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Trainerlevel: 56

Trainerpoints: 5,681/9,463


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Furfrou11 / 8
Tentacool11 / 10
Lillipup226 / 48

Things to avoid with me

Trolls will be perma-blocked, simply cause I don't want negativity on my feeds. Otherwise, just don't be a jerk*, and don't comment on my feeds/message me with trigger jokes / "autistic screeching" jokes and we'll be fine. Also, if you wanna PM me then please have a conversation topic in advance so I'm able to respond :3

*Anti-furry (as in, you make fun of/hate on furries and/or think it's okay to joke about harming us), anti-lgbt, and/or ableist, or just. Yknow. Rude to everyone for no reason.


If you don't fit any of these and you're blocked anyway, feel free to have a friend PM me and ask! There's a high chance that it was either accidental (trying to add you as a friend) or meant to be temporary (eg. there was drama and I didn't want anything to do with it) and I just couldn't find you again to lift the block, so I'll most likely lift the block if someone lets me know :P If it was intentional though, I'll do my best to explain what happened and I'll decide if I want to allow contact again or not <3

NOTE: If you tend to get drunk often then I'll likely have to unfriend you; I will never block over this reason (unless you do any of the above while drunk), it's just a personal comfort thing as I've had family die to alcoholism so it scares me to see other people fall down this path. Take care of yourselves, okay? ♥



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Game Records

Trainer ID: #1999977
Registration: 08/06/2018 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1083:24 Hours
Total interactions: 1,537,811
Money: 3,122,580
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Sometimes I watch random netflix movies and they have corny/bland beginnings, but I keep watching anyway. Sometimes this pays off and the movie turns out good.

Today was not one of those days. Holy carp the acting. Someone nearly died and they sounded like all they did was pour cold milk on their shirt. It did not get any less bland than this.
Yesterday, 10:31
Yesterday, 03:47
Two of our red-eyed tetras have cottonmouth fungus 😢 We caught one of them early on enough to where it should recover fine with medication and attention, but the other one always hides so we didn't notice that one in time. The fungus already ate away at its mouth a bit and now it can't close it at all.. I'm hoping the medicine helps (dosing for fungus with one, dosing for open wounds with the other), but I doubt its mouth will heal all the way. I'm hoping it'll still be able to eat at least... it doesn't look thin enough to where it's currently at-risk, but it is notably skinnier than our one fungus-free red-eye.
2 Days ago
Mabel just sold me spaghetti sauce to put on my face. She Gets Me.
2 Days ago
Today I learned how useless the wither boss (and, by extension, the beacon) is for how difficult to kill/obtain it is.

This profile is officially a wither/beacon hate club.
3 Days ago
Me: Oh look, this minecraft mod looks neat! Let's check out their showcase video!
Video: *INTENSE shaders that make the sun absolutely blinding and the shadows pitch-black so you can't see, motion-blur effects, constantly moving and rotating the camera sideways/upsidedown*
Me: Okay okay I'll download your mod just make it stoP--
3 Days ago
Plants ID'd!!! They're a type of sempervivum! The specific type is unknown, since there's so many kinds of sempervivums and these are so young that they don't have much going on yet (nor do they have sun colours, if they're gonna get any), but that's fine cause they have generally the same care requirements anyway.

And good news about that: They have the same care requirements as my echeverias! Still just as sun-hungry, still just as water-resistant, except they're even hardier in the sense that they can actually be left outside even in snow!! I'm probably gonna keep them as indoor plants anyway simply cause of how humid it is here and how much it rains, too afraid of them rotting, but it's still good to know anyway.
3 Days ago
Posted my new plants on iNaturalist for identification, as well as asking a plantcare tumblr about them. Hopefully I get some answers soon, I'm really curious about em!!
3 Days ago
Guess who has a new plant again *w* There's 3 healthy ones and one that looks like it might be dead? My aunt got it as a gift and gave it to me. No clue what species it is yet but it's FUZZY!!!
Gonna have to repot it as soon as the soil dries cause it has no drainage hole (it's in a little plastic wine glass), but thankfully I have a pot free that should be the perfect size for it! Tiny pot for tiny plants~
3 Days ago
coding in the last post went haywire
tl;dr drama is draining so I'm unfriending people who make their own feeds to add to it, not bc I think poorly of people but bc I can't take it.
ok now I go with this code-free post that can't get messed up
4 Days ago
Woooo 3mil pd!!
5 Days ago
i have between 20 and 23 kins
if i didnt forget any anyway.
thats a lot of lives
5 Days ago
its time,, for me to have an actual "professional" kinlist instead of just stuffing it into my About Me on a dang unrelated pokemon adoptables website-- asdfghjkl

i have no clue what im doin
6 Days ago
By GTS - 37 Minutes and 16 Seconds ago.
It's pay day!
Some of your items have been sold at the GTS with a revenue of 420,000 PokéDollar.

→ Claim revenue

6 Days ago
>Tfw ur dramatic rant makes ur favourite youtuber laugh
Heck yeah

This is I think the second or third time I've made him laugh actually. The first time was me ranting about dragons LOL
6 Days ago
I think aliens are messing with me. Earlier today the entire sun freaking moved (usually it sets out the right side of our house, today it set out the front. WAY far away from where it's supposed to. i don't think the sun's supposed to move), and just now I heard a friggin weird noise. Like some sort of loud deep-sea creature or something, it was WEIRD.

i mean it could have been the train or a weird-sounding car, but it was too loud? And it sounded nothing like either of those things. It sounded rumbly and like... melodic?? Like a whale. w e i r d
6 Days ago
>casually spams my oekaki-followers on chickensmoothie
7 Days ago
Me trying to sell an adopt on CS in a nutshell:
>Bumps post
>Immediately gets a trade notification
>Gets excited and checks it

>>Normal trade asking for one of my event tokens
👁️👄👁️ at least the trade was worth it, pet wasn't on my wishlist yet but they actually made sure it was a result I was missing so that's cool. Woulda been on my list as soon as it got rated anyway.
7 Days ago
Sorry, the pound is closed at the moment. The Pound will open in: 5 minutes
7 Days ago

About Me

Mun -
Name: Ashe
Pronouns: They/them
Age: 19
Etc.: Autistic, and a huge furry. I'm also a kinnie! Feel free to ask for my kinlist if you're interested <3 it got too long to keep here

Muse -
Name: Dusty
Pronouns: They/them
Level: ??
Etc.: A hybrid of a Zorua, Noivern, and a Flareon, also known as a Zoiveon. They're mostly a hermit, but they'll sometimes poke their nose out of their "hidey-hole" to meme around and scream into the abyss. And to steal all your sweets, of course. (Non-serious character. I don't do actual 1v1 roleplays, I just like playing a character in my posts and whatnot :P)


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