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About Me

Well hi there, and welcome to my userpage.
If something interests you - you can freely ask me here or on discord, (yeah, 'cause why not, since I am almost non-existent in DC at thispoint) my tag is Winged Piglet#9099.
Warning - if I've blocked you, that means either I have discovered you're not good person/had broken rules/been rude or do auction sniping. Call me petty, but I dislike when people aren't being fair in that regard. Everyone is free to call me out on that. I am done with auction sniping, and don't want to even remotely deal with someone who does that, as it usually seems to uncover bigger issues with people too. I still stand by the fact auction sniping is highly unfair, especially knowing how real auctions work.

Okay, what about me? Well, I am sarcastic. I bluntly tell truth and things way I see them to people, swear (Not on PH), not scared to bash any kind of topic. I warned you. Another lil' thing to mention - if ya can't stomach who I am - exit is here, go on, click outta here.
My birthday is on 25th of August, I am 18 y/o teen and my name is Nasti. Let's see who's my birthday twin, eh?
Gamer and musician, I like doing references to songs, also I am an informal, outsider, misfit, neformal, however that is said in English, found too many options. Yeeeah, btw, I am straight.
However, I do tolerate ADEQUATE gays/lesbians/etc. I basically don't care who you are until you act like a deadbeat.
My favorite pokemon are Lillipup, Swablu and Xurkitree, but there are also some I really like, for example, Zangoose.
I don't accept random friend requests. I don't like them. But still, don't be afraid to approach me or actually talk to me, I promise I won't bite~
Previously known as MusicalChainsaw, TheSlippedKnot, SweetSabbath, AkabaneKarma, Majora_Mask, Yooterii, YutaTheTea, KyogreGirl..Oooof, I had many nicknames xd

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #474633796
Registration: 04/05/2014 (8 Years ago)
Game Time: 1812:13 Hours
Total interactions: 563,317
Money: 206,983
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Right, so... A proven hacker is back, unbanned, and everyone greets them like nothing happened.
This is quite concerning.
2 Months ago
So I claimed Stantler back and it didn't actually evolve..
4 Months ago
The Queen has died today. The world mourns, as on days like this, we are all Brits. - Three Dog, Fallout 3, "Number Stations" myth.
4 Months ago
So do we actually have to collect 999 tickets to get one Newton? I didn't find anything else on how to obtain it, so... Does anyone know?
5 Months ago
So a guy sniped me on a pokemon only to try to sell it in GTS for almost triple the price.
I hate this site.
5 Months ago
So new drama... Did look up what happened and how it started.
I am in full support of -Kyle here, and let's be real - it really is that bad when the Knight himself awakens...
There is a fine line of screwing up, and this is the time where line got yeeted away and menacing "You done goofed" can be heard.

This was long time coming. And now tsunami is going to start.
5 Months ago
....Azure Flute is one-time use?
I [censored] quit.
6 Months ago
..Cancer. One of the banes of humanity.
Today, it had claimed a man who died way too young, and who was an inspiration for millions. Technoblade. Man who never dies. Man who should've lived.

May he rest in peace. Bright, shining star of a man he was.
7 Months ago
Second day of GO Fest and honestly, getting screwed over by Niantic and Google doesn't feel fun in the slightest - thanks to sanctions, I couldn't buy a ticket, so I am missing on Shaymin HARD, on its debut...
8 Months ago
Sorry for another Go feed but someone's (and I suspect it's the same person) is botting one of the gyms
The moment I placed my pokemon back the attack started, the same second
This is genuinely infuriating and goes against rules so, so hard, and yet I am powerless cause Niantic doesn't care about reports...
8 Months ago
Is there a way to get someone banned for sure on Go?
There's one Mystic team spoofer that just sweeps 3 specific Valor gyms every time we knock them out, and there's NO way around this.
I tried reporting them several times to Niantic but that doesn't work, and I'm just tired of them a lot, the island nearby is taken by the Mystic team entirely, yet they go after our gyms too..
8 Months ago
Dear Cauldron, when I boil Megastone, I want to see Megastone at the end, NOT WORTHLESS BLACK BOX.
8 Months ago
Ayyyy 8 years on this site wasted-
9 Months ago
Dear Go, can you stop lagging out and kicking me out of REMOTE raid with message "You are too far away to interact with this gym"?
9 Months ago
Okay so I am sorry for close feeds, but I posted last one without reading the forum post about update.

And now I feel obliged to say the following:

9 Months ago
So shiny Harvest Sprites huh?
And no luck whatsoever?
Something tells me they'll be behind the wall of impossibly long tasks.
9 Months ago
Sorry for close feeds but the egg spawn zone this year is OUTRAGEOUS, it spawned out of the zone and on the bottom of the page, on the BANNER.
I've checked that page SEVERAL TIMES.
When will that be fixed, in 2025?!
9 Months ago
Barely found 16 even with 2 site maps...
I hate Easter Egg hunt.
9 Months ago
So I took part in April Fools' event in Go in 3 different places around the world.
End result of the day: 218 Dittos, 2 of which are 100% IV and 3 shiny Dittos, with one being a 3 star.
...Now to, unfortunately, release most of these adorable blobs
10 Months ago
Good everything... This new Auction House update.
I feel like it's going to doom this site even worse.
10 Months ago


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