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Trainerlevel: 24

Trainerpoints: 446/1,751


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP

About Me

My favourite Pokemon are:

Shiny eevee (female bashful nature) tundra
Shiny mew (bashful nature)candy
Gardevoir (female brave nature)psya
Alcremie (Mint, heart sweet, bashful, female)sweety
alolan ninetales (bashful female)fengari
polar vivilion (bashful female)snow
lyckenroc miday form (female brave)moon
Shiny galarian ponyta (female bashful)selene
clefairy (female bashful)fi-fi
I love all Pokemon though. especially cute ones and legendaries, mythicals and ultra beasts.

if you add me to your friendlist i will definetly add you back

My user name in pokefarm is LunaLMoon. 😁❤️

Other stuff

Fav food: lots of things
Fav Place: lots
Fav plant: mint, moon lily, ferns, many others
Fav Digits: 10, 4, 12, 9, 8, 14, 11
Fav book: Lots i LOVE to read
Fav Day: Friday, Monday, weekends
Fav Month: may, July, September
fav Season: winter, autmn, spring, summer I love them all!
Fav Drink: lemon squash, apple juice, water, many others
Fav Animal: arctic wolf, Canadien lynx, Tasmanian devil, lots of others.
I love animals and know a lot about quite a few of them
birthday: Friday 13 of may
vivillion: polar
alcremie: mint, berry sweet
fav poke: shiny eevee though i like them all
fav type: normal
fav nature: bashful
fav legend: mew
fav colour: sky blue lots of others
fav name: luna
fav move: moon blast
fav country: canada but i do not live there
First shiny hunt: eevee
First shadow: charmeleon
First giga: eevee
First shiny: shinx
My pokesonas are: ninetales,mew,eevee,lucario any others?
Free eevees! 1 at a time no females and you must set up the trade!
❤️😁 Luna

I have lots of freinds on ph but these are my real life freinds : ~Pixie~, AuntmnUmbreon, WinterShadow4, ~12flamez~, MEISCOOL-hatersbackoff, Kkss56, TURTWIG-TERROR . so far these are all my real life freinds but some of the freinds I've made in pokeheroes are definitely awsome freinds some of the people I've met on pokeheroes and no really well (sorry if I haven't added evryone) are:
Maelstrom9, ETREV, The_scourge, Meowsic, LugiaBRE, snowvixen and loads like I mean LOADS more

I'm always free to chat and love talking. If you add me on your friend list I'll add you back.

My goals

My goals in pokeheroes are to:
Not ever get blocked
Have at least 5 shinys
Try and have all the legendaries, mythicals and ultra beasts, ect,ect
to get at least 1 level ahead everyone on my friend list

To get a mew
To get a ditto

Have the whole eevee collection
To have 50 people add me on there friend list
To have 1 mill pd (not going to happen 🤣)
Have all eeveelution plushies and eevee please help!
get a cosmic female eevee sprite, prismatic and a plushie of them
get my pokesona art, plushie, and sprite of it
my pokesona
convince staff or someone to somehow make gender changes to the sprites, make a shiny eevee plushie and most importantly AN EEVEE EVENT!!!
And lots more....
red means not started,yellow means started, green means done

credit for this amazing sprite is to hassuki

Spam me eevee plushies!

eevee interactions

my eevee collection!

Game Records

Trainer ID: #464506625
Registration: 05/06/2021 (5 Months ago)
Game Time: 290:46 Hours
Total interactions: 53,246
Money: 41,351
Starter Pokémon: Sceptile


This is awsome! I know am a higher level and for some reason I'm getting way more pd.
Yesterday, 20:58
Night night 11:30
Yesterday, 10:50
Why is there a rude finger emoji 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤔😢
Yesterday, 10:44
You received a Plushie from Professor Rowan!


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Yesterday, 10:38
Anyone want to play word story? You know the game where someone might say oncenext person might say uponthen the third person might say ice cream? Anyone want to play? If you do I've started it in comments if you do.
Yesterday, 10:30
By StrikeFlame1
i'm gonna do giveaway. #ALOTOFSHINYS
ends at reset.
1st place: 2 shinies of your choice
2nd place: 2 shinies of your choice
3rd place: 1 shiny of your choice
just so you all know, charamander shiny isn't in this giveaway
share this hashtag to enter
Yesterday, 09:56
Your coin is shining bright in the water!
(Slightly increased shiny chance)
Cmon eevee!
2 Days ago
What should I hunt next?
2 Days ago
If I can find a mega stone or just I want to know opinions wich one should I mega evolve
My starter
Wich one? Comment please
2 Days ago
No mega stones-No mega stones-No mega stones I need a mega stone😭 Where do you get them?
2 Days ago
Did this link work if it does this is my pokesona
2 Days ago
20 people at least must join my giveaway for me to give out prizes
3 Days ago
How do you share images from your photos on pokeheroes?
3 Days ago
Does anyone do art for 15k- cause I'd like my pokesona in plushie form or just my pokesona better drawn then the one I drew XD
3 Days ago
Any ideas on how to make my profile more eevee-ey?
4 Days ago
Any ideas on how to make my profile more eevee-ey?
4 Days ago
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Photo #1 - Rank 74 (Rating: 5.71)
Photo #2 - Rank 117 (Rating: 5.34)

You won 750 Festival Points!
4 Days ago
Trainerlevel: 23

Trainerpoints: 1,600/1,609
Me= -_-
5 Days ago



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