 12 Minutes ago.
So I'm bored. And haven't done one of these in a while.


And tell me what u do for fun or...whatever you want.
Winner gets ughh...

2,590 nuggets? Idk thats my weedle's level. So happy b-day weedle ig.
Plz don't bug me about the end date plz.
1 Year ago
By JesusBlyadd - 1 Day and 20 Hours ago.
Welp... See y'all
Leaving tomorrow reset, So imma do one last giveaway
For my most prized possession and 145 Nuggets
Ends tommorow reset
1 Year ago
By Baconitor - 36 Minutes and 45 Seconds ago.
Well my items sold, I currently have 462,507 pokedollars and the random generator wants me to giveaway 248,967 pokedollars! To enter jus:
1. Share this hashtag
2. Like the feed
1 Year ago
By mega_death_king - 2 Days and 12 Hours ago.
imma do a giveway

1st place many mystery items

2nd place 2 gible breeding pairs

3rd place any pokemon from my 8th box

Share #a8ball to enter
ends on 14th march

1 Year ago
By Katz - 1 Day and 4 Hours ago.
Ok I’m doin a giveaway!

Share #ShangaLang

1st - mystery prize.
2nd - giga Pokémon of my choosing.
3nd - mega able ampahros and charizard

Will end March 5th!
1 Year ago
By JesusBlyadd - 15 Hours and 34 Minutes ago.
Welp... See y'all
Leaving tomorrow reset, So imma do one last giveaway
For my most prized possession and 145 Nuggets
Ends tommorow reset
1 Year ago
By TomatoSoup - 14 Hours and 42 Minutes ago.
Alright. Last giveaway for the month!

Going out with a solid 4,000 Nuggies to celebrate the gen 4 remake.
You guys know the drill. Heart this feed to enter!

I'm out of soup puns so #RegigigasHype
1 Year ago
By Sockguy - 5 Days and 4 Hours ago.

So again I am doing a giveaway.
If you want a big giga butterfree
share this hashtag


Prize is a giga butterfree
to increase your chances send a caterpie plush to me saying EVOLVE
1 Year ago
By TomatoSoup - 58 Minutes and 30 Seconds ago.
Giveaway #3

I'm giving away a hug!

And maybe like.. 2k nuggets? Idk, that hug is already a lot. might be too OP.

To enter, heart this feed! #BirthdaySouprise cause my birthday is tomorrow :D

Good luck!
1 Year ago
1 Year ago
By mynamesjeff - 3 Hours and 39 Minutes ago.
By NIGHT_SLINGER - 15 Minutes and 30 Seconds ago.
Dunno wy I'm doing this. Share #thrashme to win somethin

also, #eggsncheese ends in 10mins!
1 Year ago
wait... where did all my gems go?
1 Year ago
By ZeraoraGamez - 14 Hours and 22 Minutes ago.
Imma do a raffle again. Why? Because why not! To enter, just like and share #Happy_Shiny
50 nuggets = 50 entries
1 Dragon Gem = 50 entries
1000 PD = 5 entries
1 Dynamax crystal = 20 entries
1 Mega stone = 200 entries

The prizes are as follows:

1st: Shiny Charizard and Shiny Banette
2nd: Shiny Luxray and Shiny Magikarp
3rd: Shiny Tentacruel and Shiny Magikarp

If 100 people enter, I will give everyone who entered a number and enter it into a random number generator. If your number is drawn, I will announce your name and set up a private trade with a shiny Gigantamax Butterfree.

To give items for entries, set up gifts in the gts, that way no items or things have to be given in return and I can see them much easier.

1 Year ago
By NIGHT_SLINGER - 2 Hours and 14 Minutes ago.
It's giveaway time. Share #eggsncheese and like this feed for a chance to win something. (Hint - It may be a legend summon)
1 Year ago



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