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Trainerlevel: 62

Trainerpoints: 9,904/11,593


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
°Marshy 17os°
(Zenith Marshadow)
3,069369,686 / 35,331,864
1,294771,952 / 5,027,191

Shiny Hunt

AHBEE is currently hunting Winter Mareep.
Hunt started: 02/03/2021

Chain: 124
0 1 0

Jay’s & Beta’s Stats

Status: . . .

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•Name: Beta Mize
•Age: 19
•Gender: Male
•Species: outcode Human
•Eye color: Normal
•Likes: syrup, helping, his stuffed animal(s)
•Dislikes: Boredom, Tetris, Star energy, COT, Cathy
•Friends: Novana,a group in OCTown, Jay(bf), A group in his town, Zebai, Kabria, Snowva
•Relatives: Axryn(‘bro’), Calbra(‘sis’), Rayon Mize(father), Michelle Mize(GM), Jack Mize(GD), Faye Mize(aunt),Cytris Dysker(mother), Melvin Dysker(step-dad), Lemyra Dysker(Half-Sis), ClaBat (Uncle)
•Emotion/status: worried & exhausted
•Injuries: N/A
•Goals/Objectives: N/A

DT Meter: 100%

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•Name: Jay Sakiro
•Age: 19
•Gender: Male
•Species: Wolf
•Eye color: Golden
•Likes: helping, Beta, Fun, coldness, friendliness

•Dislikes:Fighting, evil, Glich, Tetris, peeps that hurt Beta
•Friends: Beta(bf), A group in OCTown and his town, The Deltaners, Skyler
•Relatives: Cleo Sakiro(sis), Marrex Sakiro(father), Yashera Sakiro(Mother)
•Emotion/Status: unmotivated and useless
•Injuries: N/A


Game Records

Trainer ID: #718924741
Registration: 13/03/2018 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 2346:12 Hours
Total interactions: 443,662
Money: 292,862
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Since I seen some people been doing this, might as well try it too
How well do you know me?
I will give 100 normal gems to the one who gets it all right
I will be surprised if someone does get it all right, might even throw in some bonus stuff if it does happen
8 Days ago
You know people are losing their minds here in school if you see some lady demanding some stranger to pick up their penny for them because they dont wanna do it themselves
High school is wack
16 Days ago
Today isn’t my day, so many problems. So, damn exhausted.
19 Days ago
After months of hunting, finally, flipping FINALLY
I got something out of this hunt
A mega able
23 Days ago
Imagine throwing a tantrum
Couldnt be me

I already said this? Well- I need content so imma say it again B)
25 Days ago
I stand corrected, the day gotten worse.
At this point, sleeping is my only damn option I have cause you know what? I had it with today, everything is just crumbling down just like my mental health.
I can’t draw, I can’t relax, I can’t stop overthinking everything! If my parents want something, they can get it themselves. They got legs, idc anymore.

If you need me, Imma be heading to hecking bed.
1 Month ago
Day went from bad to worst.

Where the living crap is my pizza?! I ordered it about 2 hours ago!
Well, hopefully something good comes out today.
1 Month ago
Imagine throwing a fit 😳
Nah jk
Unless 👁 👄 👁
1 Month ago
About to roundhouse kick someone’s ex friend once I find them in my state. My state isn’t large so finding that pest won’t take long.
2 Months ago
A friend gave me 2 options
1. Is to stay up to date to pokeheroes dramas
2. To have a very good burrito

I don’t know what’s going on atm, but I got some good food to eat as I look for answers.
2 Months ago
2 Months ago
Great lord nooo- this is really like L’Manberg
First the first wave of damage, now the second wave, everyone is gangsta til mini dramas start spouting here and there so fast that it causes the site to lag
Jokes aside, how does this even slip through the mod’s radar?? Like- how is that even possible??
2 Months ago
I follow a law of trading. If I/we didnt agree with trade backs, dont ask me minutes/hours/days later for trade backs.
Trade is final, and I wont trade back. We agreed with the trade, even let you have time to think about it. So once I accept, its final unless we talked about trade backs before going through the trade. That is all.
Thanks for listening to this TEDTalk.
2 Months ago
Why must the game bug at my favorite event ;0;
2 Months ago
All praise the mighty burmy
2 Months ago
Why did I think that will be a good idea to hunt shiny winter mareep..
I got 2-3 other hunts planned and I have yet gotten at least something new
3 Months ago
When you want to ask about what the heck just happened as I was vibing on a different site but I dont got the guts to ask: 🧍‍♂️
4 Months ago
Anyone shiny hunting ditto yet?
5 Months ago
I am almost a adult, I should be looking for a job. But you know what I am really doing?

Playing kids game cause I don’t want to grow up CHANGE ME BACK TO LITTLE ME PLEASE
6 Months ago
Imma pour milk and then add cereal
6 Months ago

Give a ploosh/info about Me!

Heya, My name is TKBeta!

•Im 17 yrs old female
•My real name is Abigail but I prefer Abby
•My bday is Oct/22
•Not a single pringle (found a gf uwu)
•Im a furry that does weird stuff
•I’m not that social.. but I try to be!
•hand over that newborn baby
•A chaotic gremlin
•Credits to Hime-Nyan for the Skitmin plush art

BEES BEES BEES BEES 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝


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