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Hi there! My name is Honorchior, but most people call me Honor.

I really enjoy helping people edit papers so they can get better grades in their classes, so if you aren’t too scared to ask for my advice (don’t be, I just am good at picking things apart, but I’m very nice), then feel feee to drop by my pal pad or PM’s and ask for some help. I’d be glad to give you my advice. :)


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It’s my birthday you guys!
Some of you may recall that last year I did a big giveaway centered around “17” to celebrate my birthday, but I had a different idea of what to do this year! This year I’m going to play some games of chance! Welcome to adulthood! Let’s see if my luck is enough to help me survive.
I’m going to do things in groups of 18, and give all the prizes resulting from these things to the winners of the giveaway. Here’s the list:
Open 18 Mystery Boxes
Enter the Lottery with 18 Tickets (You will get the Money equivalent of the game tokens earned, and any vouchers)
18 Rounds of Treasure Hunt
18 Rounds Golden Slot Legendary
18 Rounds Golden Slot Plus
18 Rounds Golden Slot Basic
18 Pokémon Encountered with Super Honey (You can choose what you want to keep.)
18 1-Hour Rumble Mission Prizes (not individual Pokémon, but as a whole.)
To enter like the original feed and share #HonorsBDayGiveaway.
2 Months ago
By Professor Rowan - 6 Seconds ago.
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4 Months ago
Got the shadow radar in case one of my eggs was there. It wasnt, but I tried shadow hunting and I really like it. I just caught my first child. So excited!
4 Months ago
I have this really good idea for a Birthday Giveaway this year, so I’m gonna start prepping now. I have a lot of work to do and only 49 days to do it.
4 Months ago
Once again my brother and I discovered a new musical within 2 weeks of one another, and now we are slowly getting into it together. This one is called Six, and it is wild you guys.
4 Months ago
My brother (who watches may beauty YouTubers but has never done makeup before) and I (who has done makeup for shows, but never watched any videos or tried to do it IRL) picked pallets for one another to do our makeup. I picked his and he picked mine. His pallet is better than mine is, but mine is better applied. Basically, I’m the real winner here because I have decently applied makeup and a good color pallet.

The Corona Virus is making us go crazy. I’m not taking this off until tonight cause only my falsify is gonna see it.
4 Months ago
(Repost as I posted at like 1 AM so no one saw it the first time. lol)

Specifically those searching for art of their characters.

My friend is currently holding a Chibi Art Raffle over on DA. It is free to enter and their art is amazing! You could get 2 free chibi art pieces of your humanoid character. Check it out here!
4 Months ago
Specifically those searching for art of their characters.

My friend is currently holding a Chibi Art Raffle over on DA. It is free to enter and her art is amazing! You could get 2 free chibi art pieces of your humanoid character. Check it out here!
4 Months ago
I finally finished my commissions after so long, and I’m really glad they are done. Just in time for school to start back up too!
4 Months ago
So I was right, my school will be moving onto online school starting next week. I'm not sure what that means for me and how much free time I will have, but seeing as I only really like going to school for clubs and friends, I don't think I'll be having that fun of a time... We are trying to coordinate the KPOP and D&D clubs for online meetings (hopefully, fingers crossed), but it is still unknown if we will be able to, and Drama and Baking club are pretty much all the way out of the window. Not sure how I'm meant to participate in community service for ITS now, but oh well...
4 Months ago
By Elzah - 21 Hours and 48 Minutes ago.
I think it's time for my first giveaway. To enter just FEEDthis baby a berry and comment done and share this post.

1st Prize: 2 dragon gems
2nd Prize: 2 pairs of Mystery Items and 30k pd
3rd Prize: 1 pair of Mystery Items and 10k pd
4th Prize: A random Mystery Key
5th Prize: 5 random gems

This ends when that baby reaches level 200.

