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Trainerlevel: 60

Trainerpoints: 9,311/10,859


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
14859,417 / 66,157
31115,903 / 291,097
20711,941 / 129,169
7412,384 / 16,651

Stuff about me!

(The code on the card is for the switch!)
Hello! I'm LeafyTea! And I'm currently using he/they pronouns

I almost always accept friend requests and am pretty open to talking to others, although I do take ten years to reply
If you're new to the site and are needing any help feel free to ask and I'll try to help!

Icon made by me

Any pokemon in my extra box are free unless there not meant to be there! Any pokemon not in "Extras" or "For sale" are not available do not ask!! If your interested in trading please come with an offer or know what your okay with trading before asking!
I also always choose little kids for the Halloween event!

Some of my interests:
Shiny hunting :D
Birds! Any bird! I really like birds!
Others ocs and interests! I like listening to people ramble!
Most art and animation
Furbies!!! (old toys in general)


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #644353440
Registration: 29/09/2018 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 914:21 Hours
Total interactions: 2,090,397
Money: 1,485,628
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


By PokéRadar - 2 Hours and 5 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Eevee hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #62)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

and it's feeemale~
12 Days ago
I'm throwing all the female eevee's I get from this hunt into my extras box!
If you're in need of one just let me know!
25 Days ago
Animals are expensive v_v
Came home to my kitty with an ear injury so she's at the vet and costing me around $200-$300
25 Days ago
Currently building a kinda complex moss farm in minecraft but I made the entire thing off by one
now I have to take it down and restart :/
1 Month ago
Yoooo!! I got a shiny yamask from a rumble mission
That's my second rumble shiny so far
1 Month ago
I'm glad PLA and BD/SP now have access to home but if I can't have a hisuian sneasel in BD/SP then whats the point v-v
1 Month ago
Ordered bird food and got a damaged bottle of lime sulfur dip instead????
No receipt either! Oh boy! Problems!
1 Month ago
One of the last two pokemon I need for my Sinnoh dex is Regigigas and I've only completed the beginners path...

time to spend a ton of money because I can't answer egg questions to save my life
1 Month ago
Im currently shiny hunting Alolan Meowth in let's go and so far I've found a shiny squirtle, shiny kantonian Meowth and a Moltres?????

I've caught like 300 Meowth at this point
1 Month ago
Trade evolutions my beloathed
1 Month ago
I didn't know that you could hatch a Shedinja from a lab egg
that's weird
1 Month ago
I got a shiny Durant from surprise trading and I really want to name it after the movie "Them!" but I'm not sure if I should just name it that or something silly like "Those!" instead

I'm not the OT so I can only rename it once (This is in swsh and the 1954 movie)
2 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Mewtwo hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #57)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

oh my god this took months
2 Months ago
I got core keeper and I'm in love
I haven't had this much interest in a game in quite some time

Although RNG hates me and put a boss right next to the spawn room
2 Months ago
Last night I got a mass Sneasel out break and was able to reclaim my shiny in about 3-4 resets!
I'm so happy! Although she scared the crap out of me because I didn't hear the shine and she was right behind me
Her name is Thistle and I'm going to try to get a normal sinnoh Sneasel named Thyme
3 Months ago
At some point I'm going to have to boot a member of my team for Achen but I don't know who just yet
So far my team consists of:
Cashew (Dewott)
Arlo (Axew, (event exploit)
Sundial (Simisear)
Petri (Liepard)
HIM (Audino)
Kabi (Sawk)

There's a good chance it'll be Sundial because he's not learning any new moves and the relearner is a few more towns to go
3 Months ago
I'm finally playing B/W again and I got to the third city, which means I get a evolution stone for my elemental monkey

So I evolve him without thinking to much about it

Simisage, simisear and simipour don't learn any moves via level up
My monkey has garbage moves I won't be able to change for quite some time
3 Months ago
Birds have been yelling all day and my ears hurt
3 Months ago
3 Months ago



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