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Trainerlevel: 35

Trainerpoints: 3,293/3,709


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Mew577,092 / 10,278
Raticate281,280 / 2,437
Joltik23 / 19
Pyukumuku1426 / 505
Hoothoot558 / 91
Heatmor26 / 19

Art by KY4TR4

Most Galar pokemon I own are up for trade.

My boxes are very unorganized, so pokemon i have in my "copies" box is sometimes a pokemon I have one of.

My shinies are not for trade.

You can ask for certain pokemon from me, but I won't always say yes.

Please do not palpad me to buy something from you. (example: Evolution items)

Please do not ask me for PD.

Current GTS trades


I'm BeepBeepBirthdayMareep but you can call me Mareep or Beep.
I like sweet things (why my username mentions birthday cake.)
And I like drawing stuff (I usually use Firealpaca and occasionally Paint 3D.)
I hope we can be friends!

❤ I'm collecting these! ❤

Characters in order: Creampuff, Ring, Penny, Lopvy, and Pixie.

Dream point prices: creampuff: 30, ring: 25, penny: 70, lopvy: 40, pixie: 70.

Creampuff icon art by NekoScrub
Creampuff Plushie by BBubbletea

This ice cream looks like klara

My avatar pic is Sonia.
(source image)

Hi!! um... I don't know what to put here..
Actually, I do! Hello, I'm BeepBeepBirthdayMareep! Here are some of my interests:
Just Shapes and Beats, Project Arrhythmia, Friday Night Funkin', Cookie Run, ENA, Minecraft and... That's all i can think of for now..
I HAVE MORE TO SAY - among us is real

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stuff im not as intrested in but i know exists:
Inanimate Insanity (II)
Animal Crossing
My Little Pony FiM
Steven Universe


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Hornet 9 Days ago
_Zeta_ 9 Days ago
_Zeta_ 9 Days ago

Game Records

Trainer ID: #747894348
Registration: 14/09/2019 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 786:11 Hours
Total interactions: 242,507
Money: 675,803
Starter Pokémon: Dewott



#scratchygivesawaystuff by ScottiferTheEmoGuy
#WispsRatHome by Plus
(about plus' givaway) check this out maybe?
3 Days ago
I can't hear you,
It's too dark.
3 Days ago
Maybe warm my eggs, i don't know🍳
9 Days ago
Why does the lab have so many birds
9 Days ago
Fun distribution huh
10 Days ago

Not new avi just n e w .
11 Days ago
I don't know if i saw someone or of my eyesight is just bad😳
11 Days ago
"Arrgh, I can't believe it!! Some idiot freed Hoopa, the legendary Mischief Pokémon!"

14 Days ago
wait how does budew evolve again
14 Days ago
By Lottery - 1 Minute and 26 Seconds ago.
Results of last lottery draw:

You won 7200 Game Chips.
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i bought 250 tickets,,
15 Days ago
hahahaha secong event egge
15 Days ago
beep #1 achived
15 Days ago
haha yes, the distribution i've been waiting for.
15 Days ago
Also interaction exchange?
16 Days ago
Look! A wild Budew ( SHINY) is eating your honey!
16 Days ago
The summer flaafy looks so precious😭
18 Days ago
Why is it when i search "all pokemon types" the first result is onix. 😐
21 Days ago
More like igglyweak
21 Days ago
a yellow axolotl killed my glowing squid in minecraft,,
💔rip king skwiddy
23 Days ago


Current goals:
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Own every variant of the Mareep Line on Pokeheroes >>>
Get 4,000 nuggets [230/4,000]
Earn every gift (not including a Gracidea) in the Shaymin event. [2/5]
Get Rich [so so halfway!!👍]
Getting a Tapu [1/4]
Completing the Hoenn Dex [101/155]
Completing the Kalos Dex [59/117]
Getting Kyurem [2/3]
Get Egg Radar Chip (Legend) [0/1]

Get my pokemon i got in Emerald [6/?]
McNugget: ♂ Combusken
Wurmee: ♂ Wurmple
Heli: ♀️ Poocheyana
Gnocchi: ♀️ Zigzagoon
N'Woo: ♀️ Shroomish
Siren: ♀️ Wingull

Completing my Shiny hunt list [8/37]
Current hunt: None
With Pokéradar:
Next hunts (in no order):
Oricorio (Sensu)
Drifloon ♂
Mimikyu ♂
At Honeytree: Hoppip♀️ Celebi
At Safari Zone: Vivillon (Tundra)
At Game Center: Lugia
Other: Tapu Lele, Tapu Koko, Tapu Fini, MissingNo., Meloetta

cool dudes

no because i like this song now

this amazing drawing is by SillySelkie
sprites by Furret

Found yourself here because I put you on my friendlist? Well you passed the vibe check😎👌✨

how close i am to going crazy and stopid


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