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Trainerlevel: 40

Trainerpoints: 551/4,839


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Mecha suit X
(Mecha Tyranitar)
878296,365 / 2,894,109
(Mega Mecha Tyranitar)
469498,031 / 826,614
(Zenith Marshadow)
435352,446 / 711,226
Zubat (Retro)2620 / 2,107
Meowth (Alolan)23411 / 1,657



1̵̢̢̻̦̩̰͔̤́4̴͉̾̃͌̈́̾͝͝͠|̵͎͎̮̓̄A̷͍̱̞̺̤̝̜̍́͂͠ͅ ̸͍̀̂̋̈́̄͠l̴̡͓͕͈̓̽́͗͛͐̈̓ͅi̷̦̖̻̦̹͆̓̅́̂̇́͠t̵̞̰̫̋̃̇͋͝ţ̷͙̖̿̓͋́̀̀l̴̹͎̩̩̳̐́e̷͙̲͕̓̇͝ ̶͚̲͖̎͋͒̆a̸̢̤̦̹̪͔̺̳̔̃͝ń̶̫͚̠̪́n̷̪̝̟͎̺̜͕̾̇̃̑o̸͍̯͇̥̍͜y̸̢̗͍̖̱̟͍̤̓̑͛͆i̷̪̻̜̗̯̞̤̓͑́͜ǹ̸̞̮̞̰̳͓̣͕ģ̴͚̹̣̗͕̓

Well, hi. I’m Chewydabacca. You’re probally here to….

yea I don’t know why ur here

I don’t even have anything to offer

If your just here to check this profile out, well hi! Nice to meet you! I’m free to chat most of the time, and I think I’m nicer than I seem, so long as your a nice person too. I tend to be a bit mean sometimes and I’m aware of that. I used to be abit more trusting when it came to lending items and Pokémon, but now, due to a certain user, I only lend Pokémon/ items to special users. I also may lose my temper more easily I’m sorry, it’s a bit of a habit and I’m trying to learn how to be a nicer person! Tho, if you palpad me, could you please do me a favor and get to the point quickly? Cus I get a little annoyed by hi messages. Thanks!

But if ur here to put me on ur blocklist, well, I’m sorry for what happenned and I probally deserve it. But it would be a great help, if you could just send me a Palpad/PM before blocking me, telling me what I did that annoyed you. Feel free to be as harsh as you want, I won’t report you. I just want to be a better person.

~~~~~~~~Random stuff~~~~~~~~

62 Bug Gems
112 Electric Gems
76 Fighting Gems
555 Flying Gems
204 Grass Gem
112 Ground Gem
1,936 Normal Gem
111 Rock Gem
179 Water Gem
34 Dark Gem
78 Poison Gem
70 Fire Gem
61 Ghost Gem
51 Ice Gem
13 Psychic Gem
50 Steel Gem
60 Dragon Gem
46 Fairy Gem
41 Nebula stones


Chewydabacca hasn't collected any medals so far.


Last Action
Searching for a trade (6 Hours ago)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #471727110
Registration: 29/03/2020 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 726:29 Hours
Total interactions: 980,515
Money: 1,967,265
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Cash: 2,022,296
Item Bag: 20,473,014 - 24,026,247
Nuggets: 12,400,000 - 12,800,000
TOTAL: 34,895,310 - 38,848,543
Highest value
What makes your item bag worth so much? Here are your highest valued items:
Item Total market value
1,936x Normal Gem 3,097,600 - 3,291,200
9x Mega Stone 1,665,000 - 1,791,000
60x Dragon Gem 1,320,000 - 1,500,000
2x Eternal Rock 800,000 - 900,000
5x Submarine Volcano (Map) 739,995 - 750,000
41x Nebula Stone 738,000 - 819,795
3x Ultra Saddle 597,000 - 600,000
14x Fish Fossil 560,000 - 840,000
555x Flying Gem 554,445 - 555,000
181x Spray Duck 543,000 - 895,950

All this while I’ve been hoarding so much goodies aaaa, how bout I giveaway 1 mil worth of items once I reach 41 mil on this thing, sounds good?
1 Day ago
If you ever feel useless, remember that “Razor Claw” is under the “evo item” tab.
2 Days ago
yoooo, I watched the Yu Gi Oh anime a few months ago and it was meh then today I watched the Vanguard overdress one and it’s sooo cool there’s actually fight animations aaaaaaaa
2 Days ago
Just because you’re rubbish doesn’t mean you can’t do great things.

It’s called trash can, not trash cannot.
8 Days ago
Woah level 40, I feel old
8 Days ago
I wanna create an app on thunkable that allows users to insert their pokemon/animal OC and they can basically go on adventures or battle other players. Any suggestions?
14 Days ago
Every darn day, there’s that newbie who overvalued his lugia or cosmog evo and tries to sell it for high prices like a shiny or smt
15 Days ago
Anyone else interested in joining the Unofficial PH minecraft server?

It’s on Tlauncher, so you don’t need to buy minecraft to join us! You just need a free tlauncher account! (download link)

Just send TechnoKing a palpad, it’s really simple! I’ll be happy to answer any questions you got about Tlauncher
19 Days ago
Anyone playing flight rising? I’d like to trade items in here for flight rising currency
19 Days ago
The Shadow Unown S has been caught successfully!
20 Days ago
There’s no april fools day joke and the actual joke is that riako can just watch us search the site for the joke when none actually exist and we’re the real joke here for being paranoid
22 Days ago
That moment when you spend 30 mins scrolling through the site to find Easter eggs and then remember you found all of them 2 days ago.
22 Days ago
Aye 20 eggies found, time to make a omelette
24 Days ago
Imagine if the lab had a ditto egg right now…. there would be chaos
25 Days ago
Comment here if you wanna join the Unofficial minecraft server for pokeheroes! You don’t need the real minecraft, or a xbox live account, just a PC, and Tlauncher downloaded (it’s free!) Just send Technocrat a palpad!
26 Days ago
By GTS - 1 Minute and 24 Seconds ago.
“—mod—“ has accepted your offer on their trade in the GTS!

Transferred Pokémon:
Cleffa <=> Mew
Dugtrio (Alolan) <=> Mega Yorebro
Dugtrio (Alolan) <=> Mecha Tyranitar
Dugtrio (Alolan) <=> Mega Mecha Tyranitar

Thank you mods, and everyone who helped me get my pokemon back!
2 Months ago
well, looks like the mods deleted the feeds, ah well. At least the mods noticed this. Hopefully, things will work out
2 Months ago
Someone help me. I got scammed. Like legit scammed of my good pokemon, all because I felt like I was in a good mood. dammit
2 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Slowyore hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #71)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

6 Months ago
#TheGemBulletin #FriendsForCommunitySupport

Check out LordSamton’s main post. Comment the gems you’re collecting and share the post to be added to the bulletin!

LordSamton is looking for normal gems.
Suvichan is looking for water gems.
41hrva is looking for dark and fairy gems.
Theapple is looking for normal and grass gems.
Chewydabacca is looking for electric and normal gems.

Share It!
10 Months ago


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