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Trainerlevel: 46

Trainerpoints: 5,538/6,393


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Riolu29 / 48
Riolu218 / 48
Riolu227 / 48



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Ribombee 7 Days ago
Ribombee 11 Days ago
AmyGames64 13 Days ago
PonyTony 19 Days ago


Game Records

Trainer ID: #621887546
Registration: 02/06/2019 (5 Months ago)
Premium member until 25/Sep/2020
Game Time: 457:14 Hours
Total interactions: 394,340
Money: 412,891
Starter Pokémon: Ivysaur


Congratulations! A shiny Riolu hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #18)!

Wow, I didn't expect that...
4 Days ago
Who has mega crobat? I'd like to see one?
16 Days ago
Sniping in the AH is not rude at all, it's just the way AH works. :')
1 Month ago
Thehehe! You found me!

I love this message. XD
1 Month ago
If I say "women are always good at cooking", you, womem, say to me, "you are sexist" but please... If you see most of the top chefs in the world, they are men! And wait, you will say, that's gender discrimination. Oh, well, :'v
3 Months ago
My new room is messy, yet I am so lazy.

3 Months ago
By Wonder Trade - 49 Seconds ago.
You received a secret Pass Code for your last Wonder Trade:

Wow.... :0 my 2nd Hooh!
3 Months ago
My achievements so far.
1. Ignoring the wonder trades even the shiny ones!
2. Not catching all the available shadows!
3. Sleeping while there were great auctions
4. Not being an egg maniac who crazily goes to the tall grass as soon as possible.
5. Not playing in the game centre
6. Not playing in the berrygarden

#LifeIsHard so gonna be less and less active here for a good life.
3 Months ago
Somehow I like the old-fashioned way to talk to someone with PM, I mean you get notified easily by it, making you know that there's someone waiting for your reply.
3 Months ago
I'm stressed with life and yet I have a stupid roommate...

Life is never fair, I guess.

3 Months ago
My friend is such an a**h**e.........>:0
I'm not your Google translate!
It's so simple, why did you ask me that stupid question? it hurts my language dignity. :'(
He is not serious at all... like when I'm trying to make him practise more, he will just say, "that's enough, I can speak it anyway.. Too lazy "

Recently, he just asked me, "how do I say weapon?" like for the god sake... You have your own phone and Internet, you are just playing game, though.. Why don't you just take a break for a moment and look for it? >:0

I'm so happy that next month, I will be alone without any roommates. :0
3 Months ago
Here we go... My friend starts to play and game... He will be screaming... :'v
Oh, my life. Could it be worse? I think I won't sleep well, tonight.

3 Months ago
After almost 2 hours of talking to my friend, I feel quite better somehow.

(video call anyway)

3 Months ago
I'm still feeling very low anyway, thinking that I'm not worth being in this world. Why am I like this?
Someone has to sacrifice their dream so that I can build my own dream. This hurts me a lot every day, I cannot tell this to my surroundings, they won't really understand me, though. Oh, God, if You are there, tell me why life is never fair.

3 Months ago
My friend is playing a game and he is screaming... :-(

Hmmmmm... I cannot sleep.
Having a roommate is not always cool.
3 Months ago
No one likes my game. xd
Alright, I'll prepare 40 questions for the next game.
Prize = I'll shiny hunt castform and caterpie for the winners and many other items.
3 Months ago
(This user has put you on their blocklist. We are afraid that you can no longer contact them.)

Alright, another childish user has just blocked me. :'v like you know... AH is free and open to everyone, though.

"I even didn't sleep for some auctions, tell me how strong were your efforts to win some auctions? Just bid on what you want and you will win? What a nonsense thing!"

I don't care anymore... I have some great friends here anyway. I am not losing any friends, it's just they just showed me their true colours. :'v
3 Months ago
#Laundrybasketshavefeelingstoo go hatch your shiny impasta already... I don't want to see your empty party xd
3 Months ago
I love my new phone very much.
My internet connection is better than before... Awwww... Love 4G!
3 Months ago

Shiny Hunt

Hmmh is currently hunting Riolu.
Hunt started: 09/11/2019

Chain: 125
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