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Trainerlevel: 23

Trainerpoints: 719/1,609


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Solar Eevee251,515 / 1,951
Mr. Mime474,056 / 6,769

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Art Gallery :3

By HeartOfAWizard ( Tysm :3 )
( This is original Levester )

Hewwo welcome to my profile!

]Hi I am Pikachu_Playz, here we don't accept: Homophobics, Racists, Beggers, Scammers, Pee-Heads
( especially not Maps/Map Prides or Invalid Ridiculous fake sexualities like Heatsexual or Animesexual)
I am either a Pikachu, Human or Cat
My pronouns are she/they ( Tho my gender is pumpkin )
I'm always open for Evo Trades and Gifts ( I may be a little bit late bc I'm a sleepy-head )
I really dislike being called mean names so pls don't call me them even if you hate me.
I may make spelling errors or mistakes bc I'm always sleepy and don't sleep well.
My first friend was: Mr_Trash ( who is officially dead I think )

]And these are my favorite Pokemon that I own!

]Levester ( My Child :3 )

]Pikachu_Playz ( A Now Giga-Maxed version of me as a pikachu :3 ) And My first shiny hatched by myself!!


]And I love presents!
Even the smallest cheapest present is fine with me

]If you have any double/unwanted pokemon go ahead and gift me them
( I'm collecting event pokes rn. )

]I don't like battling ( thats why I don't have a vs seeker )
So pls don't try to battle me.

]If I don't accept ur trades pls don't get mad ( also if I outbid you pls don't as well- )

]So yeah thats my introduction :3

Meet the family!

> Me! ( no I'm not actually giga maxed- ) <> ( Plus a bonus aka my best friend irl as a pokemon ) <

>Levester!< > Blueberry! ( Levester's Friend ) < > Lillister! <

> The Two Legendaries I Just Have- <
( Luna & Piff )

>Gifts From Amazing People!<

>And Pokemon that have jobs<

>My first Pokemon!<

>My First Shiny Hatched By Myself!!!!<


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #585383805
Registration: 05/04/2021 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 192:15 Hours
Total interactions: 117,211
Money: 15,863
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Ok so, I'll explain why I'm online. I rlly just wanted to revisit and try to get an event mon so yeah, also I may end up coming back if I can get my friends to join. Anyways cya friends.
1 Year ago
Here I am, for the first time in years. I'm only visiting but I will be on discord I think
1 Year ago
Hello again.

Ik its been a while but I'm only here to announce I'm quitting because I just kinda lost interest in poke heroes

Ok now that's settled, bye I may see you in the future
2 Years ago
Guys. How do I be lucky?
2 Years ago
Winner is ( drum roll )

Alpharr! Now ima start setting up the trade.
2 Years ago
So I forgot all abt this hashtag sorry haha anyways imma pick a random person now
2 Years ago
Guys I ran out of blue takis :(
2 Years ago
Im not ready to lose my grandpa yet. He has cancer and I just started thinking abt losing him when I watched a video abt cancer. I don't wanna lose him.
2 Years ago
Gusy hekp I used to ship sands x frieks
I hate younger me
2 Years ago
PinkyPie: A loveable character who wants everyone to be happy and has multiple personalities apparently

MLP Community: No, PinkyPie is a murder machine that makes cupcakes out of her friends guts, and killed them all bc she went insane :}
2 Years ago
50 is a very specific number for sweet hearts ;-;
2 Years ago
Work list for myself:
Work on anger issues.
Send a plushie back to Bambiii.
Work on pokeclicker.
Stop messaging my friend random things at 3am.

2 Years ago
So abt the new "bunny trend" ppl r making.

2 Years ago
Here u have me, who got increased shiny chance trying to get a shiny alolan
2 Years ago

So. The hashtag won't be canceled. But I decided not to.
2 Years ago

Also forgot to mention there's only one person who could win-)
2 Years ago

So since I'm a part of the d&b ( Dave and Bambi ) community I am thinking of trying a lost project I never got to do ( mostly bc I don't have a computer ;-; ) and if my friend on discord responds to my message when they wake up I can try.

So in celebration I will be making a giveaway
( and a post for staff signups )

- we are not hiring random ppl with no experience. ( as in art experience/modding experience )

- prizes 12 nebula stones ( pls help I keep getting too many )
- Cosplay Box ( Cool )
- Mystery keys & boxes ( Keys: Gold and Dark Blue. Boxes: Light Blue, Pink & Red )
- Mega-able Gyarados & Shiny Gyarados.
2 Years ago
Legit crying out of rage, my stupid charger isn't working correctly bc it sucks and I'm legit abt to break it even more by just simply unplugging it and then cutting the wire.
Im tired and don't wanna deal with this today.
2 Years ago
Why does mewtwo mostly always get the attention?

What abt mew?
2 Years ago


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