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Trainerlevel: 29

Trainerpoints: 720/2,551


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
487297,614 / 891,211
14355,324 / 77,221
Diancie (Emera)747,267 / 20,814
Kyurem611,510 / 14,184

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Feel free to check out my shop if you want Event Pokemon or want to become a breeder!

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~Shiny & Mega Hunts~

My first shiny hunt, got at chain #49

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #631108600
Registration: 04/02/2021 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 199:54 Hours
Total interactions: 272,136
Money: 1,342,965
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


To shiny hunt Cuddlithe and get a gold doggo
9 Months ago
By Willowdew - 2 Hours and 12 Minutes ago.
Hey there! It's Willowdew, and today I'm hosting a Giveaway!To enter all you have to do is Heart and Share the Hashtag! This Giveaway is a celebration for my 3 Pups, Growly, Pepper and Bloop!
What are the Prizes?
1st ; Choice between Shiny Elektrike, or Shiny Ampharos.
2nd ; The Shiny that the 1st place didn't pick.
3rd ; Ill draw free art for them! Art types can be chosen!

Just share #WelcomeToTheFam for a chance to win! Ends on December 15th Server Time!
9 Months ago
By DannyDewgong252 - 7 Minutes and 16 Seconds ago.
Giveaway Time
I want to do something now that it is Christmas time
Share #DewgongGift for a chance to win 70 Nuggets
Ends Dec 24
9 Months ago
By StrikeFlame1 - 1 Hour and 30 Minutes ago.
So I decided to do giveaway since previous giveaways didn’t get claimed. Sooo.......
1st place: 2 random shinies
2nd place: 1 random shiny and shinx mega able
3rd place: 1 random shiny
How to enter: share hashtag
Ends when blue harvest sprite hatches
9 Months ago
By Summer_Dreams - 5 Hours and 25 Minutes ago.
I'm doing a Giveaway! 3 winners will be selected here are the prizes

1. Shiny Furfrou, 1 mega stone, 1 Terra cave map and 1 light rock

2. Festival Gardevoir, Shiny Gardevoir, 1 Hard rock, and 1 Blue orb

3. Shiny Amaura, Sala da Menci and 35 ice and
flying gems and 1 Nebula stone and 1 Green orb

Heart this post and use #SummerlyGiveaway ends by December 17th!
9 Months ago
By ~*EeveeEclipse*~ - 3 Hours and 22 Minutes ago.
new giveaway!
I'm doing a giveaway!
To enter, heart this feed, share the hashtag #EeveeChristmas (and maybe give me a Christmas gift?)
Prizes are=
1. 3+ nebula stones (3 heart sweets and other items), and an eevee breeding pair.
2. Some items, and 1 Pokemon from any of my boxes wich are uft.
3. A Christmas gift, some items, and a alolan Pokemon.
giveaway ends in around a week depends how long it's trending.
9 Months ago
By Meowsic - 7 Hours and 21 Minutes ago.
As promised I'm giving away 360 NUGGETS! Enough to buy at least one week of premium.

[ All you have to do is like this post and share the hastag, so others can get chance too ].

On the 12th I will use a random generator to choose the winner! Have fun!

9 Months ago
By Rice - 7 Hours and 31 Minutes ago.
Doing a big (or not...) giveaway because... I'm not really active here anymore, you know...
No, it's not a 'I'm leaving' giveaway XD

Just share #BowlOfRice hashtag to enter

Here are the prizes:
1st prize: All my Gems. More will be added when my Galar rumble Pokemon returns (+3 to +5 gems per rumble mission)
2nd prize: 3 Star Pieces
3rd prize: Mega Stone
4th prize: 75k PD
5th prize: Shiny Spheal, Shiny Wailmer and Shiny Dragalge
6th prize: 2 Orange Feathers
*Consolation prizes vary from mega-able, non-mega-able shinies, easy rarity, etc.

Ends when you see a feed about it. I just wish everyone good luck ^^
9 Months ago
By Wildfyre - 6 Hours and 4 Minutes ago.
These were originally going to go for a raffle, but I've had them for *checks* Lmao. Four years because I didn't want to go through all the stress of running a raffle. Guess it's time to send them off into the world. So Birthday Giveaway!

Ends: On Dec 16th
To enter: Heart this feed!
Winners: 15

SHINY Prizes:
Rowlet Line
Litten Line
Popplio Line
Pikipek Line
Yungoose Line
Grubbin Line
Crabrawler Line
Cutiefly Line
Rockruff Line (minus Dusk, wasn't out then)
Mareanie Line
Mudbray Line
Morelull Line
Bounsweet Line
Sandygast Line
Komala, Mimikyu, Wishiwashi, Togedemaru, Drampa
9 Months ago
By Kakashi_Sensei - 13 Hours and 51 Minutes ago.
Havent done one in a while so i might aswell!


