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Trainerlevel: 50

Trainerpoints: 2,062/7,549


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Weedle212 / 19

Things to avoid with me

Trolls will be perma-blocked, simply cause I don't want negativity on my feeds. Otherwise, just don't be a jerk*, and don't comment on my feeds/message me with trigger jokes / "autistic screeching" jokes and we'll be fine. Also, if you wanna PM me then please have a conversation topic in advance so I'm able to respond :3

*Anti-furry (as in, you make fun of/hate on furries and/or think it's okay to joke about harming us), anti-lgbt, and/or ableist, or just. Yknow. Rude to everyone for no reason.


If you don't fit any of these and you're blocked anyway, feel free to have a friend PM me and ask! There's a high chance that it was either accidental (trying to add you as a friend) or meant to be temporary (eg. there was drama and I didn't want anything to do with it) and I just couldn't find you again to lift the block, so I'll most likely lift the block if someone lets me know If it was intentional though, I'll do my best to explain what happened and I'll decide if I want to allow contact again or not <3

NOTE: If you tend to get drunk often then I'll likely have to unfriend you; I will never block over this reason (unless you do any of the above while drunk), it's just a personal comfort thing as I've had family die to alcoholism so it scares me to see other people fall down this path. Take care of yourselves, okay? ♥



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Game Records

Trainer ID: #1999977
Registration: 08/06/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 788:51 Hours
Total interactions: 1,255,269
Money: 1,483,020
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Oh! I just noticed my Scorbunny hatched female, nice!
2 Days ago
Yknow, I kinda hope the new Pokemon don't get released too quickly on here, since I'm sure a lot of people would rather discover the new 'mons themselves as they play... but, I guess the starters are fair game at this point since you get them right at the start, so *shrug*? I'm not sure which starter I'll go for first tbh, I'm thinkin I might go for Scorbunny, and then Sobble, and then Grookey last.
3 Days ago
Updates on Psycho and Gemini
They had their closest encounter today. Psycho actually got up the guts to walk past Gemini despite her growling, and Gemini decided to try and see how close she could get to Psycho. I think they did really good today! Psycho let her get a few inches away before swatting near her (she made sure not to actually touch her), and Gemini took the hint and backed away. This is honestly a big step for them, and this time I'm glad nobody else was home cause they wouldn't have let them sort it out themselves and probably would've punished Psycho for telling Gemini she was too close. I wish I had my phone on me tbh, I would've liked to be able to record their first time actually trying to get near each other.
3 Days ago
I dont think i can handle trying to tame gemini, not all by myself like this... Im the only one trying to make any attempt at getting her to stop bullying the other animals and i cant handle it. I physically can't do it on my own, I can't be in two places at once trying to take care of the dog while making sure the cats don't fight. I knew we never should have gotten a kitten, I knew she wouldn't get along with Psycho. As much as I love her, if she keeps bullying my cat I'm about to ask to rehome her. This isn't fair to the other animals.
4 Days ago
Gemini is already becoming more comfortable with Psycho <3 I fed them on opposite sides of the door today (Psycho in my room, Gemini in the hallway, with the door shut between them) and Gemini actually ate the whole thing this time without running away once she smelled Psycho. They also managed to get really close to each other without hissing or anything too afterwards! Gemini did get scared when I came back up to get in my room though since she felt cornered, but now she keeps coming in here and sniffing around checking Psycho out. I hope they can be friends soon <3
6 Days ago
You push the gold key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Washing Machine found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.
8 Days ago
Ive forgotten how to draw /sobs
9 Days ago
Going to my friend's birthday party today!! Might draw concepts for the skullbeasts if I have time today, but I'll probably be busy actually hanging out with her so XD Skullbeasts will probably have to wait until tomorrow
10 Days ago
I have a dilemma... I wanna make a Skelebeast, but I can't draw skulls and I also don't know what animal to make. Anyone have any ideas?
