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Formerly: TKBeta
Trainerlevel: 61

Trainerpoints: 9,695/11,223


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
522213,933 / 819,019

Shiny Hunt

AHBEE is currently hunting Mareep.
Hunt started: 26/02/2021

Chain: 30
0 0 0

Jay’s & Beta’s Stats

Status: . . .

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•Name: Beta Mize
•Age: 19
•Gender: Male
•Species: outcode Human
•Eye color: Normal
•Likes: syrup, helping, his stuffed animal(s)
•Dislikes: Boredom, Tetris, Star energy, COT, Cathy
•Friends: Novana,a group in OCTown, Jay(bf), A group in his town, Zebai, Kabria, Snowva
•Relatives: Axryn(‘bro’), Calbra(‘sis’), Rayon Mize(father), Michelle Mize(GM), Jack Mize(GD), Faye Mize(aunt),Cytris Dysker(mother), Melvin Dysker(step-dad), Lemyra Dysker(Half-Sis), ClaBat (Uncle)
•Emotion/status: worried & exhausted
•Injuries: N/A
•Goals/Objectives: N/A

DT Meter: 100%

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•Name: Jay Sakiro
•Age: 19
•Gender: Male
•Species: Wolf
•Eye color: Golden
•Likes: helping, Beta, Fun, coldness, friendliness

•Dislikes:Fighting, evil, Glich, Tetris, peeps that hurt Beta
•Friends: Beta(bf), A group in OCTown and his town, The Deltaners, Skyler
•Relatives: Cleo Sakiro(sis), Marrex Sakiro(father), Yashera Sakiro(Mother)
•Emotion/Status: unmotivated and useless
•Injuries: N/A


Game Records

Trainer ID: #718924741
Registration: 13/03/2018 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 05/Mar/2021
Game Time: 2213:57 Hours
Total interactions: 434,628
Money: 72,616
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Learning about communism in class boys
*Insert Soviet Union Anthem*
5 Days ago
Imagine putting a trash item like a berry with a detailed message saying that your guaranteed to get this [insert item] if you put your nuggets/PD in as a offer. All because it’s a “trend”, yeah it’s a trend alright, the scamming trend B)
10 Days ago
Technoblade never dies
Change my mind
12 Days ago
13 Days ago
11100111 10111011 10011101 11100100 10111000 10001101 11100100 10111100 10011010 11100110 10010100 10111110 11100101 10111100 10000011 11100100 10111101 10100000
16 Days ago
Grubhub lmao
22 Days ago
When things get tough, just remember, there is a crab somewhere in the world that is looking at your direction. They are judging you.
1 Month ago
[smol rant, not towards any specific person]
I know it shouldn’t get to my nerves, but seriously. If you say you are quitting and then leave but come back the next day and continue coming back. What’s the point of you “quitting”?? Just say you are taking a break, or becoming less active, that’s more understandable if you plan on still playing the game. But quitting and then coming back like nothing ever happened? That’s where I get irritated the most. Cause then you get all this attention for a small reason on why you are leaving.
Sure it sucks to see someone actually quit a game, and we do want them to feel like they were part of a big family so we give them all the attention. But those who say they “quit” and then come back is just, not right at all.
Again, it shouldn’t irritate me at all, but I just needed to get this out of my chest because it happens too much.
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
Question to all.
What is the highest level rumbling mission area you have?
For me its the Windy Prairie at level 112.
1 Month ago
So um, anyone care to explain the drama to me in the most simplest way ever?
Like- just one word.
2 Months ago
When I thought Christmas would be horrible this year, this guy showed up and made my day.
2 Months ago
Riptide, on a trident, and with slow falling. The ultimate flying in survival combo
2 Months ago
Psst, you, hey you.

heart for a interaction exchange :3?
2 Months ago
Is your food for me?
2 Months ago
How to stop making shelves

Wait this is google
2 Months ago
Oh boy I do love hoarding and selling keys and boxes for cheap
Cause then I got about 200-600k waiting for me to collect
2 Months ago
Turning out gay
2 Months ago
Dont you just love it when people still do “giveaways”, and then asks for certain things to get you more “entries”. Like- sure, I can share to get a extra entry or give it a heart. But I am totally 100% gonna give valuable items to get 1k pd in return. Seems like a fair swap to me, mmm, yup, totally.
2 Months ago
My new motto.
“If you want something, do something.”
Can’t stress enough when y’all see beggers everywhere asking for free stuff and you really want to say something, but then everyone will target you as a bully and give the begger the stuff.
2 Months ago

Give a ploosh/info about Me!

Heya, My name is TKBeta!

•Im 17 yrs old female
•My real name is Abigail but I prefer Abby
•My bday is Oct/22
•Not a single pringle (found a gf uwu)
•Im a furry that does weird stuff
•I’m not that social.. but I try to be!
•hand over that newborn baby
•A chaotic gremlin
•Credits to Hime-Nyan for the Skitmin plush art

BEES BEES BEES BEES 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝


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