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Trainerlevel: 33

Trainerpoints: 1,098/3,299


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What I'm Made of

A video game guru who Loves storm chasing, Wrestling, Rpgs, Trading cards and ghost types. Devourer of many o pizza, bbq and tuna. Loves pop, 80's, video game ost and remixes. Got a problem? Simple solution- Rub some Bacon on it

Pokemon Hunts

into the unknown- 29/29
Mega stylers- 5
8/32/64 bit era- 8

Favorite video game OST's

1-Studopolis zone act 1(Sonic Mania/plus) 2-Joy of Fall 3- winter hm 4-spring breeze (2-4 harvest moon a/another wonderful life) 5-A Ghosts Pumpkin Soup (Sonic Adventure 2/Battle)
6-E-102 Gammas theme (Sonic Adventure/DX) 7 - Ballad of Bandito Chinchilla 8-Keep it going
9- Whiplash (7-9 Thrillville/ off the rails)

Shiny Hunt

Phantom_Photon is currently hunting Duskull.
Hunt started: 25/05/2022

Chain: 133


Last Action
Reading the news (4 Months ago)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #799094649
Registration: 12/12/2015 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 319:35 Hours
Total interactions: 1,040,999
Money: 255,192
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


King:here's to celebrate my trainer reaching diamond status in mystery dungeon dx and level 33 on here
5 Months ago
Is it me or does one of the berries look like a fruit from stardew Valley?
5 Months ago
King: I'm aware how they work in sword and shield but do inform me of how dynamax gems work on pokeheroes
5 Months ago
I don't know if I am the only one who thinks false bound Kingdom has a good soundtrack
6 Months ago
New poll in place to see about megazord.
6 Months ago
King phantasmia fist: here's to celebrate my wife hitting level 500
6 Months ago
Daycare: you sir have 9 eggs!! Me: meh boi this is what all true warriors strive for. King fist:I'm just a player in management position.
6 Months ago
The king is appeased. Another dusknoir via trade.
6 Months ago
Going for another shiny dusknoir. Hoping it works out. If nothing else I will get more dusknoir so I win out
6 Months ago
Today marks another birthday to celebrate. Here's to hoping sonic frontiers doesn't flop as well as the hopefully sonic 3 movie
6 Months ago
Hoping to see the next trade go through so phantasmia can be crowned queen to her peaceful king
6 Months ago
meanwhile in the world of new horizons....
Wilbur: ready to punt pontoons and fly soaring hycanth mccaw back to your island?
Me: sure but can i do something first
Wilbur:sure i can wait a few the engines need to warm up anyway(drinks coffee)
2 minutes and 500 miles away
Little big town: on the pontoo..(a dynamax ciderace kicks their boat into the sky and sends everyone flying into the distance) were blasting off again!
voices in the distace(angry): SHUT UP THATS OUR CATCHPHRASE GET YOUR OWN! (the pontoon flies over me and wilbur who looks at his coffee and makes a call on his nookphone with me out of earshot)
Wilbur(concerned): what in the blue fig did you put in my coffee?
voice on the other end: if i said they will turn the rating from e to m in less time than a pizza gets delivered.
(as the player boards, wilbur throws his coffee in the ocean and the 2 go back on a silent flight)
2 Years ago
in full on celebration mode. just found my amiibo card binder and am ready for flight :D
2 Years ago
i now have all 29 unknown. this greatly pleases the king and sends deep gratitude to all who helped
2 Years ago
i just popped a trade for my wishiwashi school. the R unkown is the only one left and i will have completed that quest
2 Years ago
luckiest box opening ever :D harvest mooner #4
2 Years ago
red mystery box opening- a protector with no pokemon to use it on :P
2 Years ago
for those who havent seen it yet i am officially spitting the fires of a chandelure. courtesy of the corona e3 has officially been cancelled for this year.
2 Years ago
time for a ghostly gaming history lesson for those who came in between 2000 and 2013. i will agree there might be a few off games but for those who have been around or before the console wars can vouch for this claim to those who dont know. there is one video game that will forever remain in the guiness book of world records for the worst video game of all time and is known to have caused the near apocolypse of video gaming. the first to name it will get a plushie courtesy of the king.
2 Years ago
in less than 48 hours the much desired return to the dungeons will finally happen. i have my copy on preorder and am waiting to see what they added in to the storyline. welcome to the era of remakes and since it happened that poll was taken down. a new one will rise in its place
2 Years ago



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