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Trainerlevel: 43

Trainerpoints: 5,297/5,589


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Rainbow Pride *
75145,598 / 2,117,821
Sewaddle17374 / 678
Sewaddle18634 / 777
Sewaddle19186 / 885
Swadloon20719 / 998
Swadloon23744 / 1,383

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About Me


(That is suppose to be the gender neutral icon, but it doesn't show up on this color.)

I'm kinda quiet and don't talk too much. I'm mainly just collecting things on here.

(Yeah, I took the quiz. I was curious. Actually it was a bit more accurate than I thought it would be.)

I've only played the old games.

If you don't like the group of people that an event celebrates, just don't participate in it. Let the people who enjoy the event enjoy it without having to deal with meaningless whining.

My time zone is about five hours behind PokeHeroes time. When it is midnight on server time, it is 8 pm in my time.

Some Pokemon I Like

Emera Only


Some Pokemon I Like


Canon Pokemon

Game Records

Trainer ID: #901580087
Registration: 19/12/2015 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 815:56 Hours
Total interactions: 914,193
Money: 288,022
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


If you have cows at the ranch and if the event is anything like last year's, buy plenty of berries today to feed them over the next week.
19 Days ago
I think I have made up my mind - I am not returning there unless the admin puts something like a permanent chat ban on my account. I will miss the actual game part, that was fun. But I have no use for a community like that. I kept up with almost no click / sales begging / link spamming, but when I put up 3 of my pets' bdays, I get someone on my butt for "spam." If that is how the community is going to treat me, then no. It would do me more harm than good if I returned. If you know what I am talking about, tell the better people on there I said bye and why I am not returning if they ask.
20 Days ago
Realistically, I highly doubt that putting 3 pets' measely b-days into chat would count as spam. Which means I was being targeted for reasons I do not know and for purposes unknown. If it was to make me mad, to hurt me, or just to start drama, I guess they got what they wanted. I am really confused as to why me and what is going on. I did not think I had made enemies on there, but I guess I was wrong if I am being targeted like that.
20 Days ago
I guess I'm back to try this again. The only thing I remember frustrating me on here was the trades and auction house. The game that was taking up my time for a bit... I posted three of my pets' b-days in chat when I was talking to someone, and then someone else was trying to accuse me of spamming for something so stupid, nevermind that the chat is full of sales and links and is spam-my already. I mean, wtf? I try not to be annoying, and I hardly ever put up links, and out of nowhere, someone tries to call me a spammer for putting up three brief b-days. And then people kinda alienated me further for getting really mad at that person for all the hypocritism. I think I just need to get out of there, at least for awhile.
20 Days ago
Interesting looking egg. Almost kinda looks like an Unown. I know it probably is not Unown.
4 Months ago
Hope this free week of premium helps me hatch that last shiny Sewaddle.
4 Months ago
I did the 2000 interactions, and the egg I got can't mega-evolve. I really, really hope it's an error or bug.
4 Months ago
Chain at 158. About half of the longest chain that I've had for one Pokemon only.
4 Months ago
Anyone else still missing one of the winter limited plushies in the Dream World shop? I have enough for a couple. (I already have them so I don't expect them in return.)
4 Months ago
Two more doors. Wonder if the rest are holidays limited plushies.
4 Months ago
If you don't have a Polestar plushie, it is worthwhile to do the advent calendar today.
4 Months ago
Now I know what the rumor was for with having a Spheal, Delibird, and Vanillish.
4 Months ago
I guess people have more free time right now. It feels like there's more entries in the beauty contest. At least it'll help me get regular form Meloetta (since I've been forgetting about the Emera Square events).
4 Months ago
Anyone else still missing one of the winter limited plushies in the Dream World shop? I have enough for a couple. (I already have them so I don't expect them in return.)
4 Months ago
I caught shiny Gyarados at the beach. (I don't keep the shinies I get from shiny wonder trade since I put them right back in.)
5 Months ago
If you are missing the Christmas Skiddo plushie, it is worthwhile to do the advent calendar today.
5 Months ago
If you use a newer version of Firefox and run it on a computer with more limited memory (like a laptop or older computer): If the websites are loading a bit sluggishly or being tempermental, the Firefox browser itself may be at fault. For some arcane reason, it defaults to running several processes at one time to run the browser program, and this uses loads of memory. It may overtax your computer. Switching Firefox to using only one process sharply reduced the amount of memory it consumes to run on my computer and actually makes websites load a bit faster. I'm not going to go into how to do this since if I accidently say something wrong, the browser could literally break. But you can look it up on Google with something like Firefox multiple processes in task manager. I found this out in a roundabout way from issues with another online game.
5 Months ago
Since my Pokemon popped out 14 eggs while I wasn't on here, I'm all set to open today's door. (I'm trying to hatch the last 5 of the 14 right now.)
5 Months ago
Of course the last one I need in the evo line is going to have the longest chain out of the three. It's already surpassed the other two.
5 Months ago
Anyone else still missing one of the winter limited plushies in the Dream World shop? I have enough for a couple. (I already have them so I don't expect them in return.)
5 Months ago

Shiny Hunt

Nightstooth is currently hunting Sewaddle.
Hunt started: 06/12/2018

Chain: 200

Unofficial Shiny Hunts

Since there are no shiny chaining for these, it can't be an official shiny hunt like above.

Missing shiny plushies (and missing plushies in general)



Meloetta 0/2

Safari Zone - Vivillion sandstorm (Shiny has a white body.)
Vivillions: 1/17
Rotoms: 0/9

Game Center Pokemon
Hoopa 0/2 (I've lost track of what number I'm at.)
Concentration Game: 1/5
Prize Exchange: 0/4
Lottery: 0/1

Route 53 Pokemon
Full evo lines: 1/14

Fishing Pokemon
Full evo lines: 2 /35

Royal Tunnel 0/4




It is less of a diary and more of my notes for myself and guides. (Please don't comment on my diary thread.)

Buying, Selling, and Trading Guide
(These links only seem to load the thead itself instead of going directly to the post so you may have to scroll to find it. And please don't post on my diary thread. Message me instead.)

Buying / Selling / Trading
My store of sorts. What I'm looking to buy / sell / trade.

I am trying to get him into ranklist for level:

None right now.


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