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Trainerlevel: 60

Trainerpoints: 9,258/10,859


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Lillipup531 / 44
Ponyta215 / 19
Tentacool217 / 24
Dedenne514 / 91
Purrloin545 / 91


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #16943629
Registration: 20/05/2022 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1822:14 Hours
Total interactions: 1,996,102
Money: 1,145,630
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


I still haven’t figured out the best EV distribution for Jolly Midnight Lycanroc. I’ll probably just let it collect whatever it collects. I wish there was an item to just prevent it from getting any Special Attack EVs, though.
2 Days ago
I don’t play many video games, so I’ve always wondered if Pokémon music is as special as it seems to me to be or if it’s normal video game music.
4 Days ago
Were the main series Pokémon games the only games for the GB, GBC, or GBA that had special colors instead of being just plain grey? To this day, I’ve never seen a non-Pokémon game that had a special-colored cartridge. I appreciate that special treatment they got—I think it makes the games themselves feel really special, and maybe actually did a lot to help Pokémon get to where it is today (the most successful franchise of all time). It sounds silly, but it’s (sadly) true that the way something is presented has more of an effect on how it’s received than what it actually is.

Anyway, even with all their flaws, I’m glad that the Pokémon games were presented to me as the most special games at a very early age and that I’ve always been able to have them with me. The impression that they made on me and my own decision to let them remain something special and set apart from everything else in my mind have allowed me to keep getting some sense of magic from them, and that’s really helpful.
8 Days ago
I really want to do right by my shiny Jolly Midnight Lycanroc with its EV-training. I still have no idea what I should do, though.
8 Days ago
I’ve finally managed to catch a shiny Rockruff in Ultra Moon so that it’ll evolve into my dream shiny: Shiny Midnight Lycanroc.

I’m going to EV-train it, but I don’t know how I should. Does anyone have any recommendations for EV distributions on a Jolly Midnight Lycanroc?
9 Days ago
Another tornado watch. These things put me on edge so badly.
11 Days ago
The Ultra Wormhole is honestly ridiculous. I just encountered two shinies back-to-back. I’ve caught twenty shinies over the last two weeks just playing for maybe half an hour per day. There’s a very limited selection of Pokémon, though, so seven of them are duplicates. I don’t know if this is a typical experience or if I’m just the Master of the Wormhole for some reason.
12 Days ago
Well, something weird happened on Duolingo today. I was about to be 60% of the way through the course—about to finish my 33rd unit out of 55—but now it’s saying I’m on my 65th unit.

There’s this site I bookmarked a while back that has Duolingo course data, and there has always been data for two different Swedish courses listed, and it’s frequently updated and says that it’s been updated today, but it has the same info for both Swedish courses that it’s always had.

I guess I must’ve been switched from the 55-unit course to the 97-unit course. I don’t know why, though.

The units appear to be about half of their previous length. Which isn’t weird. But what is weird is that I guess I’m now over 66% of the way through the course. So, I guess the whole course is shorter now.

Is there any way to get it back how it was? I didn’t change anything myself. And should I be glad or disappointed that it changed? I hope there isn’t actually less in it now.
15 Days ago
Just got my one-year streak on Duolingo.
17 Days ago
I’ve now managed to catch a full team of Wormhole shinies in Ultra Moon. One legendary still eludes me, though.
18 Days ago
I’m glad to report that I have captured Zekrom in a Quick Ball! If I hadn’t, it probably would’ve one-shot my whole team. And I love the aesthetic of the Quick Ball and also not having to throw dozens of Balls like I’ve had to do with the other legendaries I’ve encountered so far, which thankfully could not end me during the time it took to do that because so many of them only had Psychic- and Normal-type moves and couldn’t do anything to my little Sableye, although I was worried about them fainting themselves with Struggle. But I’ve surprised myself by not adding it to my team, even though I would greatly benefit from a Pokémon that’s so much higher-leveled than most of my team and so much stronger than anyone on my team. I’m just very fond of the team I currently have.
24 Days ago
So, the very first legendary I ended up encountering in Ultra Moon is Articuno, my favorite legendary from the first generation. I also already caught Altaria from the Ultra Wormhole, so I’m happy to have both of my favorite blue birdies on my team now.
25 Days ago
I’m currently resisting the urge to spend all day scouring the Ultra Wormhole for Articuno, Cobalion, Zekrom, and Yveltal. I remember I had Ho-Oh and Groudon on my team when I went to the Elite Four in Ultra Sun, but this time I want to get all of my favorite legendaries that are available. I haven’t been able to find any legendaries yet, though, and there are other things I need to do this week.
25 Days ago
It’s ridiculous how easy it is to cheese Ultra Necrozma. I’ve been severely underleveled the whole time I’ve been playing through Ultra Moon, and it’s just gotten worse and worse even after a lot of training, so I’ve been in a lot of really difficult fights, but this “ultimate” fight against Ultra Necrozma was literally the easiest fight because I just happened to have a Zoroark and an Arbok on my team.

Zoroark in front, Arbok in back, Night Slash five times while Ultra Necrozma spams Photon Geyser doing absolutely nothing, and that’s it.
25 Days ago
Why does it seem like wasps have gotten a lot bigger this year? They were already terrifying.
30 Days ago
I stayed up way too late because I decided to start a new game on my old Pokémon Platinum cartridge. I was curious how it would work without deleting my save file. It notifies you at the beginning that have to wipe the save file from the main menu to be able to save. So, any games that are started this way will never be able to be saved. But I guess you could play all the way through them if you’re a speedrunner.

I think it’s pretty neat how the older games were set up like this. Protecting your save file but still letting you play the game again if you just keep your console on. I just kept charging it with the screen closed and off but my 3DS still on. I didn’t want to leave it on while I slept, though, because it seemed like that might be hard on it. So I turned it off after I got half of the Gym Badges. I am kind of sad that I can’t continue that adventure now, though.
1 Month ago
Does anyone have any recommendations for Pokémon-related content on YouTube? I’ve been injured and need to relax and kind of not do anything, so I could use some pleasant things to watch.
1 Month ago
It’s really infuriating when I’m trying to tap on a specific grass patch and then the page jumps and forces me to tap on one I already know doesn’t have an egg.
1 Month ago
Oh, hey, I finally hit Trainerlevel 60. I don’t really know what that means for me, and I’ve never deliberately tried to earn Trainerpoints, but I noticed it was taking a really long time to go up from level 59 and thought that meant this would be a kind of significant milestone.
1 Month ago
Do fountain shiny boosts work on the event Gimmighoul, or do they not work on it since its shiny chance is set at 1%?
1 Month ago


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