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Trainerlevel: 64

Trainerpoints: 2,651/12,351


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Banette)
3,34116,269,516 / 26,797,494
1,2682,179,941 / 6,034,096
1,5536,346,726 / 7,240,087
Ditto1,642661,131 / 8,093,419
1,2681,139,753 / 6,034,096
Dace11237 / 496

Shiny Hunt

Shizuka is currently hunting Festival Ralts.
Hunt started: 07/02/2021

Chain: 283
8 3 0

Shiny Mega Festival Ralts hunt

Shiny/Mega able log

#? mega able (sold)

#79 Shiny (mine)
#87 Shiny (mine)
#131 Shiny (mine)

#162 Shiny - DavidS - hunted via event pass
#169 Shiny - Wuffels
#180 Shiny - Yun-Jin
#189 Mega Able - Wuffels
#199 Shiny
#211 Shiny
#230 Mega Able - felinefriend

Event Pass hunt - Guaranteed Shiny (+ any mega ables that hatch while EP is active) (3k nuggets):

Shiny (550 nuggets each):

Mega Able (400 Nuggets each):
1. Ravenman2cool


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #72221538
Registration: 29/10/2013 (8 Years ago)
Premium member until 15/Dec/2022
Game Time: 2089:33 Hours
Total interactions: 2,948,236
Money: 158,522
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


SM Event hunting, without the ability to spend nuggets on event passes - yeah, this hunt will take forever and a half.

Almost 10 months in and only hatched 278 eggs so far (283 after the five in my party hatch)
2 Days ago
Remember that I hosted an art raffle back in June? I'm not proud of how long it's been and I'm sorry. I just didn't know how to do it with all the stuff that happened behind the scenes...

However, I'd like to announce that I've finally been able to commit to what I promised months ago. That said, I've re-drawn all sketches from back then improving each and am currently finishing the 6th of the 7 drawings. I should have them all done by December 2nd at the latest.

Again, I'm sorry that it took me forever, but I hope you'll like the results nonetheless. :)
4 Days ago
My cat died today... I'll... be back some other time... maybe...
goes back to the corner crying some more
1 Month ago
*Taking this child with me might have been the worst decision I've ever made. Showing mercy once lead to so many unforeseen consequences, suffering and loss. So why is my heart telling me it's what had to be done? Why would I risk more when I know only suffering awaits me further down the road.
I feel conflicted. And for once in my whole existence, I don't know if I'll be around long enough to see everything unfold. And yet... It's alright. Strangely I don't fear my own end like I used to. Instead I'll keep my head high and walk straight ahead.*

Foreshadowing Teaser

(I can't concentrate today and that was one of the easier parts to translate. Although there's a lot happening between this and the previous teaser... xD)
4 Months ago
*The clouds above my head, as white as I'd never seen before, seemed so near. All I had to do was reach out my hand and I would be able to feel a softness like never before...
Lost in my thoughts I forgot all about the beast beneath me, jolted as a deep growl woke me from my daydream. Or was this a daydream all along? Was my mind playing with me?
No, it couldn't be. No dream was ever as real as these smooth auburn scales underneath me, the mighty claws gently holding my legs or the fact that I was sitting on a giant dragons back! Well, the last part could very well be part of a dream.
He had turned his head to look me in the eyes all while flying steady, never shaking. Was that an amused glimmer I saw in his golden pupil? I felt my cheeks turning red. 'How would you react if it was your first time flying!' I'd like to shout, but considering that I was at the dragons mercy I wouldn't want to give him a reason to let me fall. A fall so deep that it would be impossible to survive.*
4 Months ago
*I can't tell what's real anymore. One moment, a giant, golden eyed Dragon with glistening auburn scales stood before me. The next, there was no beast. No creature from myths and nightmares, but a tall, muscular man. His hair was the same auburn shade like the dragons scales, and those honey colored eyes were burning straight into my soul. It was almost like... like the gaze from my dreams.
That can't be possible! I've never seen this man before in my entire life, that I would remember for sure, so how...?
"Little human, you committed a grave sin by entering this forest of mine", the man said, his voice deep and a little raspy as if he wasn't using it a lot, "for I am the ruler of these lands.
But as it was not your own choice to come here I'll now give you one: Leave and die like the humans who left you here, or stay with me and live."*

more teaser (also shortened 'cause lack of space)
I have to cut an awful lot of text to keep it 'friendly' while still have it make sense xD
4 Months ago

*A cold gaze that won't let me sleep peacefully at night. Eyes like molten gold looking straight into my soul, following my every move. The smell of smoke and ash fills my nose, old yet almost giving a comfortable feeling. The longing for something long forgotten awakes...*

(from my 1st draft, or as I like to call it, 'the stories overall guideline')

Cut it there because I'm not sure how much gore (if any at all) I'm allowed to share. If anyone could give me some examples of what would still be considered acceptable that would help a lot!
Otherwise I'm afraid you'll only get to read the more 'boring' parts where not much happens, sorry.
4 Months ago
Having 9 votes, Dragons are clearly the overall favorite. Demons & Shapeshifter take 2nd place with 4 votes each.

Time to start writing. Thanks everyone ♥
4 Months ago
Vampires, Werewolves/Shapeshifter in general, Dragons, Demons, Elves/Fae, Merpeople or Elementals ... Which would you pick? (♥ the corresponding comment/s)

Asking because I have at least one idea for each and can't focus on anything 'cause they all compete inside my head.
4 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Festival Ralts hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #211)!
another spare shiny... why not a few mega ables or a SM for a change?
4 Months ago
I... thought I posted it already, but it seems I didn't announce the winners yet (Sorry! >.<)

Anyways... Here're the lucky people who've won the raffle:

We also have a few runner ups who will receive a smaller (no full body) drawing:

I'll finish them as soon as I can, however please be prepared that it might take a few weeks (due to me renovating and everything going on behind the scene).
Congratulation everything and thank you for joining ♥
5 Months ago
My birthday is just 1 month away.
I'm getting another year older yet again...? D:
5 Months ago
Free Art Raffle
I'll randomly pick a winner and draw their character
Ends: June 25th

To join: Leave a link to your character (max 2), alongside anything else I need to know (e.g. wishes) in the comments

Sharing appreciated!
More people will win the more join.
5 Months ago
Take a look at this adorable little artist!
Thanks to her Maine Coon blood she isn't the smallest cat so working around her isn't exactly possible. She also bites and paws the pencil so... yeah. I'm on a forced break. More cuddle-time for her I guess?
5 Months ago
Probably a little hard to make out with the construction lines and all, but I've decided to give it a try anyways.
What do you think?
5 Months ago
It's complete! >-< FINALLY! This took me forever, but now that it's done I feel happy. It's my most complex drawing yet.
What do you think?
5 Months ago
Mind leaving your opinion on my other post?
5 Months ago
Can I ask for your opinions please? Thanks!
Here's the one from yesterday
And this is the same but with the wings shaded
Can I leave them like that? I don't want the lights too extreme for this one.
5 Months ago

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