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Trainerlevel: 38

Trainerpoints: 3,273/4,369


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP

Pokemon for sale


Selling pokemon in for sale/trade for normal gems or pd.
I am collecting normal gems for ditto's egg dex.

Here is the for sale/trade box link:


Normal gems (2691/10000)

Thank you for the ones who bought my pokemons.

Special Pack:

If you order a pack of pokemons (from the for sale/trade box) that you want I might be able to reduce the price and make it a bit cheaper for you as a special thank you.

My Digital Art

My Sprites (that I have made)



Missing Pokemon Helper

Pride Scarf


Stareon and Starry


Ice type

A star cat-fox pokemon

When a shooting star appears at night it is said that Stareon will appear looking at the stars.

It gains energy from the stars shining bright at it and stores its energy to its star shaped tail. It can also use the star shine to recover its HP.

It can sense people and pokemons feelings and be friendly to them if they have trust with them.

It loves to play with pokemons and people that they can trust with.

But be careful

Stareon can become aggressive if you try to attack them and their power is very strong, especially when there is stars shining bright at it.

Psychic type

A Galaxy pokemon

An evolution of Stareon.

When Stareon holds an galaxy orb and becomes level 50, it evolves into Starry.

When Stareon becomes level 50 while holding the galaxy orb, the orb explodes and causes Stareon to evolve into Starry. The Galaxy orbs are really rare and it is said to be found somewhere in space or fall down to Earth like a shooting star.

Starry becomes more independent and very protective to its trainer or its friends. It senses people's and pokemon's emotion. It is also said that they can read people's minds when they put their foreheads close to the person's body. Its attacks are more powerful with its psychic powers. Although Starry used to be an Ice type when it was Stareon, it can still use ice type moves. Starry travels around space healing and helping its friends and other Stareon's to survive. It heals other pokemons by using its energy from its star shaped tail.

If you see Starry it is said to give you good luck

Shinies I caught in pokemon

Pokemon Violet-
1st Buizel Jan 8 2023
2nd Gulpin 2023
3rd Cetoddle April 4 2023
4th Combee (male) April 8 2023
5th Buizel April 8 2023

Pokemon sun-
1st Spearow 2022
2nd Riolu 2022

Pokemon X-
Not yet...

Pokeheroes HATCHED-
Jangmo-o April 23rd 2022 (Chain #166)
Rockruff January 17th 2023 (Chain #102)
Retro totodile (2 OF THEM!)

Pokemon GO
Pikachu (Event)
Ponyta(Galar) Hatched!
Dratini (4 of them!)
Mewtwo (From raid battle!)
Teddiursa (3 of them!)
Starly (5 of them)
Staravia (evolved starly)
Staraptor (evolved from Staravia)
Mime Jr. (Hatched!)
Ursaluna (evolved)
Lotad June 1st 2023
Zigzagoon (galarian) June 6th 2023


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Askehalen 53 Minutes ago
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arnoldwang 11 Hours ago

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Joyfuldoggy hasn't collected any medals so far.


Game Records

Trainer ID: #49643541
Registration: 31/03/2021 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 642:03 Hours
Total interactions: 660,037
Money: 2,986,632
Starter Pokémon: Quilava


I caught a shiny zigzagoon (galarian) in pokemon GO!!!

I really wanted it and now i have it :D
Today, 18:13

Every time I hatch an egg, I will post hatched.

This is for me to countdown 10 eggs.

Once 10 eggs hatches, I will announce the winner!

Today, 18:07


Every time I hatch 10 eggs,

I am going to give 1000PD to a random person,

who Interacts with my eggs!

Spread the hashtag!
Today, 18:05
I finally got the

Waiter Dress (Red)

from Los Seashellos restaurant!
Today, 17:05
10 more magikarp for the

Magik Rod

Today, 16:37

I finished my Spanish reading and listening exam!

(One person fell asleep during the Spanish listening and reading exam and everyone heard him snoring XD)

(I hope he didn't fail it though...)

Tomorrow is Maths exam :)
Today, 16:34
I was breeding to get sobbles but,
I didn't expect that i will get a sobboil egg this quick

Today, 14:11
By AlmightyConqueror

*Help needed
This is my quest pokemon, and this is the final part of my rowan quest

Funny thing is that I need 244 level to win this time, and luckily this event may give a boost to my level ups.

Feed my Dragonite, comment proof below.
One random person will win 300 nuggets
And a runner up will win 100 nuggets
Share #FinalTime so that more people check this out, ensuring maximum interactions!
Thank you and have a nice day ahead
Today, 13:56
Hey Joyfuldoggy!
Thanks for helping me with the contest against Professor Oak! He became really depressed after I showed him my high levelled Pokémon. I have to admit that the way I won this contest wasn't exactly fair, but... Who bothers, right? You're one of my students, so you've got all of your skills from me! Which means - theoretically - I won the contest without your help.

*cough* However, I need to ask you for another favour. I recently ordered a bunch of Ponyta from the Gem Collector. Unfortunately, he got me eggs instead of Pokémon and he doesn't want to hatch them for me. So will you help me and hatch them? I'll obviously give you a very nice reward!
Oh, and don't worry about breaking your chain if you're currently on a shiny hunt! I'll sprinkle some Anti-Radar powder over them which makes your PokéRadar not record them.

Will you help me?

New quest :)
Today, 13:42

I hatched landorus!

The winner who gets 1000PD is...


Yesterday, 22:04
Oh no, what happened! What did you do with the storage system?!
Damn, everything crashed... Urgh, I hate bugs...
By the way, has this weird egg always been in your party...?


Got missing no
Yesterday, 21:58

My Landorus egg is close to hatch!

I am going to give 1 random person who interacts with this egg (no need to comment proof)

Yesterday, 21:09
I finally got the zeraora egg!
Yesterday, 21:05
By Erick_

Well *looks angrily at Mawile* so yes I am doing a giveaway
I have a quest to beat prof. Oak, the hashtag will be #MawileElliot
Ways to enter:
TRAIN with Elliot EVERYDAY(Comment Proof) Mawile
Like the original feed
Share #MawileElliot daily
Share the entire feed once
1. Mega-able Pokemon he/she will choose
2.Random gems
3.Random Evolutiniary stones
The giveaway ends this Sunday, if I beat prof. Oak the winners will be announced , if I won't win I will not share the prizes...

~Good luck everyone :)~
Yesterday, 20:48
Pokédex entries: 991

nearlly 1000 :)
Yesterday, 17:53
You push the brown key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Reveal Glass found!

The key breaks and becomes useless

Nice :)

I will use it for one of my landorus (once they hatch)
Yesterday, 17:33

Oh no, this was the wrong answer! A horde of wild Zubat attacked you, but you managed to escape fast enough.
Better luck next time!
(Level 38 reached.)
Yesterday, 17:25
Yesterday, 17:17
I found another Landorus at the safari zone!

(I found it quicker than the last one and went in with just 1 safari ball)
Yesterday, 15:52

First day back to school (after the half term)

I did English language paper 1 and I was happy about the extract
because it was about an animal (I love animals ^_^)

Tomorrow I have Spanish listening and reading
Yesterday, 14:38

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