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Trainerlevel: 31

Trainerpoints: 114/2,913


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Typhlosion1,2423,303,399 / 5,520,528
Lumineon1,967189,647 / 6,967,902
Pidgeot1,2204,911,934 / 5,326,118
Magcargo1,2903,938,288 / 4,996,171
Giga Butterfree17286,558 / 89,269

2023 TCG Illustration Contest

This was my entry for the 2022 Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest. The idea behind my entry was a Pikachu that is kept as a pet curiously playing with it's owner's N64 much like how pets in the real world will paw at their owner's stuff out of curiosity. I wanted to do a pet Pikachu because most card illustrations are Pokemon in mid battle or wild Pokemon, whereas my favorite illustrations are of people and their Pokemon pets.

unfortunately I didn't win (I didn't even place top 300) but I'll try again during the next contest.

Lapras Ferry Ride

Jenny: Beach Pinup

Badge Showcase

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Skellart hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #946336373
Registration: 08/06/2015 (8 Years ago)
Game Time: 355:07 Hours
Total interactions: 155,472
Money: 3,552,059
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Set up a Clampearl holding a Deep Sea Tooth at the Action House if anyone needs a Huntail
Yesterday, 02:25
Had a regular shoplifter get arrested in my store today, she had stolen from us a few times before and, according to the arresting officer, she was just recently released after being arrested for shoplifting at Walmart
9 Days ago
I've grown over 101,000 Cheri Berries. I'm going for a million next.
18 Days ago
I finally found a dam Gimmighoul
21 Days ago
I've yet to find a single one of these dam Gimighouls...
24 Days ago
A very unfortunate Electrode

1 Month ago
Yo Momma so incredibly FAT

I walked around her and add WORLD TRAVELER to my bio!!
1 Month ago
Akira Toriyama passed away recently

I can think of a few people that the world could do without, Akira Toriyama was NOT one of them..
1 Month ago
Can anyone interact with my egg? I need to hatch it so I can enter the bug catching contest.
1 Month ago
Yo Momma so FAT!

If she was a dog, she'd be a St.Ber-LARD!! OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!
1 Month ago
My Lumineon has been on this Marine Cave Rumble Mission for 2 days now and has yet to encounter the boss battle. How long does this one usually take?
1 Month ago
Wish you got a bit more Sweet Hearts, I shelled out quite a few Dream Points buying plushies and was barely able to send out 4 Valentine's with the 4th LITERALLY being last minute (barely got it out before the clock rolled over)
2 Months ago
They made a flash Game over on Newgrounds to celebrate Valentine's day and a bunch of us got together to design Valentine's cards for it!

2 Months ago
Finally collected enough Dragon Gems so I could trade for a Xerneas egg
2 Months ago
The entry deadline has passed so now I can publicly share my entry for this year's Pokemon TCG illustration contest.

2 Months ago
(ran out of characters in the last post so continuing here)

Seriously though, they moved the sword motions to the right thumbstick as an option for this version and it works better than the original motion only option from the original but there were still a few instances where it didn't quite work right, namely with the Whip.

With the whip you're supposed the flick the stick like you're flicking an actual whip but 90% of the time it did not work which was especially frustrating during the Koloktos boss fight where you have to use the whip the grab the joints on it's robotic arms after you've stunned him but many times I found myself trying to do just that but Link would be standing there dangling the whip between his legs suggestively like "looky-looky ding da da ding da da ding ding ding"

I won't lie, I got a little angry during that boss fight.
3 Months ago
I skipped Skyward Sword back on the Wii because well one I couldn't afford it and two because the absolute JANK control scheme but I got the HD Remaster for the Switch this past Christmas and while the controls are still kind of jank, they are less so now that it supports a standard controller and actually giving it a chance now it's a great Zelda game!

I'm 40 hours in(I did the side quests) and I'm onto the final fight with Demise now and I can say I truly enjoyed Skyward Sword and I can wholeheartedly recommend it now.

I doesn't top Wind Waker for me of course but it IS very close to eking out Twilight Princess on my LoZ tier list, characters and story wise I think it's better than TP but TP's control scheme didn't make me want to chuck my controller through the screen.
3 Months ago
Go to work

Browse Facebook during downtime

See a post about Toys R Us

Remember an objectively better day

Hold back tears because you can't let anyone see you cry
3 Months ago
I saved up 1000 dream points and sent a Shining Minior plushy to a user and out of all the Gems I got from it, only two of them were Dragon Gems....
3 Months ago
Planted some berries last night and check this morning to find them gone so that's the 2nd(possibly 3rd) time that this site has bugged on me.
3 Months ago

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