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Trainerlevel: 63

Trainerpoints: 641/11,969


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Banette)
2,754420,477 / 18,209,449
7251,651,524 / 1,973,814
6661,143,939 / 1,665,834
720728,595 / 1,946,701
Ditto1,0751,006,610 / 3,470,101
1,0052,354,635 / 3,033,091

Shiny Hunt

Shizuka is currently hunting Festival Ralts.
Hunt started: 07/02/2021

Chain: 186
6 1 0

Shiny Mega Festival Ralts hunt

Shiny/Mega able log

#? mega able (sold)

#79 Shiny (mine)
#87 Shiny (mine)
#131 Shiny (mine)

#162 Shiny - DavidS - hunted via event pass
#169 Shiny - Wuffels
#180 Shiny

Event Pass hunt - Guaranteed Shiny (+ any mega ables that hatch while EP is active) (3k nuggets):

Shiny (550 nuggets each):

Mega Able (400 Nuggets each):
1. Wuffels
2. felinefriend
3. Technoking
4. Ravenman2cool


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DrGrimm 7 Days ago
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ShatteredDiamond 12 Days ago


Game Records

Trainer ID: #72221538
Registration: 29/10/2013 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 15/Dec/2021
Game Time: 1925:50 Hours
Total interactions: 2,872,994
Money: 1,007,875
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


And yet another sleepless night.. yey..
Yesterday, 01:32
All pendants done!
As you can see I dropped the design for the top left one and went with colors only - The pattern just didn't work with the colors so I'll use it some other time.

What is your opinion on them?
2 Days ago
2nd pendant design done
(Also changed the other one a little)

And here are the two corresponding to those pendants. (They will take forever to get done >-<)
2 Days ago
Pendant update
First one completed
Turning that one into a real pendant will be fun - lots of chopping clay into tiny pieces involved, not to mention all those small branches.

Btw, for those wondering: the real life pendants are about the size of a 2€ coin, so imagine just how tiny the details actually are xD Probably would have to make the branches slightly thicker and less overall... oh well.

You can still comment (either here or on the last feed) which animal spirit you'd involve with either of the designs on the left (because you guys have some great ideas).
And if not for either of those I'm sure I can find fitting designs for the animals later - I really try to finish those pendants first before going for more animal sketches so keep distracting me with more ideas please! (I'm aware that this make little sense overall lol)
2 Days ago
very early stages - sneak peek
Here are some of the pendants I'm currently working on. (If I'm not sidetracking with drawing animals again)
The two on the right have an animal spirit attached to them already (which I mentioned a little about in my last feed). The other two are still without an animal form, although I have an idea for at least one of them.

Which leaves one... If I were to give either of the ones on the left to you, which animal spirit would you combine with it?
I know, they are still far from finished designs, let alone being completed with colors/shading etc. but I can ask, can't I?^^
2 Days ago
Me overall: Loves drawing details, but hates to turn sketches into lineart 'cause it takes forever (and is absolutely annoying if you only have a computer mouse to use).
Me the last hour or two: Draws pendant designs - ends up creating two friends for Rhya & does a rough sketch. One is a bird (Feathers = lots of detail). The other has lots of details thanks to it's pattern too.
Me right now: *internal screaming* WHY do I always do that?!

...But they are cute and I already picture them with my little purple cat...

20 ♥ is you want to see the sketches early? lol I can dream
3 Days ago
And another day without any new event eggs *sigh*

Oh well, time to draw some more.
At least coming up with designs for those pendants is quick and easy - and turning them into animal spirits is fun too. love multitasking The whole concept it not final yet, but I have the basics outlined, just need to twist and tweak some parts and figure out how I want that 'growing/gaining power' part to work/what rules to apply to it.
And remember me saying I had enough of seeing anything bright purple for a while? Yeah... forget that. I see me drawing Rhya again real soon, well sketching her at least. As for coloring... hopefully not as soon.

