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Trainerlevel: 28

Trainerpoints: 1,700/2,379


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
48960,096 / 718,831
Floette (White)332234,688 / 331,669
17027,328 / 99,638
Shaymin (Sky)142928 / 68,928
(Mega Latios)
209155,455 / 164,589
Dugtrio (Alolan)4592 / 6,211

woahhhh sprites

by ErrorThePyromaniac

Eeveelution ^.^

by BulbaForLife their shop ^^

by MetalHeadKendra

by Hopelin her shop^^

yes i luv eevees

Amazing people

A special thanks to everyone who helped me in this game so i could progress even further

My awesome mentor and good friend

The one who gave me abt 100k pd so i could start my first shiny hunt

the person who gave me my first shiny pokemon



First ever hatched shiny Retro Cyndaquil

From rumbling,alolan sandshrew which i evolved to sandslash(89th os)

From fishing,a lanturn!!!

Second fishing shiny, skrelp!

Nugget hoarding

2,599/8,000 nuggets

I want to buy a premium so... ye

im buying nuggets

1,500pd for 1 nugget

pp/pm me if interested

last edited : 3/13/19


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Corrish 2 Days ago
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Shiny Hunt

BabyEevee22 is currently hunting Hippopotain.
Hunt started: 16/01/2019

Chain: 33

Badge Showcase

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #376664304
Registration: 01/10/2018 (6 Months ago)
Game Time: 274:21 Hours
Total interactions: 209,871
Money: 927,388
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


By Bell998 - 22 Hours and 26 Minutes ago.
I saved up a lot of dream points, so here's a random raffle:

Repost this with the hashtag #bellhasnoideawhatshesdoing and on 28th April you can get:

1. 1k DP worth of plushies
2. 500 DP worth of plushies
3. 250 DP worth of plushies

(If less than 5 people join there will be just 1st place, if less than 10 join then 1st and 2nd, if more than 15 join then all three places)
1 Day ago
By ProudWeeb - 3 Minutes and 50 Seconds ago.
Ok i know i literally just did a giveaway buuuuuuut i donated something to someone for their giveaway and it was a miss understanding thing Blah blah blah boring boring boring

So i guess share #BlahBlahBlahBoringBoringBoring for a chance to win

1st Place :Relic Vase
2nd Place:100k
3rd Place: Idk yet ill think of something

Ends tomorrow at reset

Good luck everyone
1 Day ago
btw anyone knows why sometimes the treasure hunt be like ''are you sure?'' ?
1 Day ago
You found 5x Nuggets in this treasure box!
1 Day ago
4 Days ago
5 Days ago
Omg i need one more eggy for 20/20
7 Days ago
i literaly went to 140 pages and only found 16 eggs
7 Days ago
gosh having trouble finding the eggs and rules says no telling where they are
8 Days ago
9 Days ago
By Mitake - 5 Hours and 38 Minutes ago.
Greetings. So, an future friend of mine needs help. A survey for a Tech Math class. So let me accelerate things a bit:

Welcome to #PiyosSurvey.
The task is simple. Do the survey and comment (or heart) this post to get a ticket. Spreading the hashtag will earn you another one!
If the goal of 100 people is reached, three individuals will be selected and:
First selected one gets 205 Nuggets.
Second gets 150,000 PD.
Third one gets 75,000 PD.

The survey
10 Days ago
By LeviOsaNotLeviosA
By sPrItE-cRaNbErRy
By *CrystalWinter*
By LeviosANotLeviOsa
By Potted_Nugget
By LeviOsaNotLeviosA
By *CrystalWinter*
By LeviosANotLeviOsa
By *CrystalWinter
By LeviOsaNotLeviosA
By *CrystalWinter*
By LeviOsaNotLeviosA
By *CrystalWinter*
By LeviOsaNotLeviosA
By ~Sly~
By LeviOsaNotLeviosA
By Bulbasaur1
By LeviOsaNotLeviosA
By TommyGunz
By Sparrowwa
By Wisk
By Ronald_Knox
By TommyGunz
By Sparrowwa
By Tiny01
By jadeperks
By RastaPastaPanda
By ~Sly~
By LeviOsaNotLeviosA
By Ronald_Knox
By GlacialOni
By SilverDragonLK
By LeviOsaNotLeviosA
By Wisk
By Ronald_Knox
By ~Sly~
By M8yena
By Luciel_Gunz
By Ronald_Knox
By ~Sly~
By ShinySmeargul
By best92
By TommyGunz
By TimeKIDBeta
By Tommyboicat
By ChikoritaMiningYT
By Honorchior
By XxToxicxX
By Tommyboicat
By ChikoritaMiningYT
By XxToxicxX
By Wolflesshowl
By XxToxicxX
By ChikoritaMiningYT
By Anemone
By ShinySmeargul
By XxToxicxX
By RoyalGecko
By Tommyboicat
By Wolflesshowl
By XxToxicxX
By TimeKIDBeta
10 Days ago
By Hipsterpotamus - 7 Hours and 32 Minutes ago.
By Inverso - 5 Minutes and 35 Seconds ago.

Quite easy.. just share #Love4Salamence to enter.


1st - 50 Nuggets + Green Orb

2nd - Shiny Glalie + Random Fossil

3rd - Shiny Carvanha + Random Fossil

BTw im buying M-Salamence pp me! ^~^
10 Days ago
11 Days ago
By Hipsterpotamus - 35 Minutes and 25 Seconds ago.

So im rafflying a shiny shuppet and a mega shuppet to a lucky user who share this because I can, and I have no shiny megas ;-;. Just share the hashtag to enter
12 Days ago
By Alt-brown - 5 Hours and 19 Minutes ago.
Its ya boi - Alt-brown

And I wanna do a small giveaway of a shiny retro ducklett cause why not
Use #whynotshiny for a entry and a winner will be picked by a random generator.
*ends next reset
13 Days ago
interaction exchange anyone?
13 Days ago
By Tommyboicat - 18 Hours and 2 Minutes ago.
For a few days, I will be gifting random people that share this hashtag a single dragon gem. I’ve gone broke yesterday and I feel the happiness of getting a dragon gem to other people will make me happy! Share #giftofthedragons to have a chance to get a free dragon gem!
13 Days ago
By CrystalAngel5 - 11 Hours and 40 Minutes ago.
I’m doing a raffle!

Share the stuff below with this hashtag #Takethiscatscookie


“Take me last cookie before cookie go poof”
Also comment on this comment!


Maneki meowstic breeding pair with 50k and 5 ghost gems w/ poison gems and 3 psychic gems!
13 Days ago
Anyone can give me one nugget for 1,500 pd??? I have 2,599 nuggz and the 99 part just triggers me how im just short of one to get to the next hundred
13 Days ago


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