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Trainerlevel: 58

Trainerpoints: 2,457/10,149


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Nidoran (f)515 / 44
Azurill734 / 135
Falinks20 / 19
Burmy (Trash)216 / 19


I have palpad messages set to friendslist-only, because holding 1:1 conversation with people I don't already feel comfortable with takes too much out of me. Please respect this and don't try to PM me to get around this, unless you actually need something. (Like if asking about a trade or something.)

People on my friendslist can still palpad me anytime, just know that it still does take some energy so I apologise if it takes a sec to respond ^^;

Things to avoid with me

Trolls will be perma-blocked, simply cause I don't want negativity on my feeds. Otherwise, just don't be a jerk*, and don't comment on my feeds/message me with trigger jokes / "autistic screeching" jokes and we'll be fine.

*Anti-furry (as in, you make fun of/hate on furries and/or think it's okay to joke about harming us), anti-lgbt, and/or ableist, or just. Yknow. Rude to everyone for no reason.


If you don't fit any of these and you're blocked anyway, feel free to have a friend PM me and ask! There's a high chance that it was either accidental, or meant to be temporary and I just couldn't find you again to lift the block, so I'll most likely lift the block if someone lets me know :P If it was intentional though, I'll do my best to explain what happened and I'll decide if I want to allow contact again or not <3 Do not use SecretWhisper for this. I want these things to stay private, and I cannot respond privately to SecretWhisper. They will be ignored.

NOTE: If you tend to get drunk often then I'll likely have to unfriend you; I will never block over this reason (unless you do any of the above while drunk), it's just a personal comfort thing as I've had family die to alcoholism so it scares me to see other people fall down this path. Take care of yourselves, okay? ♥

Side note

I do have an amount of triggers due to a past abusive relationship. Many of these I have almost worked through; however, please avoid mentioning Gravity Falls to me, as this is the biggest one that still remains. Thank you 💖


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #1999977
Registration: 08/06/2018 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1234:24 Hours
Total interactions: 1,711,861
Money: 4,692,356
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Gotcha! The Pokémon was caught.

Wooo, retro Haunter!
Yesterday, 23:44
Huh. I just realised how quickly I could get to my DP goal if I'd just remember to do them every hour
I get 42 dp per hour from all the interaction tasks. If I do tasks 10 hours a day, that'd be 420dp per day; almost 3k a week.
That... Really makes my 6k dp seem so pitiful lmao, my laziness is really showing here
Yesterday, 22:07
Yesterday, 10:24
Oh my karp my retro Gastly hatched out shiny
Yesterday, 07:28
Interactions made 8,702

Aight imma go back to being lazy now uou
Yesterday, 06:24
gemini just
pulled hair out of my trashcan to try and eat it
what the heck cat no you can't eat haIR???
Yesterday, 04:16
This family is a bunch of taco bell goblins
We had taco bell for lunch. Now we're having taco bell again for dinner
t a c o b e l l
Yesterday, 02:35
is--is scyther's gender difference that one of them has a bigger butt? Did I see that right--
TIL there's scholarly articles on scyther's butt
and also yeah the gender difference Is the booty. Long Butt Long Butt Long Butt Long Butt--
Yesterday, 01:30
tfw u want more candies but also
"Interactions made 8"
Yesterday, 01:20
Darnit, the Pokémon ran away!

1 Day ago
Make sure you guys are collecting your dreampoints for interacting! (And egg-hatching too, if applicable!)
1 Day ago
Imagine if Riako edited someone else's post, but all he did was italicize a single letter. Or just space out the letters to make it look like gibberish
1 Day ago
Yaay, interaction-candies are fixed! :D
2 Days ago
Also as always, a note to those sensitive to jumpscares and the like -
Halloween time on Pokeheroes brings around a certain secret event where an eerie image of a girl and a Drifloon may randomly pop up on your screen while navigating the site. There's no sound, just the still-image, but it can still be startling if you're not expecting it so be warned it might happen. (I'm not sure if it's for the entirety of the trick-or-treat event, or just Halloween day, though.)
It's just how you get Drifloon on here. Nothing to worry about.
2 Days ago
I chose kids as my fear cause this year I actually Am worried abt trick-or-treaters cause of pandemic reasons

Also I'm assuming that if we bought the explorer bag upgrade last year, we still have to buy it again this year?
2 Days ago
Trying to make character designs is really hard when your laptop has GARBAGE colour display and you can't draw on your phone
reds, oranges, and yellows are effected the worst
this laptop has 52% RGB coverage and like, idk what the standard is but 52% sounds so pitiful?? Only 52%?? This wasn't exactly a cheap laptop either, we got it on sale but the normal price was higher than we usually would pay for a laptop
2 Days ago
Oooooh, one of my MissingNo. are bringing back a dragon gem from rumbling~ <3
3 Days ago
Hoo boy I can't wait until Darktober ends. This second one added more fuel to my riddle-vs-puzzle nerd fire 😤
3 Days ago
Oh no, what happened! What did you do with the storage system?!
Damn, everything crashed... Urgh, I hate bugs...
By the way, has this weird egg always been in your party...?
3 Days ago

About Me

Mun -
Name: Ashe
Pronouns: They/them
Age: 20
Etc.: Autistic, and a huge furry. I'm also a kinnie! Feel free to ask for my kinlist if you're interested <3 it got too long to keep here

Muse -
Name: Dusty
Pronouns: They/them
Level: ??
Etc.: A hybrid of a Zorua, Noivern, and a Flareon, also known as a Zoiveon. They're mostly a hermit, but they'll sometimes poke their nose out of their "hidey-hole" to meme around and scream into the abyss. And to steal all your sweets, of course. (Non-serious character. I don't do actual 1v1 roleplays, I just like playing a character in my posts and whatnot :P)


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