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Trainerlevel: 34

Trainerpoints: 2,096/3,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Dragonair38810 / 5,559
Dragonair371,938 / 5,274
Mega Typhlosion15336,513 / 80,319
Dragonair372,002 / 5,274
Dragonair382,331 / 5,559

Cool stuff

Please don't use this art that was given to me

By shockwave65

By ~Cookie~

By An_Apple
Hi! Don’t click the spoiler, it’s unimportant and has nothing to do with the raffle 😅

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You should have listened 😂
If you are reading this, you must go outside and stand by the road for 10 minutes jumping up and down every ten seconds and yelling “I’m a ballerina” at the top of your lungs. But don’t worry, for this is not without reward! No indeed, click this link to get a free 10 dollar Walmart gift card! Credits to someone...

Quote from Scare_Crowcrystalborf_theadorkable: Can I be frank with you guys?
mimikyu_man: Sure, but I don’t see how changing your name is gonna help.
~mocha~: Can I still be ~mocha~?
C00k1e: Shh, let Frank speak.


Get a Ditto x
Get 1 year of premium (78/8000)
Do a gem hunt!

Shiny Hunt

Miminite is currently hunting Dratini.
Hunt started: 09/12/2021

Chain: 23

About Me

Name: Mimikyu
What am I? A Pokemon
A Fact: An_Apple is nicer than me (Everybody knows that)!
Credits to BlackReshiram for my profile!


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #145690792
Registration: 20/08/2020 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 316:29 Hours
Total interactions: 163,152
Money: 85,390
Starter Pokémon: Giga Charizard


Guess whos back, back again
6 Months ago
Get a year of premium
9 Months ago
Cash: 100,038
Item Bag: 980,204 - 1,135,397
Nuggets: 319,480 - 362,404
TOTAL: 1,399,722 - 1,597,839
How Much Are You Worth?
9 Months ago
Gift exchange! Comment how much you want to exchange!
9 Months ago
By Kakashi_Sensei - 11 Hours and 14 Minutes ago.
Havent done one in a while so i might aswell!


Aight literally only a small one but ya know its something

Heart this feed and and share the #ItsALilSomthing to enter

The prizes are:

1st: 300k



Have fun and good luck

(Ends at reset!)
9 Months ago
Comment if you want a free dratini and how much!
9 Months ago
By Teller - 17 Hours and 35 Minutes ago.
I was busy at reset, but here we go...!
This is a FREE giveaway, share the hashtag to enter, one entry per person.
Wanna know what the prize is gonna be? How about a whopping 8k nuggets, 100k PD, and 2k worth of DP in plushies? Any takers? Ends whenever I end it after reset (might depend on what my day looks like tomorrow). Good luck to everyone!
9 Months ago
By Nevv - 13 Hours and 42 Minutes ago.
First and Last giveaway from me,I've decided to giveaway all my stuff and pokemon
Prize :
1. Ditto
2. Glastrier
3. 3 Legendary Kanto Bird
4. 3 Lugia (Normal,Retro,Shadow)
5. 3 Legendary Kanto Bird (Galarian form)
6. Weather Trio + Primal and Mega item
7. 3 Legendary Dogs
8. 5 Regi's (check my giveaway box)
9. Eon pokemon + Mega Form
10. Lake Trio
11. Shaymin + Sky Shaymin
12. Kyurem + DNA Splicer (Black and White)
13. Hoopa + Hoopa Unbound
14. Cosmog evo line
15. Retro Gastly evo line
16. Shadow Mewtwo + Mew
17. Ho-oh + Celebi
18. Raylong + Jirachi
19. Dialga + Primal Dialga
20. Darkrai + Aurora
21. Victini
22. Xerneas + 2 Zygarde (100% and 10%)
23. Tapu Fini + Magearna
24. Marshadow + Zeraora + Eternatus
25. Mega Charizard X + Mega Gardevoir
26. All Shiny (Check my giveaway box)
27. All my item + 700k pd
To enter giveaway just heart this feed and share #byenevv (i want to quit ph after giveaway ended) end after completed my kanto dex and get Mewt
9 Months ago
(it was supposed to be hello)
9 Months ago
By Riodise - 3 Days and 20 Hours ago.
I Have a Great Idea for this Year to do for Everyone, How About a Secret Santa?

Comment on this Feed or Do the #RiodiseSecretSanta to Join, On December 10TH Ill Give Everyone there Secret Santa User.
(I Wont Add you to the Secret Santa List after December 10TH)

If the Number is Uneven them ill Send you your Secret Santa Gift.

* - This is NOT a Contest, I Just Want to Make Christmas Time a Bit More Interesting this Year, Since i Really only do what the Advent Calender Wants - *
9 Months ago
By Alpharr - 37 Minutes and 47 Seconds ago.
Okay, since Christmas is near, i wanna do a giveaway

like and share #ChristmasStones to win 1 enigma stone, 2 nebula stones, 1 resolute stone
9 Months ago
By Gojirath - 3 Hours and 16 Minutes ago.
I’m going to do a thanksgiving giveaway! Just like this feed and share #Gojirawaythanksgiving for a chance to win 100,000 PD! Ends at reset! Good luck everyone!
9 Months ago
By ShatteredDiamond - 17 Hours and 9 Minutes ago.
On this day XX years ago, my little sister was born. To commemorate this day, I propose a giveaway. Here are the prizes:::

1st place: 2x New Moon Island Maps and 2x Griscious Crystals
2nd place: 1x New Moon Island Map and some fossils
3rd place: 4x Weather Balloons and 1x of each vitamin

To enter, 🖤 this feed and share the hashtag: #DiamondDay
Ends at reset of my birthday, which is in four days. Good luck everyone who enters!!!
10 Months ago
By PokéRadar - 12 Hours and 37 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Combee hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #83)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.
Yesssssssss first shiny in months!!!
10 Months ago
By Gojirath - 3 Hours and 11 Minutes ago.
So I’ve decided I have way to much PD lol. So I’m going to give away some PD! 10,000,000 PD to be exact! All you have to do is heart this post and share #GojirawayBIG. The winner will be announced on Thursday sometime! Good luck to everyone!
10 Months ago
Have you ever wanted to do Secret Santa on PH?

Share #SuperSecretSanta to join, joining ends on December 18th Server Time. On the 18th, i'll assign everyone a person to gift to and they have a week (Until Christmas Server Time) to prepare the gift, at which point they gift the stuff to the person.
10 Months ago
By Metaphorical - 8 Days and 7 Hours ago.
Like this post
Interact with MetaMoth
Wait until she reaches level 175!
Share this post.
1. 60 Nuggets
2. 200000 Pokedollars
3. A random shiny
Good Luck!
10 Months ago
<-- New Avatar! Made By BlackReshiram
10 Months ago
10 Months ago
I’m giving out 150, usually giveaways have paragraphs so imma just

Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph

Like and share the post to enter =)

11 Months ago

Forever Collecting!

Mystery Items!
All types of Pokeballs!

Future hunts!

Legendarys and Fossils
Cosmog 1/200
Azelf 1/100
Archen 1/100
Amaura 1/100
Kabuto 1/100
Arctozolt 1/100

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