To gain extra entry: Interact as a guest and comment

4 Months ago
By CCShinx - 35 Seconds ago.

Hey everyone! So I've been having a crazy hunt, and I've decided to give some extra shinies and mega-ables away! All you have to do to enter is heart the original feed, share the hashtag, and add me to your friendlist if I'm not on it already (cuz why not lol).


5 people will win 1 shiny and 1 megaable Dunsparce each

If I hatch a SM by the end of the hashtag, I will give another 3 people a shiny and a mega-able, if I somehow hatch two, I will also give one of them away.

This ends on April 1st. Good luck to all!
4 Months ago
Our Walmart restocked on Toilet Paper and Paper Towels while we were in the store, and they also sold out while we were in the store. We were in the store for about 10 minutes, 15 minutes max. A woman threw a rock at my dad when he was out filling our water jugs (you know, those places that just filter the tap water and you pay money for it to filter the tap water so you aren't drinking chorine) and she claimed he was hoarding water. I'm sorry but he was only getting the same amount he gets EVERY week to take care of a family of 6 people plus 2 animals that aren't use to the stuff in the tap water so we don't drink it. You need to chill out. He was just getting the same stuff he did last week and every week for the past 6 years, and you didn't have a problem with it any other time! I wanted him to call the cops, but he wouldn't because he's giving people the benefit of the doubt. My dad is too nice...
4 Months ago
Does anyone have Wacan berries? I need like 10 or so. I need them in berry garden, so if you could set some up in your shop or something, just let me know, and we can work out a price.
4 Months ago
You push the green key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

4x Dragon Gem found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.
4 Months ago
After I took a 4 hour nap yesterday, I had this conversation...
Me: I just woke up from a 4 hour nap.
Brother: Isn’t that just sleeping?
Mom: It’s a nap.
Me: Yeah, I take longer naps every night.
Mom: No, at that point it’s sleeping... You’re doing it at night.
Me: So if I go to sleep at 11 AM and wake up at midnight, I will have slept for 1 hour?
Mom: I wouldn’t suggest doing that, but yes.
Me: And if I go to sleep at noon today, and wake up at noon tomorrow, I would have taken a 24 hour nap?
Mom: ...
Brother: ...

I never did get an answer, so thoughts?
4 Months ago
I took a 4 hour nap earlier today, and now I'm not tired and I'm meant to go to bed, but I think I'm just gonna stay up looking at Loki and Spider-Man memes tbh...
5 Months ago
I’m really regretting eating cake for breakfast... This sugar high is not helping me get my work done so I can last-minute bring my grades up from C’s to B’s...
Yes, I’m that kind of procrastinator lol.
5 Months ago
My School’s KPOP club started a GroupMe and... Oh boy it is probably the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Vice President: I elect we make our ult bias as our profile pictures.
(Everyone agrees)
BTS_Stan: Oh. My. Gosh. You can put a gif as your profile picture!
(Another round of pp changing.)
Army: Guys, BTS is canceling their concert because of the virus.
Army2: RIP Blinks, your one comeback a year just got pushed back. Better luck next time.
Blink: They’re meant to have two this year???
ReVeLuv: We all know that’s not gonna happen. YG hates you guys. We’re more likely to get a Red Velvet comeback in March than a BlackPink comeback.
Blink: Didn’t Wendy JUST get out of the hospital?
ReVeLuv: Yes.
ReVeLuv2: But they’re gonna be in Trolls 2!!!
President: Did you guys want to go see that as a group?
(Now, a bunch of teens are gonna go take over a movie theatre for a kids movie in mid April.)

Not to mention the constant flow of KPOP memes. It’s so fun.
5 Months ago
By Ishan1909 -
So finally after coxie and kimie have hatched their 2nd shiny it's time for celebrations
So I am doing a giveaway more or less a lottery btw totally original idea.
The way it will work will be completion of 3 tasks
a. Like the original post
b. Spread the #LegendaryHunters along with the whole mesaage.
c. Comments on the original post any 2 number between 1 - 1000
and please guys try not to repeat the numbers
Winner will be chosen by whoever will be the closest to the randomised number.
5 Months ago


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