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Trainerlevel: 28

Trainerpoints: 367/2,379


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Golden Nugget
251112,353 / 220,263

Fall's Backstory

Everyone expects Fall Night is from Poketale. They are right but they are wrong. The event of Reset#163 happened, a glitch in the system where the eevee known as 'Frisk' turned to a silver colour. The glitch also gained other powers such as human speach and ability to make portals and she gained her aqua scarf. Eventually the AU was getting messed up by the glitching and the monsters drove her out. Her portals turned into AU jumps causing her to explore out of her comfort zone. One jump took a wrong turn and she fell into a room of white. She crashed onto the ground. As she pulled herself up she saw someone unfamiliar. The black skeleton known as Error. She was forced to fight with him and began to loose terribly, but that's when he came.
Ink, protector of AUs made his grand entrance to the battle, saving Falls fur in the nick of time. After a long battle, Fall and Ink were turning out victorious before Error dissapeared as always. The young eevee explained to Ink that she had no place to go and he offered her a once in a lifetime chance to work side by side with him to protect the AUs from those who wish to destroy them. Fall undoubtably agreed and over time, her form began to shape and change until she became the shiny umbreon we know today! When she went adventuring in AUs she usually finds herself a different form every now and again.


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Art panel-all terrible

Game Records

Trainer ID: #224964202
Registration: 28/12/2017 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 551:06 Hours
Total interactions: 70,062
Money: 75,672
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


I just realised my best friend is a Megamind Fangirl.
Yesterday, 23:44
Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) should be the actor for All Might

Yesterday, 15:41
I'm so booorrrreeed
Yesterday, 00:05
I hate BTS
1 Day ago
Gradient meets Fall!

Gradient: I am powerful! You big dark mutt dont scare meh!
*Fall flicks him halfway across the room*
Fall:Pathetic child
Shard:I'm growing on her heh heh *whispers*Oh god Mystics gonna kill me.....
4 Days ago
Doing some poses representing MineCraft Mobs. My friend calls them 'Sprites'
Zombie Pigman

Who next?
4 Days ago
5 Days ago
Moana:*singing about how everywhere she walks she ends up at the ocean*

Me: I should hope so, YOU LIVE ON AN ISLAND
(Btw I support the Moana is God theory)
5 Days ago
If this post gets over 7 likes I will do a face reveal
6 Days ago
I've got The Hanging Tree stuck in my head from Binge watching all but the last Hunger Games movies

Are you coming to the tree?
6 Days ago
You hear that sound?
Its my bed
9 Days ago
You bored? Me two. I made two characters, have a little base story. But that's a little too little. Ima make is bigger.
How would like to be part ofthese two's story?
Like and I will start a PM story with you.
You use whatever character of yours you want
(Magic using world characters preferred.)
9 Days ago
Woke up to three texts one voice message
One was my step dad, two were EE and the voice message was my cousin.
And mum bouncing on my bed at half past twelve this morning
And guess what
I shouted "Leave me alone I'm old"
I'm not even old
Guess what today is.
10 Days ago
Requested by VUT*WitchF
Ancientstale Toriel
10 Days ago
I'm feeling in an Undertale mood....oh I know! You guys comment an Undertale/Undertale AU character, and I will draw it om the opposite species. So Monsters, I turn Human and Human, I turn Monster!
Here's one I've already done
Underfell Sans(Fell!Sans, Fell, Edge, Red ect why this many nicknames idk)
10 Days ago
Drawing 1 and 2 have a little blood on them. Just a warning!
part 2
If Fall was a shadow pokemon
10 Days ago
Some quick trivia so you can get an idea on what I am like
•My birthday is 8th July
•I have 1 close friend group in real life
•I have brown, naturally frizzy/wavy hair.
•one of my eyes is a darker brown than the other cuz a baseball hit it.
•I get scared if it's dark and I know people are near me
•I am twig thin and pale for my age with chubb face.
•I hate it when friends/family argue because I have PTSD.
11 Days ago
You know when you get nightmares from something you have done? Or something you made?
Help, SoulDrift is haunting me.
What do I do with a trash AU ruining my dreams...?
13 Days ago
Watched top 6 two birds on a wire:undertale.

I'm crying ;^; so beautiful
Mostly 5 & 2 & 1
16 Days ago
Shadow radar is 500k PD! Damn dats expensive..
16 Days ago

My little cinnamon bunnies

made by ErrorThePyromaniac
made by MetalHeadKendra

my babies <3
Chain #140
Chain #49


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Hi! I'm Fall_Night but you can call me Fall! I am feminine
I'm Bisexual, loving girls and boys BUT I'm Taken by a lovely girl
I love Creppypastas, FNAF, Pokemon, Undertale and Minecraft(theres 75million of us. Fite meh)