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Formerly: Turtlesword
Trainerlevel: 39

Trainerpoints: 1,118/4,601


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Chewtle9268 / 271
Blitzle9257 / 271
Goldeen1097 / 331
Tentacool7142 / 211
Solosis984 / 141
Dedenne9213 / 271

About Me

Imagine being a kid, like 10 years old or so. It’s 2011. Christmas was a couple weeks ago and you got Pokémon platinum, your first ever Pokémon game. All you know about Pokémon is what you’ve learned from like twenty episodes of the anime, and what you are currently learning from playing your new game. You step into the tall grass to do some training and a budew with a purple leaf scarf thing pops up, and sparkles surround it. You don’t know why it’s different, because you aren’t allowed to use the internet, but you decide that it must be rare if it’s differently colored. So you decide to catch it, but you decide to weaken it first. So you have your level 17 or so prinplup use bubble beam on it. It faints. You try to find another one but they all look like normal budews. You continue to wonder why that budew was different, and what it is you just missed out on.
And then future you learns about shiny hunting!

Name: Buggy
Adopt one yourself! @[url=http://www.pokemon-adoption.de]Pok


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #684271854
Registration: 15/09/2015 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 542:50 Hours
Total interactions: 445,370
Money: 245,320
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


1 Month ago
Vibrava, the thing that looks like a dragonfly, is not a bug type. But foretress, the thing that looks like a not bug, is a bug type.
The bug hatching contest mini game stresses me out
1 Month ago
I have a new poll if you guys are interested :)
1 Month ago
#FavoritePokemonOfEachType at the moment:
Normal: Spinda
Fire: Moltres
Water: Simipour
Grass: Turtwig
Electric: Electivire
Ice: Avalugg
Fighting: Hawlucha
Poison: Budew
Ground: Mudsdale
Flying: Drifloon
Psychic: Girafarig
Bug: Araquanid
Rock: Rockruff
Ghost: Giratina
Dark: Greninja
Dragon: Garchomp
Steel: Stakataka
Fairy: Enamorous (secondary form)
1 Month ago
I can’t wait to add an olive to my team!
1 Month ago
It’s June and I’m excited!
1 Month ago
I fixed up my bike and now I’m gonna start going for bike rides every day!
1 Month ago
Anyone want to battle for activity points?
1 Month ago
I just caught a shadow raticate, and I decided to name him Humphrey and I love him.
1 Month ago
My Pokémon hot takes:
1. Unova shinies are top tier. Show me a bad unova shiny, you can’t.
2. Green shines are usually top tier, unless they are a dark green color.
3. Bug types are wonderful!
4. Simipour is a great Pokémon
5. Mewtwo is not my favorite Pokémon design, I do like mew though
6. Chewtle isn’t a bad Pokémon design, it’s a turtle. Turtles can’t be bad designs
7. The Pokémon sun and moon anime was actually really good! (Sinnoh was my favorite though because nostalgia)
8. I like when Pokémon are based on items, especially if they are ghost types. It adds to the lore a bit I think

Not sure if all of these are hot takes, but I know a few definitely are
1 Month ago
Sooo, my kricketune beat cynthias garchomp today. I had it use perish song. Which means that cynthias garchomp lost the battle because my kricketune delelele wooped at it.
Not to mention that I had a garchomp on my team that I didn’t have to bring out at all during the battle.
Im very proud of my Pokémon.
1 Month ago
I have officially decided that I LOVE bug type Pokémon. Just surround me with all the bugs and all the turtles and I’d be set. And a garchomp.
1 Month ago
By PokéRadar - 28 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Furfrou hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #61)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

Oh wow!
2 Months ago
Congratulations! You already made 10,000 interactions today. Good job!
2 Months ago
Are there some shiny Pokémon that you think look better in sprite form than in the 3D form?
For me I think darkrai, eevee, and gastlys shinies look better in the old sprites.
But I think shiny espeon looks better in 3D.
I think it’s the colors or something
2 Months ago
Currently shiny hunting darkrai in brilliant diamond. Just got to a chain of 1500, maybe this hunt will be under odds? Probably not with my luck though
2 Months ago
2 Years ago
Interaction eggchange? (Because I have ... eggs)
2 Years ago
I am attached to the shiny inkay! Now I just need to name him
2 Years ago
I caught a shiny Inkay at the beach! But I can’t adopt it yet because I already adopted ten fishies! (Speaking of which, does anyone want a feebas?)
I am deciding if I should keep it or sell it. I really like how it looks, and I kinda want to keep it. But I need pd ... any suggestions?
2 Years ago



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