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Trainerlevel: 41

Trainerpoints: 4,386/5,083


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Miltank15 / 10

Things to avoid with me

First thing's first: Common yet harmful jokes/memes. (AKA I'll avoid you if you use them)
The autistic screeching ( "Reeeee" ) meme --> source 1 source 2; Basically, the meme is ableist towards autistics, intended to mock and dehumanize us (equating us to a screeching frog).
Trigger jokes --> These jokes water down the meaning of triggers, and equates medical problems to being offended; thus making chronically ill people afraid to talk about our problems.

Personal discomforts:
I do have social anxiety, paired with me being autistic. Thus, conversation can be hard for me. Please have a conversation topic instead of just 'hi', so I can actually respond.
On a similar note, I might not pick up on sarcasm/jokes right away. I try my best, but reading tone over text is difficult for me, so forgive me if I don't realise you're joking ^^


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Shiny Hunt

DustyZoiveon is currently hunting Maractus.
Hunt started: 13/03/2019

Chain: 43

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DustyZoiveon hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #1999977
Registration: 08/06/2018 (9 Months ago)
Game Time: 392:50 Hours
Total interactions: 431,019
Money: 134,442
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


By PokeRadar - 2 Hours ago.
Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Maractus in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!
Today, 17:34
It's been over 24 hours, and Xanje still won't let me use "DustyZoiveon" as my player tag or display name. I'm so frustrated because that means I waited 24 freaking hours for nothing; No response to my ticket, and my own goddang username doesn't open back up. I'm just... Beyond annoyed about this. I went through so much freaking trouble for nothing.
Yesterday, 17:39
yeah, dream world events just straight-up aren't exciting anymore. I mean, there's never a break from them. Nothing to build up hype or let you recharge from all the dang work put into the Last DW event, so at this point it's just... Why bother? All for a plushy that'll likely just be released again in a couple weeks? They're just... Not as special anymore idk. I'm probably not gonna actively try for any of them anymore unless there's one I really like. It's not worth draining myself out of this website over.
Yesterday, 05:13
Combee => Maractus
Unown N => Autumn Flaaffy
Unown L => Charmander
Unown M => Rattata (Retro)
Yesterday, 00:04
Still no word from Xanje about my email-typo. I get the feeling I'm gonna have to wait 24 hours for it to expire so I can remake my account ;w;''' i wish theyd just let me log out and try with a new one
2 Days ago
I tried to sign up for xanje but i made a typo in my email and it won't let me fix it ;w; i cant even go back and try to remake an account oh no
2 Days ago
Hoothoot (Retro) => Venusaur
Unown K => Ivysaur
Unown I => Golem
Unown H => Relicanth
3 Days ago
Badge question. I know for the Hoarder badge you need to hoard something, but how many of said thing do you have to have for the badge?
3 Days ago
Combee => Weezing
Unown B => Lapras
Ivysaur => Hoothoot (Retro)
Kangaskhan => Pidgey

3 Days ago
By Daycare owner - 1 Minute and 17 Seconds ago.
1 Hey, DustyZoiveon! We recently found an egg in our daycare. We're sure that this egg belongs to your Pokémon.
We really don't know how this happened...
However, try to take it as soon as possible, or I'll release it to the wild!

Lol I called him out and he gave me an egg XD
4 Days ago
I have a perfect breeding pair and I'm probably getting only like, one or two eggs every 1k pd. This is Absurd D:<
4 Days ago
Found a Zeraora :0 i wasn't even trying lol
4 Days ago
Lol theres a typo in the beauty contest thing.
"You will be given different tasks that you can fulfill in order to win accessoires." Did you mean: accessories?
4 Days ago
Unown ! => Watchog
Unown B => Floatzel
Unown O => Vivillon
Unown ? => Ponyta
5 Days ago
i want. a cactus. I have succulents but i want a cactus. But. Cactus pointy.
5 Days ago
"The two seem to match perfectly."
"We haven't found any eggs from your Pokémon today."
5 Days ago
Facebook: *breaks and doesn't let me send pictures*
Me: -'guess I'll die' meme-
5 Days ago
Aight, time for my Maractus hunt! Just as soon as I get an egg ^w^
5 Days ago
"Congratulations! One of your eggs hatched into an Unown R!"
5 Days ago
Unown Z => Foongus
Unown M => Jesterig
Unown T => Combee
Unown W => Ivysaur

Jesterig !! I didn't have that !! Ivysaur and Combee are nice too ^w^!
6 Days ago

About Me

Name: Dusty/Ashe
Pronouns: They/them
Etc.: 18 year-old autistic furry Feel free to add me, I'll be sure to add you back! The only people I won't add are people I have reason to avoid. ("Things to avoid with me" tab)

My favourite Pokemon is Zorua! Other favourites include Umbreon, Breloom, Sentret, Maractus, practically every ghost, dark, and dragon type, etc etc. I'm bound to get more favourites as my special-interests change, but these guys have stayed favourites for a while, so I think they're here to stay ^^



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