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Trainerlevel: 42

Trainerpoints: 3,535/5,333


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
3,19730,128,438 / 30,672,019
Dewpider525 / 91
Dewpider14 / 8

General Info

Artist | OC Creator | Gamer
Nickname: Error
Favorite Colors: Blue/Black/Purple/Red
Favorite Mythical Creature: Dragon

Long story short, people call me Error. A game-glitching artist that debatably has an addiction to creating characters, even if I don't have much of a use for them.
Most of my free time is spent either drawing, making sprites, designing new ocs, or playing games! That does mean that I won't be able to respond immediately to any messages
Feel free to contact me through palpad/pm for a conversation, I don't bite! much.

Hunt Plans/Goals

Rayquaza Summon Collecting Progress 2%
2 X / collected so far

Other Hunt Plans
A box of shiny Eevee[lutions]
Shiny Talonflame line [1/3]
Shiny Chandelure line [1/3]
Shiny Vulpix
Shiny Growlithe
Shiny Corviknight Line [0/3]
Shiny Rockruff
Shiny Luxray Line [2/3]
Shiny Cosmog line (21%)


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ErrorTheDragon 6 Days ago
Hazelfeather 6 Days ago
Rainfall 7 Days ago

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #74872293
Registration: 06/03/2016 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 3347:00 Hours
Total interactions: 441,563
Money: 17,580,136
Starter Pokémon: Giga Charizard


I just realised how Error, my character, is the type of kid if you asked her what 555 + 555 was, she'd say 101010, and literally say it like "Ten hundred and tenty ten."

She's so stupid but, adorably stupid.

Just like how she probably believes that anything with a cute face is a "friend" even if it's literally a rock.
2 Days ago
Uh yea, important announcement:

Void, my character, space and time itself, cannot bake a cake. At all.
A being who can create entire universes, is the only being with any control over time, can basically do whatever she pleases, and some/most of the things she says do end up affecting reality, but despite all that she cannot bake a cake, at all. Even if she tries, even if she tries using her powers to help her, she just can't do it.
And I find that quite hilarious.
"Really powerful being who actually really likes cake can't bake a cake." Just think about it.
5 Days ago
Never drink coke after eating rainbow fizzy belts.
Not the worst taste in the world, but it's like a very low-quality fizzy cola bottle, so not particularly nice either.
11 Days ago
Before I head off to bed, I had a random thought:
Now, I don't imagine my characters with any particular accents [i'm bad with picking up most accents anyway] but...

Corruption, my main villain. A very cold, rather unemotional person who's just straight up manipulative, for anyone who doesn't know anything about her.
But with a heavy british accent.
It's such a hilarious idea to me, no clue why.
14 Days ago
People like cat pictures, right?
So how about a picture of my cat and a little story about the picture in particular!
So, here's the picture, he's basically curled up on my foot. So, I don't have a desk in my room, i use a quilt (and a pillow) as a chair, and a chair as a desk for my laptop. It's a very small space. One night the cat decides he wants to lie down where my knees/feet normally rest [depending on how i'm sitting], and nobody stops him when he decides he wants to do something, so I literally have to try to move to one side to give him more space and he's still sitting on one of my feet. My mom took the picture when i told her the situation i was "trapped" in.
But hey, it's just an average day in the life of a cat's pet servant "owner".
15 Days ago
Plenty of people are doing this, so just ask me whatever you want and i'll answer. If you really want you can ask multiple questions, idc that much, i'm just bored.

There are some questions I won't answer [name/age are the main ones that come to mind] but yea pretty much anything's game. If i don't wanna answer a certain question for any reason i'll just say it.
16 Days ago
Lets all just appreciate this for a moment XD
17 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Dewpider hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #126)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

Now for another one.
19 Days ago
Random useless announcement, technically today is my OC Grey's birthday!

So, yea. I dunno, I just like making posts when it's my ocs birthdays, just kinda a thing I like to do.
28 Days ago
Greetings internet users, I have a very important announcement to all reading this post.

You are now a banana.

That is all.
29 Days ago
I'm a normal person, spend a few hours outside with a jacket [not a heavy jacket, just my average "going outside" jacket] and fingerless gloves in the snow building a few decent-sized snowmen and having a snowball fight with two of my brothers because we just never get snow. Oh and getting tackled to the floor and snow thrown into my face, as you do.

Now just sitting with a minecraft mug of hot chocolate and just, warming up XD

I'd say it's quite a nice day, honestly.
1 Month ago
"I'm an egg with legs and I'm going to leg off" -Error 2021

no, you're not getting context
1 Month ago
Have a picture of Tango being a good photo model for my art project of life and death.

He's my "little" albino corn snake. Love him.
1 Month ago
Sooooo i was just let back into my old room to collect all of my plushies.
And i do have a lot of minecraft plushies lmfao-
A ghast, a desert rabbit, a bat, a pig, a sheep, a creeper Fred! The original!, an ocelot, an enderman, three wolves.

I kinda want more lmfao-
1 Month ago
Gotta love your dad asking for your help fighting a boss in a game you havent played yourself.
Better yet you still somehow beat it third try. Woooooohoooooooo-
1 Month ago
Do you ever just get so bored you're frustrated?
Like i'm in some odd loop of clicking certain things then flicking to another tab, checking my notifications, looking on discord, then flicking back here hoping for something interesting or new and i'm just so bored it's really starting to annoy me.

Like i wanna draw but i don't wanna draw, i'm trying to watch a youtube video but i can't just sit there and watch it without anything to do in the background you don't understand how annoying this is for me, i'm just.. bored and it's half killing me lmfao-
1 Month ago
Congratulations! A shiny Eevee hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #78)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

First floof of the year
1 Month ago
Okay, so smol thingy thing-
So i wanna draw these jellheads [not my jellheads, but tis my art of them together] with the jewel backgrounds that i've been drawing a lot of recently.

I can't decide which bee should go on which background.
Blue Jewel and Yellow Jewel
The main reason for my inability to decide is because their jells have some transparency, so if i put the yellow bee on the blue background, the jell might look a bit greenish? but if i put it on the yellow background, it might blend in a bit?

So what do you think'll look best, putting them with the jewels that match their jells or the opposite? [and ye, when they're done i'll put them in the art dump with the other one i did today]
1 Month ago
2+ Years ago Vs Today/Yesterday [i did the sketch yesterday, lined and coloured today]

Just thought i'd post this because, I kinda like the difference between the two pieces.
As for actual design changes, literally the only design change is that i made her trousers a dark grey instead of black just to break up the amount of black in her design a bit. Otherwise it's just a "i don't like the old art anymore so time to try to draw something better" piece XD
Might do this for a couple more old ocs, not quite sure yet.
1 Month ago
I can officially say two things i learnt from last night.
1. I still absolutely hate children
2. Sleeping on the floor in a tiny room is surprisingly comfortable, but not necesarily good for getting a good night's sleep.
1 Month ago

Shiny Hunt

ErrorTheDragon is currently hunting Dewpider.
Hunt started: 05/02/2021

Chain: 166


Until i can decide what goes here, have a mute thief child with a gun.
Also have an Error bean, because why not.
Art by me because yeet-


Have my most evil girl as a cat. Idk why, but why not. I love her.

Corruption is best girl, all hail The Devil Herself, the embodiment of fear, the being made of pure evil itself!
Art by me- haha-


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