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Trainerlevel: 62

Trainerpoints: 2,701/11,593


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Burmy (Plant)460 / 61


Contact rules:
-Palpads = Friendslist-only. [Reason: Anxiety, mainly.]
-PM = ONLY for urgent matters, or reasons agreed upon elsewhere. [IE: art requests, raffle/giveaway prizes, or questions about agreed-upon trades]
-Etc = Be a decent human being*. Don't mention Gravity Falls to me. [Reason: Trigger from past abuse.]

Friend request rules:
-Troll = insta-block
-Private-trade spammers will be asked to unfriend me
*-DO NOT add me if any of the following applies to you:
>>Mock furries [Includes: "Hunt the furries" jokes, equating us with creeps, etc.]
>>Are anti-LGBT [Includes: "Love the sinner hate the sin" excuse, anti-nonbinary, ace-exclusionist, anti-neopronouns/microidentities, etc.]
>>Are racist [Includes: Anti-BLM, etc.]
>>Use ableist language [Includes: "Autistic screeching"/"reee" jokes, "triggered" jokes, etc.]

By sending me a friend request, you agree to my terms. Failure to follow will get you blocked. This is your warning.


-Junk box is free
-Do not ask for any Pokemon outside of the Junk box (unless I offer otherwise)
>>Feel free to ask to buy unclaimed fusions I post on the Pokemon Fusion forum thread. Most will be available if you want em - though I might still reject if I'm fond of the fusion myself.


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Kanashimi 4 Days ago
Chai_Tea 5 Days ago
KittenPaws404 6 Days ago
EeveexEspeon 8 Days ago

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DustyZoiveon hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #1999977
Registration: 08/06/2018 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1471:06 Hours
Total interactions: 2,009,479
Money: 7,152,808
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


The Time Portal
Take good care of it!

Prof. Oak: And Rowan...! We need to have a serious talk about cheating. NOW!!

well, that uh.. that happened... Hold the egg please?
27 Days ago
...No, wait! I actually remember: I sent my Pokémon to the Windy Prairie! That's where it must have lost the item.
Can you please try to find it there? I'd highly appreciate it!

Are... You KIDDING me?? That HAPPENS?? I just resent them to the silent forest for 6-12 hours and you tell me to search somewhere else now?? What the actual hay?!
1 Month ago
day's almost over now, but Happy world autism day, and autism acceptance month~ 💖🧡💛💚💙💜
Remember - Autism $peaks does not speak for us. Instead of "light it up blue", go #RedInstead! Support organisations for autistics, by autistics! 💓
1 Month ago
She's done other horrible crap in the past before, so I already had her blocked. But this is... Sickening. I knew she should never have been allowed back, especially as a staff member 😰 Stuff being in the past should not be reason to let her get away without consequence, especially when it's this big of a literal crime and said "past" is only a year. People change, sure, but predators don't just stop being predators, not within a year.
1 Month ago
Zeraora slowly walks towards you and looks serious. It takes a deep breath and suddenly grabs a mysterious egg.

Zeraora gets a little closer and lays the egg in front of you.
Take good care of it!

1 Month ago
this click-event literally broke my mouse from clicking too much. and yet i still don't have a single zeraora from this event djfkhgd
@riako please i am begging you, add hotkeys as an alternative to mouse-clicking. even if it's just "press spacebar" instead of "click mouse", anything that'd give my poor mice a break. Too many of my computer mice have fallen at the hands of these click-events 😭😭😭
1 Month ago
Hey uh why can blocked users send you Valentine's cards? I severely hate that actually.
2 Months ago
Valentines Event:
You have a new Valentines Card. An anonymous one, how exciting!

Ty blank anon~ posting outside of FL only since idk if you're on my friendslist or not 😅
2 Months ago
how do i use the /stonks thing?? I've seen people use it to find what stuff's worth but I cannot figure it out for the life of me
3 Months ago
Motivating myself to click is so impossible fjdhkfh I get to 1k total clicks and I'm like "aight that's enough for one day"
3 Months ago
Got my cat a new scratcher! A sisal one this time, so it should work better to keep her claws short once she figures out that it's a scratcher!

Only one problem:
I put a tiny bit of catnip in it to try and encourage her to use it, since everyone seems to swear by that method...
And... now all she wants to do is rub her face on it and lick it. She's not using her paws at all. She thinks it's just a table for holding catnip now 😭
3 Months ago
My weighted blanket got here a month early. It was supposed to get here mid/late-february (the 17th I believe).
We ordered it 4 days ago.
It was supposed to take like ~a month and a half... And it took 4 days.

It's so nice. I am being crushed.
3 Months ago
You bought 5x Dragon Gem for 5 PokéDollar.

A lright then O-O
3 Months ago
By GTS - 2 Minutes and 40 Seconds ago.
Awesome! There is an item gift waiting for you at the GTS!

→ View your gifts


Kyot 3 Minutes ago Details
No Pokémon. 5,000x PokéDollar
"have fun :)"

oh o: Thankyou!
3 Months ago
my eye is twitchy
3 Months ago
I wonder if the people who designed Solosis realised how much it looks like a butt
3 Months ago
oh god, more prizes for gamechips?? But I'm still trying to save up for the legendaries 😰
3 Months ago
Alright, updated my profile. Made it more straight-forward.
It's kind of text-heavy now though, so maybe one day I'll figure out a way to code it to look better, buuut... I'd rather focus on making it understandable first rather than prettying it up.
At least there's fewer panels to scroll through now tho.
3 Months ago
annoyed. but too emotionally exhausted to go into it
send me stuff on my secretwhisper?
Like, ask questions (within ph rules obviously), send doodle / recolour prompts, etc.
3 Months ago

About Me

Mun -
Name: Ashe
Pronouns: They/them
Age: 20
Etc.: Autistic, kinnie, and a huge furry. MEGA social anxiety tho.

Muse -
Name: Dusty
Pronouns: They/them
Level: ??
Etc.: A hybrid of a Zorua, Noivern, and a Flareon, also known as a Zoiveon. They're mostly a hermit, but they'll sometimes poke their nose out of their "hidey-hole" to meme around and scream into the abyss. And to steal all your sweets, of course. (Non-serious character. I don't do actual 1v1 roleplays, I just like playing a character in my posts sometimes.)


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