If anyone wants to help with the planning or if you got any ideas send me a message^^
3 Days ago
Out of curiosity... Now that you've met Rhya, would anyone be interested in adopting a being like her? (I promise not all of them are this bright.)
3 Days ago
Enjoy meeting this little purple monster - Rhya - who a few people actually seemed eager to meet early, which made me really happy. :)

Now just remind me not to click the link myself for a few days - my monthly allowed dose of bright purple, somewhat gemlike, slightly glowing beings is definitely at it's limit. Could be my computer settings but my eyes still hurt after starring at her for hours. (Why does coloring/shading have to take so long?)

Any feedback is highly appreciated as it helps me figure things out that I otherwise might miss. Thanks for your time.
4 Days ago
Okay, I'm not looking at anything bright purple for a while. My eyes hurt... I like the end result, although it got a little bright - but it kinda looks like a gemstone glowing from within and I love that. Oh well, I'm happy and that's all that counts, right?
At least I avoided the horrors of drawing fur while using a computer mouse xD - Maybe once I figured out how to do that in a satisfying way.

For those wondering: It's about my OC Rhya that I just finished coloring. Black&White versions of her can be found in my last two feeds. If enough people are interested in seeing her in color I'll upload that picture early
4 Days ago
Regarding my last feed:
This is what a chibi version would look like (still working on it - digital drawing, especially outlining, takes me forever because I only have my mouse to use.)
and here again the semi-realistic one.

Between the two, which do you prefer - and would either be something you're interested in? not limited to felines btw
4 Days ago
Headache + lack of sleep = the time my brain is the most productive.
Me: Why? D:

Side Question: If I were to offer something like her, who'd be interested? (And how much would you pay in PD/Nuggets?)
*Pendants can either be made out of polymer clay or a digital drawing.
**The animal can be either semi-realistic like in the link, but in color (and digital instead of traditional) or more chibi/cute (also digital + colored) working on an example.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask as they help me too.
4 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Festival Ralts hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #180)!

... I hate my shiny luck ... only SEVEN eggs & not a single mega able, AGAIN.
Anyone wants to buy her? 550 nuggets
11 Days ago
Currently Hunting: Festival Ralts (Uncommon event Pokemon)

Event Pass hunt - Guaranteed Shiny (+ any mega able that hatch while EP is active) (3k nuggets):

Shiny (550 nuggets each, or 1500 for a set of 3):

Mega Able (400 Nuggets each):
1. Wuffels
2. felinefriend
3. Technoking
4. Ravenman2cool
15 Days ago
You are currently hunting Festival Ralts! An Event Pass (Uncommon) would be very helpful for this shiny hunt.

We want to offer you an Event Pass which is automatically activated for your current hunt. The price for this Event Pass would be 30,000 Event Points (50% discount compared to the price of a regular Event Pass (Uncommon)).

Anyone want to buy that Event Pass for 3k nuggets?
You get the Shiny that hatches in the end (yes, even if it is a Shiny Mega) & any mega ables that hatch along the way.
It's up to you if you want the normal Festival Ralts too.
15 Days ago
PLEASE take my shiny luck and give me a ton of mega able luck instead. This is not funny anymore...
16 Days ago
It's faszinating how little I matter in the eyes of the people around me.

Your actions hurt me deeply and you know it, yet you still choose to ignore and continue to joke about this topic whenever you see me. Your decision is the only one that matters to you and if it was up to you you'd go even further.

Since neither my words nor actions seem to reach you, please just continue to think I'm less than air to you, because I'd rather not involve myself with you any further. I'll just be silent and keep my wishes and all of it to myself once more. I'm sorry that what I would like to do or how I try to express myself seems absolutely pointless to you.

(I'm not interested in obtaining a reaction from anyone, I just needed a place to voice some of the mess that I am right now before I become unable to bear it any further. Feel free to ignore this post and sorry for taking up your time if you decided to read it.)
20 Days ago
Meet Rhya.
She's basically a spirit that I can take with me wherever I go by wearing her pendant. In return she will keep me safe. (Like a good luck charm maybe?
2 Months ago
Updated my art shop. There're now more examples you can look at. More will be added once finished.

Also, if there's anyone from Germany here, and you happen to know which stores sell Polymer Clay - please let me know. Thanks :)
2 Months ago

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