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Trainerlevel: 16

Trainerpoints: 66/783


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Rockruff2058 / 1,261
Rockruff20707 / 1,261
Rockruff22178 / 1,519
Rockruff23521 / 1,657
(Mega Skarmory)
8118,681 / 24,909


These are the things I will be selling
-Selling Anything from Any Box (except box 3rd&5th box)
-ALL prices are based on Price Check
For 3rd&5th box
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-I only sell things which I have atleast 3 of (except if you pay a big price for the Pokémon of choice in 3rd&5th box)
-Prices will be based on Price Check But I will add extra cost based on rarity for both cases stated below
Case 1:
e.g. Extra cost for special=500pd
-If The Pokémon you want buy only has one of its type (in my box) there will be extra cost added onto extra cost (by rarity). No, you will not have to pay any extra amounts if the amount you're paying is already a very high price.
Case 2:
e.g extra cost added Onto extra cost for special rarity=100pd

Extra prices
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Easy- 100pd
Medium- 200pd
Hard- 300pd
Rare- 400pd
Special- 500pd
Unknown- 600pd
Event- 700pd-1000pd (depending on event)
Starters- 300pd
female starters- 600pd
Retros&legends are being decided

Extra price for one type only
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Easy- 50pd
Medium- 60pd
Hard- 70pd
Rare- 80pd
Special- 90pd
Unknown- 100pd
Event- 110pd-140pd (depending on event)
Retros&Legends are being decided

I am only selling
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-Fire gems-x25
-Electric gems-x30
-Normal gems-x18

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Fire gems- 900pd
Electric gems- 900pd
Normal gems- 1200pd

If you'd like to purchase any of these things Or
If you don't understand any part of what I've said,my pp is open!

Pokemon that you can interact!!


My shop mons! (check to see all)

About me

I will be broke forever :))
Rival is Chewydabacca eVen though we've got a big level gap :))
-Don't try and scam me, I'm pretty good at spotting out scams for legitimacy. Also you can ask if you need conformation if something is a scam, I know some stuff....
-Yes I sell too much, if you want to buy something palpad :D
-I get suspicious of people, probably too easily.....
-I don't match well with too many people lol
More bout me!


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LuckyLady 1 Year ago
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Shiny Hunt

AnUnOriginalUsername is currently hunting Rockruff.
Hunt started: 07/09/2020

Chain: 10

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #146936379
Registration: 16/07/2020 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 74:18 Hours
Total interactions: 18,430
Money: 1,705,442
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


By ~Seishin~ - 35 Minutes and 29 Seconds ago.
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So... I have an idea!
(Seishin is Japanese for Spirit so ye)
This is a giveaway + a game!
There will be three winners. Whoever guesses the prizes right, gets another prize and gets a Pokemon of their choice (that I have) named after them!
1st. 3 Mystery Prizes, 5K PD, Named after a pokemon
2nd. 2 Mystery Prizes, 3K PD, Named after a pokemon
3rd. 1 Mystery Prize, 1K PD, Named after a pokemon
1 Year ago
This giveaway has ended
1 Year ago
By Abeljo
I wanted to contenue the giveaway so a in a new way so lets get into it

how to enter share this whole post or share #riolu

pls feed durion a berry in my party and comment only comment in the real post i ment this

winner gets
2 dragon gem,2 physcic gem for 1st
2 ghost gem,5 flying gem for 2nd
10 rock gem,10ground gem for 3rd

ends on sep 10/2020
1 Year ago
By jaytheblueninja - 9 Hours and 23 Minutes ago.

share hashtag #byedudes

1st gets all money

2nd gets all items

3nd gets all nuggets (4)

4rd gets any pokemon

5th gets whatever they want that's left

good luck!
1 Year ago
What does an old ember fossil do?
1 Year ago
Interaction exchange?
1 Year ago

#GemsLottery by ponson
I am looking for gems , so I am holding a lottery .

The prize of GemsLottery is 1,000,000 pd and 500 nuggets .For more details Kindly visit Gems lottery .

I will select one random winner who shares this hashtag and the prize for sharing is 100k pd .
1 Year ago


1st prize is 1M pd and other prizes include 6 mega stones.

There's also prize for reaching 500 tickets each like mega stones and resolute/nebula stones.

Also sharing this will grant you a chance to win shiny hunt of your choice or a nebula/resolute stone.

There's also sharing prize daily in which a lucky user can win One of Raikou,Entei,Suicine or Any one of the drives daily. Minimum 5 people need to share this daily for this to apply.

Visit the lottery
1 Year ago
By HubLight
I Feel Like Doing A Giveaway And Capitalizing Every Word Throughout This Post. I'm Giving Some PD.. some.


First: 500k PD
Second: 300k PD
Third: 200k PD

A Few Ways To Enter:

-Share the Hashtag: 1 Entry Share The Whole Post For Another Entry Maybe
-Like the Post: 1 Entry
-Comment: 1 Entry (So I Can Massclick You :v)
-Sending Chimchar Plushies: 1 Entry Per One Sent

Ends When I Get To 1 Million Interactions And When ChimChim Hits Level 1,000
1 Year ago
By Stormy - 5 Hours and 24 Minutes ago.
🌈 Hello~ 💞

It's. . . Giveaway Timeeee !! 🙌

So, for todays giveaway I shall be giving away 1000 nuggets. 🍭

There will be Four winners. Each winner will receive 250 nuggets.

Share #smolnuggie and/or
Heart ❤ this post to enter!!

Ends in 3 days at reset~
1 Year ago
#Shinyforguesslapras 59?
1 Year ago
By abeljo - 1 Day ago.
Giving a random gem to everyone you can even get a dragon or fairy gem
Why:because my teachers day program is going on I did my speech correctly so
Share this whole post to enter or share #riolu to enter so others can join also
Ends:sep 10/2020
1 Year ago
How do you get missingno?
1 Year ago
Thanks to devilk3n for This Awsome Charizard to add to my collection!
1 Year ago

Uff, boo, nargh! You finally found me!

... It feels like I was hidden in this box forever! Thanks for finding me.
Please take this gift as a very special help for my lifesaving me!

I really have to go now - I bet the other harvest sprites are already waiting for me...
1 Year ago
You push the brown key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

6x Oran Berry found!

The key breaks and becomes useless
Berries again?!
1 Year ago
You push the dark blue key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

3x Sitrus Berry found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.
Wow okay
1 Year ago
By LuckyLady - 42 Minutes and 28 Seconds ago.

Time to start entering!

Please comment below if you would like to enter my giveaway quiz. It will start in one hour!

Read carefully:

You must have a profile picture to enter.

Done in group chat, it's 24 participants max!

There will be 50 questions plus any tie breakers if needed.

Ten seconds time limit to answer each question to prevent cheating. When I type DING! either someone has got the correct answer or it's time up.

Fastest correct answer wins the point. The people with the most points at the end win the prizes.

Prizes are:

Shiny Altaria
Lake Trio Voucher
2x Nebula Stones
100 Random gems
2x Gold Mystery Key and Box sets

Since I know some people are aiming for lower prizes we'll do this a bit differently... first place chooses the first prize, second place chooses the second prize, etc! :)

Share the hashtag please!

Good luck everyone! <3
1 Year ago
How do you get missingno?
1 Year ago
By Chewydabacca
Help me hunt raylong and win a free raylong!!! Share #ChewydabaccaRaylonghunt to help me! I’ll give some random gems to a few lucky sharers every 10 dragon gems or every 50 flying gems donated to my collection shop!
1 Year ago


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