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Trainerlevel: 18

Trainerpoints: 153/989


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Regirock9139 / 339
Bidoof1011 / 331
Eevee7161 / 169
Fletchling815 / 105
Shuckle540 / 44
Rokkyu27687 / 1,998

About Me

Hello there.
My name is Jill. (:


Favorite pokemon:

[By Yoru.]
Always stalking the Spriting forums to see if I can snatch a special Shinx!


I haven't been on here in forever. I might not even stay! But please, if anyone wants to talk, I wouldn't mind.

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #897653126
Registration: 27/07/2013 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 146:19 Hours
Total interactions: 25,216
Money: 234,264
Starter Pokémon: Piplup


I really need to get back on here... I just feel so left behind. It's been over a year, and I'm just so lost... ;-; Gosh, I'll see. It feels like everyone I knew here is dead. >.<
4 Years ago
Ok... getting back to this! :3 I don't like my chances with Mystery Boxes but I opened 2 just now. Aaaand... x1 Dragon Gems found! Plus x1 Dragon Gems... o.e
5 Years ago
Tang (Pangoro) and Salt (Dedenne) are both in Daycare with 1,000PD deposited. I have 5 Dedennes currently, but only that 1 Pangoro and 0 Panchams. o;
6 Years ago
After maybe 7 Bunnelbys and over 20 Growlithe eggs, I have finally achieved my 2nd Cuddlithe egg, soon to be evolved into a Arcaddly. Yesyesyes!~
6 Years ago
Ooooooooooh.... my. One of my babies hatched just over 45 minutes ago, and they're level 12. ;; another hatched 28 minutes ago, and is still level 1. o.e
6 Years ago
Cuddlithe and Bunnelby in Daycare, 4,000PD paid. No eggs yet, I'm really hoping I'll finally recieve my second Cuddlithe to evolve!
6 Years ago
Litleo and Espurr pair set up a few hours ago, so far 1 Litleo was born. (:
6 Years ago
Hope the Flame orb I bought for 50k is worth it. :]
6 Years ago
Bunnelby won from auction last night, she shall be named Sheila. Accieved Skiddo before that, bred him to get my baby girl, Moss. I'm currently breeding Daddy Pumpkaboo, 3 babies so far <3
6 Years ago
And.... Oh my gosh. Harvest Sprite obtained... I quit that quest a week ago... what luck!!! And almost done with this Skiddo event, Flaaffy just became level 29/30. <333333
6 Years ago
Aww, thanks guys. Super Famous badge obtained, :3 And just obtained... a Pokeradar~
6 Years ago
Mom clicked around 3000 pokemon for me today. Holy cow, in 36th place for the you-know-what contest. Obtained 37,000PD and nearly 500 Gold Chips, over 2,000GC obtained along with a Mesprint egg. Holy.
6 Years ago
Jumper(Cuddlithe) & Camila(Catercream): Produced 4 Caterpies, 5 Growlithes, and just now: a Catercream egg. <3333 Yeeeess!
6 Years ago
Holy f**k. I got my first shiny. I wasn't even trying. I just wanted a Spinarak from the lab. Then he hatches all blue and pink and has a SHINY sign when I got home, after he hatched while I was away.
6 Years ago
Got my Slowyore for 14,002, thank the lord. <3 She's beautiful. I also got a handsome little Tepig, only have one more starter to go (Snivy) ^^
6 Years ago
I named *her* Sabia; the sweet one. I also just recieved my first Daycare egg, a tiny bulbasaur. [I promised popo one of the babies.]
6 Years ago
Oh my. I just won a cute little shaymin for 9k. I was having a pal. night, and hoped up in the middle of the movie Kiki's Delievery Service to make popcorn. o:
6 Years ago
Omg just got a Cuddlithe 8D -dies over and over again- I've been clicking and clicking since yesterday morning, this is my first eventpet<3
6 Years ago
Omg! Just got a Mudkip! :33333 So excited, bidded 6,002P with 2 sec to spare
6 Years ago
Yay, my fifth egg was the Finneon. ^^ I gave her an everstone since Finneon is one of my favourit pokemon <3 Oh, and I'm calling Spinda Spinda I loved that character in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games (:
6 Years ago


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