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Trainerlevel: 67

Trainerpoints: 7,596/13,533


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
4,78176,980,715 / 82,162,527
(Mega Arcanine)
28851,565 / 312,121
Buneary811,396 / 19,927
Buneary8114,980 / 19,927
Buneary815,822 / 19,927
Buneary813,587 / 19,927

Shiny Hunt

Koushi is currently hunting Buneary.
Hunt started: 12/11/2021

Chain: 4,375
124 52 0

hello! i’m wren and i want to be a filmmaker!
i’m an animator-in-training who’s passionate about telling queer inclusive stories and making funky little characters

✨🎨 PH art staff 2018 - 2022! 🎨✨
feel free to palpad me with any questions, or if you think i can help with anything!
also, please don't call me 'dude' or 'bro', thank you!

hope you have a lovely day!!

[x] you're welcome to message me but please don't just send me hi/hello messages
[x] i won't battle/trade/give you stuff
[x] unless we're friends, please please don't ask me for free art

[suga and angel plushie by BakugouKatsuki]
[athena and viv plushie by Akemie
[hawk and sparrow pixels by Cony]

Game Records

Trainer ID: #696809360
Registration: 04/03/2014 (9 Years ago)
Premium member until 20/Sep/2023
Game Time: 2497:06 Hours
Total interactions: 549,271
Money: 54,458,038
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


caught a full odds white plumage shiny squawkabilly in violet!!!
my first full odds shiny since gen 4 weeps
3 Months ago
'credit to the artist'
i am blasting you with my laser vision
3 Months ago
i picked up a copy of violet yesterday so it can stare at me to make me work faster, and they come with a little promo card here!! it was a nice surprise!
3 Months ago
Have fun with the games today everyone!!! 💖
I’m working too much to play for a while but soon Lechonk I’m coming for youuuu
4 Months ago
the deviantart ai art thing…….. yikesssss
4 Months ago
I feel like every day I discover a new muscle that I didn’t know existed, but is now very loudly announcing itself by hurting
4 Months ago
Wait. Disregard my previous awoo, please help my shiny boy evolve!!! 💗
I'm also looking for name suggestions if you have any!
4 Months ago
4 Months ago
Thank you so so much for all the love for Mega Arcanine!! I know such a popular pokemon means high expectations, so I’m glad to see people are happy with it!!! 💖💖
(I promise no Primeape were injured during the making of this event)
4 Months ago
OH good morning Arcanine! I completely forgot about this so it was a really nice surprise!! 💖
I’m SO sorry to SM hunters…. There’s a gender variant. But it’s because I was always sad actual Arcanine never had one like most Komainu! The male one has a ball and the female one has a cub, it also lets me incorporate the open mouth/closed mouth that they almost always have.
I also wanted to give the sprite a style more in line with older games to make it feel like it’s come from a different time!
Here’s a quick concept I did for them that I couldn’t share until now!!
4 Months ago
thank you so so much for all the plushies and birthday wishes!!! 💖💖
i hope everyone has a great Halloween weekend!!!!
4 Months ago
I’m sorry, I’m a little inactive at the moment (mostly just checking for eggs) bc I’m working so much and I’ve got rats in my brain! But I realised I never advertised my socials, I mostly use tumblr bc I’m cringefail, but my art is @wrenwrought and my main is @willowwalks 💖
I’m not really active anywhere else but I’m @wrenwrought most places if you want to find me!
4 Months ago
boomers, terrified 😬
5 Months ago
iono is trans i don’t make the rules
5 Months ago
Pleeeease don't ask me for free art I will literally fill all your shoes with lego and make you walk around
5 Months ago
At the moment all I'm doing is working and drawing but holds my necromancer out in my hands to you
5 Months ago
ahhhh I thought I'd broken my drawing tablet, I managed to fix it but that took years off my life 😭
5 Months ago
I warned you I was going to get emo about Undertale 😬
but BUT!!! it's kind of nice to get back into something you used to love and casually scribble out fanart your 15 y/o self couldn't dream of making!!
5 Months ago
I've been playing Undertale remotely with my girlfriend (because she hasn't played it before) and we just finished it!
We're going to do Deltarune next, neither of us have played it yet so I'm excited!! 💖
5 Months ago
Goodbye Newton my friend 😢
5 Months ago

🖤 wren // she/they // trans nonbinary lesbian 🖤


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