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Trainerlevel: 44

Trainerpoints: 5,260/5,851


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
7314,558 / 16,207
Inteleon409244,579 / 591,501
Flappy (1st os)
(Giga Flapple)
22120,273 / 88,312
Aria uwu 4th os
(Giga Eevee)
473501,170 / 672,607
864,597 / 22,447


Hiii im lazy to edit this so um ye :)

Call mwe Eevee or BabyEevee lol

I reply to all pms or pal pads soo shoot a pm if u want us to be friends :)

thats all lol

My pokemon go friend code is

6417 3639 3469

I- even more sprites hehe

Sprites and drawing by Jcxtian XD <3

by MetalHeadKendra

By xiaoblue822

im running outa space ;w;

woahhhh sprites

by ErrorThePyromaniac

Eeveelution ^.^

by BulbaForLife their shop ^^

by MetalHeadKendra

by Hopelin her shop^^

yes i luv eevees



First ever hatched shiny Retro Cyndaquil

From rumbling,alolan sandshrew which i evolved to sandslash(89th os)

From fishing,a lanturn!!!

Second fishing shiny, skrelp!

1st os (im not the ot thoo)

Having riako to own a pokemom with my ot (omgomgomg TwT)

first sprite ever made

Drew this after a long time of not drawing and i liek it
psst its an art trade for Dorameshiya lol

more sprites i made

Amazing people

A special thanks to everyone who helped me in this game so i could progress even further

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My awesome mentor and good friend

The one who gave me abt 100k pd so i could start my first shiny hunt

the person who gave me my first shiny pokemon

And finallyyy AWWEKSJSJSSJBSB so thankful to have these people here on ph❤
Here r some sprites by Moonsnow❤

her art for me ;w; so cute

hipsterpotamus is one of my good friends too

BanzhanMushroom uwu
She made this sprite for me

im lazy to edit this so u there looking at this,, ur my best friend too uwu


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #376664304
Registration: 01/10/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 905:04 Hours
Total interactions: 451,393
Money: 13,816
Starter Pokémon: Meganium



Wait for sale then get premium loll
Today, 16:28
Yayy me i completed 2/9 of the essay im supposed to do loll
Today, 15:28
If u could hire someone to help u do anything what wld u do?

I wld ask em to cleam everything lol,, like packing my boxes and cleaning up my diary XD

Hbu? uwu
Today, 13:52
Uhhh anyone pro at literature, read the book Fahrenheit 451, pls send halp idk how to do a lit qn abt it
Today, 10:53
So im only missing the egg dex for unowns o and k
Uhhh " ok " XD
Today, 03:50
Whoop gmax flapple has 2 shiny os and 1 non shiny os- i guess its not that popular loll
Yesterday, 23:17
Yallls now yall have alot of gems right im selling all the unowns in this box for 10 random gems or 7k pd each just comment or pp to buy
Yesterday, 13:07
Me to my friend: hey btw did u block me from ur status?
Friend: *checks* sry i only add close friends
*me thinking she was my close friend qwq*
This is why i dont trust anyone anymore, everytime i think im they're good/close friend they only think of me as a friend
Tbh only time literally everyone talks to me is when they need something like they need help like uhhh what
It's like everyone i meet irl dosent want to be my good friend and ppl i meet online trusts me more :// srsly tho is it my face or smth
Yesterday, 08:11
Ok just sent random plushies to random ppl XD now im broke loll
Yesterday, 07:40
Ok soooo i finally ended school so dont have to shadily use phone in class XD lemme just-

Yesterday, 07:12
flappy is 1st os uwu

Had to break school rules for this :/
Yesterday, 01:13
Imagine after riako releases the way to gigantamax we all be like omg why didnt i think if that XD
1 Day ago
Me: i have to finish all my hw tdy so i can play ph during its anniversary!!
Also me: ehhh nvm i-
2 Days ago
interaction exchange pls
2 Days ago
hii ppl looking to fill up their dex! i'm selling all the unowns in this box for either 10 random gems or 7k pd each,, either comment or pp me, thanks!!
2 Days ago
helloooooooooo people, so i go to the lab like every hour hopingfor a quest and rowan have been talking about his ex for like the past 2 months

can anyone halp me what shd i do
2 Days ago
interaction exchange plss uwu
2 Days ago

Not rlly but ok >_>
2 Days ago
From ~abyss~ Hey guys to promote my sprite shop im making a giveaway!


1st prize: A handful of form-change items
2nd prize: 2 free sprites
3rd prize: A handful of evo items
4th prize: 500 honey
5th prize: 10 rare candies
6th prize: Chikorita (Retro), and Lugia
7th prize: 7 NEBULA STONES


To enter: Heart, Share, Subscribe to the shop, and that's 1 entry. For 1 entry buy a sprite. For a final entry donate an item/pd to my shop. ( you dont have to do these all, The first one is required, you can do them in any order. You can do this once a day)

Whoever has the most entries will be pulled at random and the prizes will be chosen by whoever is 1st to 7th. #1 will get to choose first and 2nd place gets t choose second and so on and

ends on the 12th of july at reset
2 Days ago
I heard smth abt an upgraded galar map...? Dude what iz diz i dont even have the actual map yet loll
2 Days ago



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iDeK lOl

mY gaLaR tEam

Ayeeee 4th os

yEet 9th os

Loll anywhere below 22nd os an yes i hv a random snom in ma team :)

This is literally my team in pokemon sword js that its shiny here hehe

Andddd more sprites :D

From ~Captain_B~

From ErrorTheGamer

From MetalHeadKendra

Sprite by CyndaquilLuvsVan_Halen

Made by MetalHeadKendra.

From xXMidnightGoldXx

(For the link to their sprite shops look at the " woahhhh sprites " pannel