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Trainerlevel: 40

Trainerpoints: 3,314/4,839


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Houndoom658,505 / 16,089
Houndoom6812,172 / 17,596
(Mega Aerodactyl)
184119,990 / 127,651
(Mega Medicham)
33332,919 / 333,667
(Mega Metagross)
893696,850 / 2,993,784
Mega Sharpedo
11835,188 / 52,659





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Trainer ID: #918951190
Registration: 16/07/2018 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 04/Oct/2020
Game Time: 201:52 Hours
Total interactions: 427,713
Money: 92,122
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


A poetry contest..... Huh. Wonder if I am good enough. *cracks knuckles*
7 Days ago
The name "Amy" derived from the French word "Aimee" which means "beloved". While Santiago is Spanish for the Hebrew name "Jacob". So Amy Santiago roughly stands for "Jacob's beloved" and it is my most favourite thing about Brooklyn 99 in like ever ❤️
7 Days ago
LOL so I hatched a shiny just under my shiny mega and a mega able under the shiny xD. What a day xD.
9 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Carvanha hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #81)!
Unfreaking believable
9 Days ago
What is your highest hangman chain?
I am at 270 rn!
11 Days ago
The server broke and ended my longest royal tunnel chain at chain 574 and I wanna leave PH right now, this is too heartbreaking man. How do you start again and trust that it won't just end without your fault :/
11 Days ago
Donald Trump has been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. Well that's nice, that certainly enhances my hopes of winning the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. If he can, I might as well...

On other news, still buying water gems for future SM hunt. Please palpad.
Donations appreciated as well 👉👈
12 Days ago
I just got scolded for spending money which I earn myself...
Indian family's are tough.
12 Days ago
"I freed a thousand slaves, I could have freed thousand more if only they knew they were slaves" ~Harriet Tubman
An incident just reminded me of this.
12 Days ago
Is there a database with all Galar Pokemon and items anyone can guide me to? Please!
12 Days ago
How come when Religion talks about feeding the poor it’s compassion, but when economists do it, it’s Socialism and bad for business?
13 Days ago
Hey, if anyone has their daycare free, mind releasing some carvanha eggs for me? I'll pay.
13 Days ago
Medical College has made me weird, there's no such thing in the world that can disgust me now. While people barf on looking at vomit or other stuff, I can stare without so much as flinching and that scares my friends I tell you. It scares me at times too.
13 Days ago
[/i]One more shiny mega and I'll be able to achieve my dream of having a shiny mega party! Now with a shiny mega of all rarity, all that's left is one of Starter rarity and for that I have chosen my next SM hunt to be of Swampert, so in order to achieve that...
Buying Water Gems, please palpad
13 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Aerodactyl hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #155)!
14 Days ago
I finally found the time to get the Regi eggs. Ahh, I feel blessed now!!
PS: If any of you have any Old Amber Fossils for sale, please palpad.
14 Days ago
"When the sun departs,
I feel a hole down in my heart,
Put on some shoes,
Come down here and listen to the blues,
If anything wil go right.
Oh! Will you dance with me tonight?"
15 Days ago
"Maybe meet me tonight, 5 past midnight,
Under the broken streetlight, where broken dreams reside,
We'll talk, laugh, perhaps we'll cry,
Perhaps we'll lie down counting stars, hand in hand, side by side."
16 Days ago
"You, you may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you will join us
And the world will be as one"

16 Days ago

Poetry Work.


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Shiny Hunt

Kanchan is currently hunting Houndour.
Hunt started: 13/09/2020

Chain: 37
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