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Formerly: Jedi_Rey619
Trainerlevel: 61

Trainerpoints: 3,613/11,223


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
19843,661 / 147,759
16392,559 / 100,246
Sally (5os)
15743,801 / 74,419
Cursed Rapidash1447,566 / 62,641
Mega Rapidash9510,784 / 27,361

Shiny Hunt

Jackie_Daytona is currently hunting Squirtle.
Hunt started: 08/12/2023

Chain: 28
0 0 0

About Me

RIP Lil Sebastian

Hiya! Marie's the name! I am a self proclaimed cinephile(movie lover) that has a pretty expansive collection; about 750 titles(movies and shows). I obviously adore pokemon as well. I am always looking for new shows or movies to watch so thats a guaranteed conversation starter lol. Please keep in mind when suggesting shows/movies I dont have Netflix, only Hulu, Paramount+ and Amazon Prime. I am one of the older people on here(just turned 35 in Oct.) & am always willing to help when and where I can. I have a 8 year old who is a poke trainer in the making. I live in beautiful San Diego, California so I am on pacific time and will be active according to that time zone. If you wanna chat feel free but understand that I am awkward and might not respond to a simple "Hi". I promise I am nice though :)

Avatar is Matt Berry as Lazlo Cravensworth as Jackie Daytona from What We Do In The Shadows

My Pokemon GO friend code is: 9322 5553 2640


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #460304482
Registration: 29/09/2015 (8 Years ago)
Premium member until 25/Mar/2024
Game Time: 2002:37 Hours
Total interactions: 1,793,610
Money: 15,171
Starter Pokémon: Meganium



Good Luck all!
3 Days ago
Sorry for such close feeds but I need to post about my stupidity!! Apparently I forgot to grab an Odd Incense from the shop before I did my boil yesterday... So instead of waiting for 5 more hours for it to finish, it will be more like 1 day and 5 hours to find out what I got from the cauldron LAME
3 Days ago
Area: Sky Pillar (Level 1)
Mission started: 54 Minutes ago
Collected money: 0
Explorer Bag: 0 Items

Apparently this guy wont be back for just over 2 days!!!

FYI you can guestimate when a poke on a map mission will return based off of its positioning in the rumble que. For instance, I have some pokes that I sent to the Galar region and they all have times for the return listed. Because my map mission poke is at the end of the que, I know it will return AFTER my last Galar rumbler which will return "in about 2 days". Not news to some but we do have new users on this site quite often..
3 Days ago
HOW WEIRD! I commented on someones post, they HAD been on my friends list, they had been asking for suggestions for something to draw right? So I commented because no one else had, recommended they do something with cooking/baking because a chefs hat on a cat would be cute. The person apparently thought that was the worst idea ever and proceeded to remove my comment AND block me over it.... Like WUT?! LOL its like BYEEE fool, cuz I know that A) I am awesome B) I am helpful C) I give stuff away quite often to random folks who post about things they need and I happen to have what they are looking for & Lastly D) I try to spread positivity.

Maybe the person who blocked me doesnt like help, or to be positive, or free stuff hahahaha

More stuff for the rest of ya!
5 Days ago
Non PokeHeroes post:

If you havent seen Wish, WHY NOT?!?!?!
we really enjoyed it and I was not surprised at all that Chris Pine can actually sing..
7 Days ago
We need another way to obtain black keys! I have soo many mega stones and no longer have gems(just used my last dragon and fairy gems) to boil so I now have no way, other than pay a stupid price, to get a black key... BOOOOOOOOO
10 Days ago
ANOTHER SHINY FROM THE HONEY TREE... it evolved before I could get a stone on it though so not a shiny worm any more ha
11 Days ago
YAY FINALLY HAVE A PERFECT MATCH FOR MY DC PAIR!!! Fingers crossed they make more event eggies!!
12 Days ago
Best pokemon to battle Necrozma?? Once my hunt is completed I plan to battle it and would like to win first time around if possible haha
13 Days ago
Good thing I checked before dumping all my dp on plushies to get the "new" shinies.... I have at least 2 of each already from the last time they were offered... BOOOOOOOO
18 Days ago
So I apparently jinxed myself.... I am sitting here with zero eggies in dc, zero eggies in tall grass, and zero eggies in storage.... can you say LAME!!!
22 Days ago

Between what's in my DC, eggie storage, and my party I am already at 33 Lechonks... not even 24 hrs into my hunt and I am swimming in eggies!! I LOVE THIS.... I would rather have a bunch of eggies than to be constantly switching out pokes from my NFT box to keep a full party...
23 Days ago
Your Sinistea evolved into Polteageist!

OMG IM DYING! The name of this pokemon is hilarious!
27 Days ago
Your coin and the one next to it look alike!
(Increased breeding chance)

I'm calling BS on this one.... I haven't had a single eggie for over 3 hours now... SUCH CRAP!
27 Days ago
DANG just caught a shiny from the honey tree and before I could get an everstone on it it evolved haha...
27 Days ago
Y'all know the drill! To find an excuse to give stuff away ---uh i mean to celebrate my...uh...self improvement? I'm giving away 100K.
Yk the drill,
-copypasta the feed
I'll then pp u a giveaway link, as usual.
#selfimprovement <3
28 Days ago
geez I seem to be getting a Celebi eggie a week...
29 Days ago
New pic and name hahaha
29 Days ago
Just made a new poll, you should go check it out and if you end up interacting with my eggies while there just throw a heart on this feed and I will mass click ya!
30 Days ago



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