Aight literally only a small one but ya know its something

Heart this feed and and share the #ItsALilSomthing to enter

The prizes are:

1st: 300k



Have fun and good luck

(Ends at reset!)
9 Months ago
By ~Kaka~ - 4 Hours and 37 Minutes ago.

This Christmas is my first Christmas on ph, I am going to gift every players who shared #PHsanta!

(Every player’s gift will not be same)
9 Months ago
By Teller - 11 Hours and 43 Minutes ago.
I was busy at reset, but here we go...!
This is a FREE giveaway, share the hashtag to enter, one entry per person.
Wanna know what the prize is gonna be? How about a whopping 8k nuggets, 100k PD, and 2k worth of DP in plushies? Any takers? Ends whenever I end it after reset (might depend on what my day looks like tomorrow). Good luck to everyone!
9 Months ago
By Nevv - 9 Hours and 47 Minutes ago.
First and Last giveaway from me,I've decided to giveaway all my stuff and pokemon
Prize :
1. Ditto
2. Glastrier
3. 3 Legendary Kanto Bird
4. 3 Lugia (Normal,Retro,Shadow)
5. 3 Legendary Kanto Bird (Galarian form)
6. Weather Trio + Primal and Mega item
7. 3 Legendary Dogs
8. 5 Regi's (check my giveaway box)
9. Eon pokemon + Mega Form
10. Lake Trio
11. Shaymin + Sky Shaymin
12. Kyurem + DNA Splicer (Black and White)
13. Hoopa + Hoopa Unbound
14. Cosmog evo line
15. Retro Gastly evo line
16. Shadow Mewtwo + Mew
17. Ho-oh + Celebi
18. Raylong + Jirachi
19. Dialga + Primal Dialga
20. Darkrai + Aurora
21. Victini
22. Xerneas + 2 Zygarde (100% and 10%)
23. Tapu Fini + Magearna
24. Marshadow + Zeraora + Eternatus
25. Mega Charizard X + Mega Gardevoir
26. All Shiny (Check my giveaway box)
27. All my item + 700k pd
To enter giveaway just heart this feed and share #byenevv
9 Months ago
By OwO~Agony - 1 Hour and 5 Minutes ago.
Hello all This is a giveaway! Dun dun dun! Because my beloved Ruku has hit level 1000 I never thought id see the day when I hatched by shiny baby 10 months and 21 days ago but when yesterday I saw his level I couldn't help but cry in woe he was level 885 so I checked the item market and at last there was exactly 15 rare candies at a lower price then normal so I bought them at here we are! Level 1000 so for each rare candy I bought I will add one prize But the catch is you will only know the top 5 Prizes! And the top 5 winners! so the rest of the prizes are smaller but still good! Just Share the #RukuPrizeGiveway and hard this feed for a chance to enter will end at a specific date only known by me so join quick!
(Prizes are in the comments)
9 Months ago
By Riodise - 3 Days and 21 Hours ago.
I Have a Great Idea for this Year to do for Everyone, How About a Secret Santa?

Comment on this Feed or Do the #RiodiseSecretSanta to Join, On December 10TH Ill Give Everyone there Secret Santa User.
(I Wont Add you to the Secret Santa List after December 10TH)

If the Number is Uneven them ill Send you your Secret Santa Gift.

* - This is NOT a Contest, I Just Want to Make Christmas Time a Bit More Interesting this Year, Since i Really only do what the Advent Calender Wants - *
9 Months ago
By StrikeFlame1 - 12 Hours and 50 Minutes ago.
i'm gonna do giveaway. #ALOTOFSHINYS
ends at reset.
1st place: 2 shinies of your choice
2nd place: 2 shinies of your choice
3rd place: 1 shiny of your choice
just so you all know, charamander shiny isn't in this giveaway
share this hashtag to enter
9 Months ago
By Gojirath - 41 Minutes and 31 Seconds ago.
So I’ve decided I have way to much PD lol. So I’m going to give away some PD! 10,000,000 PD to be exact! All you have to do is heart this post and share #GojirawayBIG. The winner will be announced on Thursday
10 Months ago
You are currently hunting Turzai!
Good luck!
If anyone wants a Turzai, i'm selling them for 5000 PD each. Just PalPad me and i'll send one once i've hatched one ^^
10 Months ago
By LUCKILYRICHNESS - 3 Hours and 6 Minutes ago.
Small Giveaway Alert!!


Today is my cake day on PH, so a small giveaway:
• 5x Nebula Stone
• 1x Marine Cave Map
• 1x Mega Stone

Just heart the feed to enter! maybe even share the hashtag?

Ends tomorrow!
10 Months ago
By Metaphorical - 8 Days and 1 Hour ago.
Like this post
Interact with MetaMoth
Wait until she reaches level 175!
Share this post.
1. 60 Nuggets
2. 200000 Pokedollars
3. A random shiny
Good Luck!
10 Months ago

Shiny Hunt

BeelSimp is currently hunting Turzai.
Hunt started: 10/11/2021

Chain: 14

~My hangry baby~

I simp so much over this guy, he's so cute!

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