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Trainerlevel: 106

Trainerpoints: 25,838/33,813


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Unown !60108 / 10,981

Buying/Selling List

Buying List-
💎 Flying 1k a gem
💎 Ghost Gem, Fire Gem and Ice Gem, Normal Gem 1.5k a gem

Shiny Hunt

Shyrenia666 is currently hunting Unown !.
Hunt started: 19/10/2023

Chain: 453

Live Gem Counts

3,329 Bug Gems
11,700 Electric Gems
12,473 Fighting Gems
2,442 Flying Gems
2,597 Grass Gems
9,496 Ground Gems
3,668 Normal Gems
6,036 Poison Gems
5,432 Rock Gems

164 Water Gems
2,715 Dark Gems
551 Fire Gems
14,196 Ghost Gems
9,207 Ice Gems
52 Psychic Gems
1,439 Steel Gems
578 Dragon Gems
3,074 Fairy Gems

RS Slots

Unown !:
Braixie X3

Standing orders for all Unowns:

B, C^, D^, E^, F^, G, H^, I, J, K^, L*, M, O^, P, Q, R^, S^, T, U^, V, W^, X, Y, Z, !

*Braixie is hunting
^Braixie will hunt

Game Records

Trainer ID: #684550172
Registration: 06/10/2015 (8 Years ago)
Premium member until 01/Apr/2024
Game Time: 4685:28 Hours
Total interactions: 5,049,926
Money: 911,559
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Dumb question incoming but I haven't been on much at all.
Are there other scrolls besides Darkness and Water and my luck just sucks?
1 Month ago
Do I not trust Amazon after they told.me my order didn't exist enough that I went and bought two of the books in case yes
3 Months ago
Not me checking the door everytime I hear the main entrance open praying that it's my Amazon orders, I want my books and you have me waiting up to 13hrs for them..... let's go Amazon I know at least one of them was coming from a warehouse 20minutes away
3 Months ago
Finally the blasted event egg hatched. Darn that EHP is brutal gives it away on who it is though
4 Months ago
Zombies this year it is
4 Months ago
Whelp Gabe up my one day off to work at a need convention. Debating selling my GameCube, n64 and wii plus everything for them. Also debating making perler bead earrings to sell
4 Months ago
Interaction exchange. Wanna try and get to max chance for shortly after reset. Heart for a return.
4 Months ago
When your six year old starts belting out flowers while having a bath.... umbrella kid I rarely listen to it so where'd you learn it word for word.
4 Months ago
Anyone going to need some regular Unown !, commwnt here and as I hatch some I'll send them over.
4 Months ago
Haha some person kept staring at me on the boss so i rolled my eyes into the back of my head and smiled at them.... they bloodt ran to the front of the bus. Guess they won't be staring at strangers the same no more.
4 Months ago
Phones living close by today as kid is attempting school on day 3 of a broken clavicle and the fracture clinic is supposed to call today, as I was told 72 hours from us being in the hospital. Which is today.
Worst that happens she can't do it and I go get her, we try again in a few days.
4 Months ago
I believe I need two more shiny unown A, unless somebody order from a redemption shiny shop. Going to take a unown break after do a quick hunt and snag up another letter will eventually get through them all.
4 Months ago
Are the mons that were in the last event distribution breedable yet?
4 Months ago
When your nearly 6 year old breaks her clavicle and refuses to take medication for the pain..... kid that's gotta freaking hurt please just let me ease the pain
4 Months ago
Well my kid went and broke her clavicle just shy of a week from here 6th birthday. She's on good spirits so far.
4 Months ago
Technology bloody wucks, got a new phone yesterday hut no case for it as it's been ordered. Decided smart thing to do would be continue using old phone till case comes in. We'll got to bus stop on this morning and my phone doesn't work, saying no Sim card. I know there's a Sim card in it as I never took it out and either did the store. Got home popped the tray open and sure enough there's my Sim card all nice snug. Phones working now though
4 Months ago
When your five year old starts singing antihero at you after being a terror..... yes kid you were the problem but I still love ya
4 Months ago
Don't know of I making it to egg ten. I'm burning out on doing the event distrubtion
5 Months ago
Cursed Rapidash is (usually) a part of the Halloween event, yall will have a chance at one. No need to fall into the trap of paying stupid amounts for one.
I believe there's an option for the mega I just don't remember fully.
5 Months ago
Whelp stuck using daycare soon. there's 1 wild Unown A left in the wild
5 Months ago


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