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Trainerlevel: 90

Trainerpoints: 6,030/24,389


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
1,0833,094,842 / 3,521,917

About Me

hi I'm kitty5327,I love cats and pokemon,and online games,and drawing and anime,and I love to roleplay and I'm 33 and my birthday is on december 25,DO NOT ADD ME TO GROUPS CHATS

shiny hunting

13,874 /1,044,000 normal gems for

stuff I want to do on PH 2023

1:save up PD (trying to aim for 60 million or more,trying to save up for more egg storage boxes(PD right now: 4,193,565)
2:save up nuggets for year premium (nuggets right now:5,297)
3:interact more
4:try to get at least one shiny mega able (I do have a list of 43 pokemon to shiny hunt though,so let's just put this in the maybe's file)
5:re do zodiac shiny hunts (fruits basket challenge) (also in the maybe's file)
6:play more of the mini games (including the ones I hate)
7:fish more
8:try to get the fish hat (even though I don't know how to get it)
9:save up game chips (game chips right now:243,123)
10:save up gold game chips (golden game chips right now:96,588)
11:improve my shiny shop
12:do more bug contest
13:do more beauty contest
14:do more in the berry garden (that's not going to last long XD)
15:keep shiny sylveon in the party all year
16:try to finish a pokedex (from any gen)
17:try to get more of the shiny harvest sprites
18:keep PD,nuggets and items in private trade (this is so I try not to think about spending my PD and nuggets while saving up)
19:save up powerorbs (powerorbs right now: 9) (yeah I'm not good with saving powerorbs XD)

Shiny Hunt

sprigatito is currently hunting Ralts.
Hunt started: 02/05/2023

Chain: 151
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #981709253
Registration: 03/08/2015 (7 Years ago)
Game Time: 5890:32 Hours
Total interactions: 25,765,424
Money: 3,536,355
Starter Pokémon: Quilava


Interactions made 38,782
Interactions received 855
Eggs hatched 13
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Yesterday, 23:51
apparently I've been at yellow forest for 5 or 6 years on here XD huh? I could've sworn it was longer
Yesterday, 20:01
took something for my stomach cramps and my back,hate when my back hurts to...
Yesterday, 19:14
really hate when my roleplay character asks something and I get a reply that makes 0 sense in roleplay,I'm not in the mood for this today
Yesterday, 18:42
looks like things happened when I was asleep
Yesterday, 15:24
I'm always getting food names mixed up and I hate it
1 Day ago
what is going on with facebook? I finally get to draw,and I want to upload them but facebook keeps saying it's not able to upload them,why? >:(
2 Days ago
seriously can a shiny hatch already? no wonder I gave up shiny hunting ralts after the first shiny hatched 7 years ago XD
2 Days ago
I liked drawing everyday no matter what and it seemed to help my artblock since I was able to draw a year and a half without artblock stopping me,but now it seems like this time artblock decided to be like nope your not drawing for months :( I hope I get ideas to draw again before artfight in july,that would make me sad
4 Days ago
I wanted to draw but of course no idea come to mind,artblock is evil
4 Days ago
By Emera Square - 1 Hour and 22 Minutes ago.
Results of last Beauty Contest:

Photo #1 - Rank 62 (Rating: 5.91)
Photo #2 - Rank 67 (Rating: 5.82)
Photo #3 - Rank 129 (Rating: 5.06)
Photo #4 - Rank 134 (Rating: 5.01)
Photo #5 - Rank 152 (Rating: 4.83)

You won 1750 Festival Points!

I actually forgot about this XD and mine are usually eh...so I don't enter that much or this many but I keep forgetting about beauty contest and I also keep forgetting that I was aiming for shiny meloetta,probably cause I know I'm bad at the bug contest and the beauty contest,there should be more contest options that way maybe I can remember at least one existing XD
5 Days ago
I hope we get shaymin this year,the lack of the other events is alittle concerning,we didn't get kyurem or zeraora this year,so I REALLY hope we at least get shaymin this year
5 Days ago
I'm horrible at saving up powerorbs,I use them for everything now and it's no wonder I'm always low on them XD
5 Days ago
can a shiny just hatch already please?
5 Days ago
haven't been drawing much or at all still....maybe I'll draw tomorrow? I don't know,I hate having no ideas
5 Days ago
this is my only omanyte,I don't even remember how I got it cause I've had it for 6 years,but I'm not selling it,I'm never selling it
6 Days ago
did someone just call me sir? I'm a girl and no I'm not selling any of my pokemon,I'm never selling any of my pokemon
6 Days ago
Interactions made 7,951
Interactions received 2,967
Eggs hatched 15
Forum posts 0
6 Days ago
it was a wasp,dad got him finally
6 Days ago
a flying bug scared me off,I hope it's not a wasp ;-;
6 Days ago

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shinies I want to hunt in 2023

1:cubchoo ✓
3:kanto vulpix (need shiny ninetales)
5:buizel ✓
12:rockruff ✓ (1 down 2 to go,but will hunt later)
16:oricorio (all forms)
19:scorbunny ✓
20:skwovet ✓
21:milcery (all uuh maybe,I'll probably need help evolving them not gonna lie)
26:galar ponyta
27:galar slowpoke
28:hisuian growlithe
38:hoothoot ✓