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Trainerlevel: 63

Trainerpoints: 5,207/11,969


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Cubchoo21563 / 1,387
Cubchoo21165 / 1,387
Cubchoo19149 / 1,141
Cubchoo19393 / 1,141
20526 / 1,261
Cubchoo20564 / 1,261

About Me

Hello and Welcome to my page.
Feel free to call me Blaze as most do.
My Avatar is made by me and is for my use only. Any of my art on my profile is for my use. Read my Spriting and pokesona panel for more information.

I collect Ditto plushes

If it is not in the Wonder Trade box or in Hunts/Sell box then it is not for trade, so do not PM about anything not in those two boxes. I will put a feed or GTS trade if I want to trade Pokemon not in the wondertrade box, no exceptions. Please keep this in mind when randomly sending a PM. I will however answer questions asked of me to the best of my knowledge.

Shiny Hunt

FlamingBlaze is currently hunting Cubchoo.
Hunt started: 11/03/2019

Chain: 309

Planned hunts

I will mark my hunts that are open or closed to offers below.
Current hunt Cubchoo open to offers.
4 slots open for Cubchoo Hard Rarity. Please note I get my shinies first.
Send a PM not Palpad I do not notice Palpad messages.

Planned hunts: Tepig, Castform, Rotom,

Next/Coming hunt:


Shiny Hunt Slot Pricing

Hard Rarity. Value at the price guide for such rarity.
1. ARtai0S completed
2. ShadowedFury


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FlamingBlaze 1 Day ago
ARtai0S 7 Days ago
FlamingBlaze 7 Days ago
MegaLopunny 7 Days ago

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #375110825
Registration: 30/09/2015 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 14/May/2019
Game Time: 1769:06 Hours
Total interactions: 3,599,954
Money: 12,232,143
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


The shiny event of psyduck looks... neat.
20 Days ago
By: RastaPastaPanda

Well guys, the time has finally come! I would like to introduce to you...

The Shiny Shop Of Horrors! The newest discount shiny shop to hit the forums ❤️

In honor of our grand opening, we will be hosting a giveaway. All you need to do is like the OG post and share this whole post to be entered to win one of 3 wonderful prizes!

Our prizes include a FREE shiny slot from our breeders’ starting hunts: Koffing, Bagon, Rockruff, Spiritomb or Zorua

First Place: 1 shiny of your choice from the list above

Second Place: 1 of the last 4 remaining shinies

Third Place: 1 of the last 3 remaining shinies

Good luck everyone and we look forward to starting this new adventure with you! ❤ #ShinyShopOfHorrors

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20 Days ago
Hey Guys!
I am giving away one month of premium! (800 Nuggets!)
All you have to do to Enter is share this post and interact with my Shiny Flareon Butterz!
Giveaway will end on April 14th!
21 Days ago
By magikarp98

I am giving away 50 sets of mystery boxes+keys of their color. And I will give them away in a couple days, exact end date will be revealed tomorrow. Share #mysteriousmagikarp to be entered to win(also more prizes revealed tomorrow too.
26 Days ago
1 Month ago
By The*Milky*Way

Imna do a giveaway
All you have to do is like but i if you want suggest me a new username to suit my new avi
*1. 100 nuggets
*2. 150kpd
*3. Mega able event royyku
Ends Tuesday

1 Month ago
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
Made by: Potted_Nugget
Yoyoyoyo it's yeah boi bacc at it again with dem giveaways.

Lemme see yeah gimme a ♥, share this #lolnice, and gimme yeah comment saying "lol nice"

also add me as a friend cuz I'm lonely as flip

Good luck brus, it ends when I say
Prize is 400,000 shiny bois (PD)
1 Month ago
ShadowedFury is trying for her first shiny event line but she's going to need Premium to do it! She's going to start off with a month to get her going so she's looking for 670 nuggets at 1,500 per nugget. Please contact her if you're selling! Other arrangements can be made as well such as boxes/keys, and other items. If you can share, it'd be very much appreciated, thank you for your help!
1 Month ago
Correction make that triplets of baby goats.
1 Month ago
Yay! Baby goats finally. Twin boys.
1 Month ago
By Blush

To celebrate not only getting a complete kanto dex but also getting a mewtwo i have decided to host a giveaway which im very excited about

The rules are very simple all you have to do is share the # and kind of like my articuno giveaway give me a suggestion of what role my mewtwo should play in my mew kingdom (ex : warlord, past king, rouge etc.)

There will be only 4 winner and as for the prizes each winner will receive 22 mystery boxes/keys but winner number 1 will also get a sky pillar map

And thats it! Dont forget the rules #blushgiveaway
1 Month ago
By BraixieYT

Okay so you know the Trainer Card on BraixieYT has on her profile?

Well she wants to make some more for others (Free since not all parts of the Card is drawn by herself)

So if you want one PM/PP her and she will ask you a few questions so she can make one for you.
1 Month ago

Okay so I hit search level 999 for Zigzagoon on Alpha Sapphire and I found 1 shiny. No one wins the 50K prize as no one guessed 1, the 25K prize has been given out to the person who guessed closest to 1, the winner was: Jacharias who guessed 2.

Now I'm moving on to Lillipup so how many shiny Lillipup do you think I will find until I hit search level 999 (number 999 is included) The Prize is again 50K if someone guesses the exact number or 25K to whoever gets closest.

1 guess per user.

Leave your guesses in the comment section of this feed.

Please consider sharing so more people can enter, ends when I hit  search level 999.

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1 Month ago

Heatran is a great legendary right?

It's gotta be like 200lbs

I broke my big toe by dropping something 200lbs on it

I'm giving away this shiny heatran to a random person, just comment and share

Will end in about 2-3 days, after each reset you can comment and share for another entry

Have fun
1 Month ago

My Spriting and Pokesona

Charmander here is my pokesona.

Glad you took the time to stop by my profile. Hope you enjoyed yourself.

Well it is unwanted by the user whom asked me if I could make such now but I enjoyed making it. Thank you Riako for granting me permission to make a mini Valenfloon. and the second one a double. Although there is a male somewhere too. Valenfloon is owned by PokeHeroes.

I sprited these and mini eggs gif and mini colorful castform gif while teaching myself. Please do not use or modify in anyway without my permission.
Something new I am learning to make

I am currently selling Avatars, like my own, like Braixie, WingedGolem, Nighty9000, I also make poke eggs, mini Pokemon mostly shiny, mini eggs for listing, charms, fusions, recolors, and terrarium avatars. Send me a PM to discuss having an avatar made by me as well as cost. Again do not use or modify without my permission Users whom ignore this will be reported following rule 7.


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