10 Days ago
My kitten is a thief. Every time we turn around she's dragging something around in her mouth, she doesn't care what it is. One time she stole a shower poof thing, one time she stole bubblewrap, she tries to steal our food constantly, and recently she's started stealing paintrollers out of our bathroom. Those things are bigger than She is and she keeps stealing them and running around with them djshfkdhfkdh
11 Days ago
Okay, I give up. At this point I'm blocking anyone who gives SwSh spoilers out in the open. I'm just... I'm done. :T I was trying to friggin wait until it was officially released, I got so friggin close and now people can't keep their dang mouths shut. I'm done. I might also take a break from Pokeheroes until it's released at this point, since it's gotten so freakin bad on here... Sigh...
14 Days ago
Reminder that if you're talking about Sw/Sh leaks, please put a spoiler warning for those of us who don't want to see anything until it's officially released. Thank you <3
14 Days ago
14 Days ago
Update on Psycho (my cat)
I was able to get her to eat last night after she refused for hours, and she came up to my bed to sleep near me that night. This morning, she got up to greet me as soon as I sat up and actually headbutted me (which she'd been avoiding bc tooth)! She shook her head in discomfort afterwards, but that means she is feeling a little better to be able to put up with it. She also followed me into the bathroom which she hadn't been doing lately, and when I gave her wet food she ate it right away ♥ Her mouth is still sitting awkwardly but it's not hanging open anymore either. She seems to be starting to feel a bit better now, I'm really glad ^w^
15 Days ago
hey so,,, psycho is clearly in pain and im really worried about her. im sure its just her mouth bothering her but i really hate seeing her in pain, especially since shes no longer eating anything at all now, but we dont have money for a vet and i have no means to get a job rn (no transportation and w/ my mental state i still cant hold down a job), so i think im gonna. open for commissions on my tumblr tomorrow if i can figure stuff out. not gonna say anything more on here tho since irl transactions arent allowed on here -- but my tumblr is on my page so. we'll see what happens?
15 Days ago
Poor Psycho's toothache has gotten worse. She can't eat the chunky wet food anymore, and she's had her mouth open trying to avoid touching it all day. We're gonna start getting her the mushy kind from now on so she can actually eat it, and hopefully the toothache will go away soon.
15 Days ago
Ok yeah I'm definitely kin with Spring Bonnie. Dunno if I'll put him in my kinlist or not yet bc I don't know Quite enough abt my canon to where I can answer if someone randomly comes up and asks about it but,,, I'm Spring Bonnie
17 Days ago
I know next to nothing abt fnaf lore (i watched bits and pieces of gameplay but ive never looked into it as more than just "oo spooky animatronics" but i think i might. Be kin with golden bonnie/springtrap. Whoops.
17 Days ago
You push the purple key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Blue Orb found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.
17 Days ago
Poor Psycho has a toothache She could hardly eat yesterday and hasn't touched her food at all today despite acting hungry, and she growled at me when I touched near her face... I'm gonna see if I can try giving her some wet food since it'll be easier for her to eat, I'm glad she's learned to tell me when something's bothering her instead of just immediately smacking me. I don't think I would've figured out the problem if she just smacked me (i wouldve just thought she was in a bad mood or she felt trapped or something instead)
17 Days ago

About Me

Mun -
Name: Ashe
Pronouns: They/them
Age: 19
Etc.: Autistic, and a huge furry. I'm also a kinnie! My kins are Evan (Maplestory), Freud (Maplestory), Boris (BATIM), the space mice (Voltron), Zorua (Zoroark movie), Link (Twilight Princess), Etihw (Gray Garden), Maki (Talesrunner), Laby (Elsword), a Worgen druid (WoW), a dragon (MLP:FiM), a vampire, and an undertale monster owo +a few more i havent confirmed yet--

Muse -
Name: Dusty
Pronouns: They/them
Level: ??
Etc.: A hybrid of a Zorua, Noivern, and a Flareon, also known as a Zoiveon. They're a bit mischievous, but they're really nice; they just like goofing off, even if 'goofing off' means "I'm gonna eat an entire cake and nobody can stop me". (Non-serious character. I don't do actual 1v1 roleplays, I just like playing a character in my posts and whatnot )


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