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Trainerlevel: 110

Trainerpoints: 34,329/36,409


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
4,28440,503,011 / 65,956,551
Sugar Plum Fairy
(Mega Gardevoir)
11,399445,179,202 / 487,307,251
(Mega Meganium)
9312,363 / 28,767
16,197691,741,102 / 787,077,019
1,4085,690,173 / 7,439,521
Zeraora507832,230 / 965,836

Shiny Hunt

Liirah is currently hunting Solgilyph.
Hunt started: 11/03/2019

Chain: 41

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Legendary Hunts & Goals

1x Keldeo Gil

Future Shiny Mega Hunts
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #937463883
Registration: 05/07/2013 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 05/Sep/2019
Game Time: 9721:26 Hours
Total interactions: 11,440,161
Money: 4,028,938
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


[Zeraora Event Summary]

700k interactions made - 10 Zeraora encountered.

Towards the end, I sadly (not really) was away for almost an entire week, visiting a friend and her beautiful cats (March definitely was the Cat Month™), or else I probably would've hit the 1 mil mark.

Not sure if a 1 egg : 70k interactions ratio is good or bad, but it certainly felt pretty low to me haha.

But heyyy, 700k interactions definitely are quite an amount, and I don't regret a single minute wasted spent on the pretty kitty. They were worth the pain. ♥

Only 17 kittens missing, and I'll have a full litter box of golden zap cats too!
1 Day ago

One of these lovely beasts is working right outside our office window.

We're at ground level.

We're only separated by the exterior wall which is, like, barely one meter from my desk.

And that thing's eating away concrete right outside said wall.

Kill me, please.
1 Day ago
Interactions made today (so far)? 82,058.
Zeraora eggs received (so far)? 0.

That pretty much sums up the whole event for me. I'm at 570k+ interactions, and I have hatched 8 Zeraora. Consider me underwhelmed.

Zeraora, whyyy?? ( ;∀;)
3 Days ago
amazon update: your wifi adapter has been delivered! signed by: mail box

Didn't know my mail box could to hold a pen, much less sign anything, but that's good to know. :V
5 Days ago
tfw your new desktop computer comes without a power chord ..

Like, okay. I have at least one spare power cable lying around somewhere, so that's not really gonna be a problem or anything. But. Uhh, why?!
How can you even dare to ship an electronic device worth several hundred bucks without a frigging cable??? It doesn't make sense-- (ꐦ ಠ _ಠ)

Aaand to top it all off, I need a new wifi adapter as those I own don't work with Win10. Happy days. :3c

Gosssh, I just wanna have a properly working main computer again that doesn't sound like it's about to die every other minute. Is that really too much to ask? :v
6 Days ago
❤️ for an interaction exchange again, please? uwu

Time to suffer through a daycare only event hunt. :'V
8 Days ago
Gem Cauldron stats time again!

Gem Cauldron boils (Mega Stone option): 800
Mystery Key (Black) obtained: 140 → 17.5 % ↓*
Mystery Box (Black) obtained: 156 → 19.5 % ↑*
Mega Stone obtained: 504 → 63 % ↓*

Mystery Box (Black) opened in total: 167
Full Moon (Map) [Cresselia] obtained: 69 → 41.32 % ↑*
New Moon (Map) [Darkrai] obtained: 66 → 39.52 % ↓*
Griseous Crystal obtained: 25 → 14.97 % ↑*
Griseous Pearl obtained: 7 → 4.19 % ↑*

*compared to stats 6 and half months ago
8 Days ago
Amphi photobomb (so rude tsk)

@Abby's pics or it didn't happen!!!1!11

new glasses + piercing update eyyy
10 Days ago
Breeding Unown Flake is a lie. It's been 18 days. Eighteen. ಠ_ಠ
10 Days ago
Tim and Abby say hi :3

Staying with a friend over the next couple of days and they have the most adorable cats ahhh (ฅ•ω•ฅ)♡
15 Days ago
piercing count: +1! ↑

Finally got my nose pierced today, yay! ♥
I've been meaning to get that done for quiiite a while now, but I've been too lazy to drag my sorry butt to a piercer. But since I was out and about today anyway (got my eyes checked and ordered new glasses about time *cough* 5 years *cough*), I figured I might as well get that done as well! `w´

Can't wait for it to be all healed up so I can replace the stud with a ring. (≧ ω ≦)b
17 Days ago
I'm starting to really hate the construction site outside. Not only is it right in front of our office and thus super loud and annoying right in our faces, but whenever the construction workers want something (usually, they need the parked cars to be moved again) they tap on the office window instead of going to the door and frigging ring the bell. ಠ_ಠ

I'm very tempted to just stick this to the window tbh. :v
18 Days ago
[looking for] Resolute Stones.

I can offer:
• a Shiny Clauncher
• a Shiny Poliwhirl
• a Shiny Tyranitar
• other shiny/mega-able 'mons from this box (ehh, 2 Pokémon for 1 stone or what? idk, feel free to request a trade in the comments)
• 1 Nebula Stone + 30,000 PD (just comment and I'll set up a private trade for you)
20 Days ago
[insert spriter tears here]
20 Days ago
10 days since I started breeding Unown Flake and I've gotten exactly 1 event egg. w o w

All I want is the different forms for my dex, and then move on, pretty please? :'v
20 Days ago
hhh thank you guys, for the lovely lovely words and plushies and all <3
22 Days ago
is it spring yet?
23 Days ago
-casually places big empty box on the ground and slowly walks away-

if that isn't attracting Zeraora then I don't know what is
I just want to build an electric kitty army please
23 Days ago
The first egg took me ~24k interactions, and another ~52k interactions for the second one. The third egg better not take me ~100k interactions. :v
24 Days ago
Aaalllll right, new day, new chance to get that pretty kitty! ヾ(*´・∀・)ノ♡☆

... since I only did 21k interactions yesterday, then went to take a nap in late afternoon, but ended up passing out and not getting up until an hour and a half ago, oops. (It's not 7:35 in the morning btw haha.)
24 Days ago

We Believe in Fairies Over Here

Blissful Sleep zZ